Amazon Oversize Dimensions: Everything You Need to Know

You can find almost anything on Amazon, which means you can sell pretty much anything on Amazon too. If the products you have in mind won’t fit in a standard size box, you need to know more about Amazon oversize dimensions.

This article will run you through everything you need to know.

What is Amazon Oversize?

Amazon has different specifications and requirements for standard and oversize items.

Amazon Oversize refers to items that match the following specs:

  • Weight of 70lb/12kgs or more OR
  • 19 inches/46cm or more on the longest side
  • 15 inches/35cm or more on the median side
  • 9 inches/27cm or more on the shortest side

Should you sell a product as a set, you would combine the weight and dimensions to determine whether it is considered oversize.

Amazon Oversize Dimensions – The Basics

Next, let me take you through the specific dimensions you need to know about as an Amazon seller.

Oversize items fall into one of three categories: Small Oversize, Standard Oversize, and Large Oversize.

In terms of shipping weight, oversize items range from 12 – 30kgs in the UK and 71 – 151lb in the US. There are also packaging weights for each category and specific dimensions, which you can find below.

Amazon Oversize Item Dimensions – UK

Amazon Oversize Item Dimensions UK

Amazon Oversize Item Dimensions – US

Amazon Oversize Dimensions
Amazon Oversize Item Dimensions US

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How to Determine Amazon Product Size Tier

To determine your Amazon product size tier, you need to consider both the weight and FBA oversize dimensions of your item; this is called the dimensional weight.

If you plan to sell special oversize products, you can use the weight of the item. For any other products, look at the single unit weight and the dimensional weight and choose the larger.

To calculate dimensional weight, use this formula: length x width x height / 139 (DIM Factor).

You will also need to know the product length + girth for US items, which you can calculate by doing the following:

  • Measure the length, height, and width of the product in its packaging.
  • To calculate the girth, add the shortest and median sides and multiply it by 2.
  • Finally, add the longest side and girth.

Amazon Oversize Product Size Tiers

Amazon Oversize Product Size Tiers UK

What Size Are Amazon FBA Boxes?

For standard items, a box cannot exceed 25 inches on any side. The only time a box can exceed this limit is if it contains an oversize item with is longer than 25 inches.

Any box that is much larger than the oversize unit may forgo any shipping privileges and attract additional fees. In some instances, fulfillment centres may even refuse the item.

Boxes also can’t exceed 50lb unless it contains an oversize item. Any oversize item that exceeds 50lb requires a Team Lift label on the top and sides of the box. For oversize items exceeding 100lb, a Mechanical Lift label is required on the top and sides of the box.

In UK Fulfillment centres an Amazon FBA box shouldn’t weigh more than 23kg (Unless it contains one oversized item that exceeds 23kg), boxes weighing more than 15kg must be marked with “Heavy Package”.

If you need more information on Amazon labels, you will find this guide helpful.

Amazon Oversize Fees

To store any oversize items, Amazon has two types of fees: monthly and long-term.

Fees also change based on the time of the year.

US sellers can expect to pay $0.48 per cubic foot between January and September and $1.20 per cubic foot between October and December.

UK sellers can expect to pay £0.46 between January and September and £0.64 for the rest of the year.

To understand more about the fees you can expect to pay as an Amazon FBA seller, read through my guide here.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

Amazon FBA oversize dimensions are just a small piece in a vast puzzle – it is just some of what you need to know once you become an online seller.

If you are considering hiring an Amazon mentor, I suggest you read through this guide to decide if you need one.

Have any additional questions about Amazon seller basics? Leave me a comment below; I’ll get to it as quickly as possible.

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