AmazeOwl Review: An Accurate Tool for Amazon Sellers?

AmazeOwl is a tool that has been growing in popularity with Amazon sellers. In this AmazeOwl review, I will be looking at the features and the pros and cons.

By the end of this review, you will know exactly what AmazeOwl is capable of and whether you should sign up.

Let’s start with some basics.

What is AmazeOwl?

If you’re a seller looking to launch your first product on Amazon, AmazeOwl might be for you.

This Amazon research tool is designed to save you time during the research phase by clearly highlighting product opportunities across 11 marketplaces.

I found AmazeOwl to be a basic but effective tool that offers everything you need in terms of data when you’re just getting started as an Amazon seller.

Along with identifying product opportunities, you can also gain a deeper understanding of your market and competitors.

Navigating and using the AmazeOwl platform is easy and not overly complicated.

Once you sign in, select the marketplace you are interested in to start searching for products. You can either search using ASINs or keywords, browse the product database, or hunt for products directly from your browser.

AmazeOwl Review

Source: AmazeOwl

I will get into the full functionality of this web platform a little later on.

First, let me take you through the pros and cons.

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AmazeOwl Pros and Cons


  • Both the monthly and annual plans are affordable. Plus, there’s the option to sign up for a free plan if you want to try the platform out first.
  • AmazeOwl is ideal for new Amazon sellers, and their free quiz will even provide you with an Amazon Seller Readiness score.
  • Users have access to an extensive product database for research purposes.
  • The interface is simple and easy to navigate.
  • Free 10-day training is included in all plans.
  • The platform offers excellent customer service and includes a live chat option.


  • Platform functionality and features aren’t as advanced as some other platforms, so you may need additional seller tools.
  • The free version was a little slow sometimes, and the functionality is very limited.

AmazeOwl Features

Source Product Opportunities

Take the manual work out of product research with the Hunt for Products feature on AmazeOwl. All you need is a keyword or ASIN, or you can browse through products according to category. What’s more, you can hunt for products across 11 marketplaces.

I recommend going through all the options on the settings page too. These are the types of products you would like to see as high potential. The filters include price, number of reviews, item weight, package size, and more.

Source Product Opportunities

Source: AmazeOwl

Not as easy on the eye as other bits of software I’ve used, but not bad overall.

Once you start finding products you like, you can easily save them to keep track of demand, competition, and potential profits.

However, if you have the free plan, you will need to enter your credit card details to activate the free trial and use this feature unless you are ready to sign up for a paid plan, which will give you full access to all features.

Competitor Tracking

As mentioned above, once you start saving products, you can keep an eye on the competition. This is thanks to AmazeOwl’s product database. Along with changes in product costs, you can even keep an eye on image and keyword changes. You can use these details to stay one step ahead by ensuring your listings are always optimized.

Keyword Research

Along with using competitor data to optimize your listings, you can also perform your own keyword research. Search by keyword or ASIN across several different marketplaces to identify keyword opportunities. AmazeOwl lists top-selling products, monthly search volumes, title match, click share, and more based on the keywords you’re interested in.

By having a view of the best sellers for those keywords, you can learn from them and find ways to make your product listings even better.

Keyword Research

Source: AmazeOwl

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Web App Access

While there is no AmazeOwl extension for Chrome or any other major browsers, there is an AmazeOwl software download for Windows and Mac.

AmazeOwl Ratings and Conclusion

  • Ease-of-Use: 4/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Customer Service: 4/5
  • Value for Money: 3/5

If you’re starting on a smaller budget and are still learning how to use product and research tools, AmazeOwl is a good option.

This simple but effective tool will help you find the right products and reach the right customers.

Even though it is helpful to sign up for a free plan, the functionality is too limited for me. If I were starting, I’d prefer to use Jungle Scout over this tool.

If you want to understand why I favor JS, have a read of this comparison article.

More soon!

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