Steps to Take When an Amazon Review Is Not Showing Up

Reviews are social proof, and social proof is what customers want to see when considering buying a product. So, what should you do if your Amazon review is not showing up?

Whether it’s verified or unverified reviews, what’s important is that your reviews show up.

This article should be helpful for both buyers and sellers; I’ve had a lot of experience with reviews over the years.

Why Your Amazon Review is Not Showing Up

There are several reasons why your Amazon review is not showing up. If you have already waited a few days and aren’t seeing anything, here is why that might be.

The Review Contains Inappropriate Text or Images

While customers have every right to post a negative review, profanities, threats, and abuse will not be tolerated by Amazon. If a customer attaches an inappropriate image to the review, it will also be removed.

The Review is Incentivized

Incentivized reviews go against Amazon’s policies. They’re considered unfair and will either be rejected or removed. While sellers can ask for reviews, you should never be asking for positive reviews in exchange for a reward.

Funnily enough, in the last three weeks, some of the biggest Amazon sellers on the planet have been removed for doing exactly this!

This includes any heavy discount, exchange, or free product. The same applies to negative reviews – you cannot reward a customer for changing or removing a negative product review.

amazon review is not showing up
Source: Amazon Seller Central

If you are interested in reporting Reviews that look suspicious, read my article on: How To Report Fake Reviews On Amazon. I enjoyed writing that one!

The Review Is from a Friend or Family Member

Like incentivized reviews, any review deemed to be posted by someone a seller has a close relationship with will be removed. This is because friends and family members will usually hype up a product more than is necessary.

Overall, it’s best not to get family and friends to post reviews for you unless they have sincerely used and enjoyed the product. If they do leave a review and Amazon makes a connection to your seller account, it’s likely to be removed, and you might even receive a policy warning.

The Number of Reviews Has Increased Quickly

If a product listing suddenly receives a large number of new reviews, Amazon might prevent some of them from being posted. If your reviews increase during a time when your product is seasonal, that’s another story.

If it happens overnight for no reason, it’s seen as a red flag. Amazon has propriety software to track all of this; they can tell what looks unusual for any particular niche or product.

The Review is Actually Just Seller Feedback

If the review is more related to shipping than the actual product, Amazon might mark a review as general customer feedback.

If you’re considering using software to help with the review generation process, I suggest reading through my review of Zonblast vs Viral Launch.

How Long Does It Take for an Amazon Review to Show Up?

In most instances, you can expect to see a review within 72 hours (3 days). However, the process of approving a review is sometimes known to take as long as 2 weeks. This is rare, though.

To access and manage your reviews, you can log in to your Seller Central account to find the Brand Health widget, which you can use to access your Brand Dashboard. This is where you will find a menu item for Customer Reviews.

As a seller, I like to use the area in seller central called “Voice of the customer”, if you don’t already, you should be looking at this and analyzing the data regularly.

Reviews include vital information that we as sellers should be using; I read and study my reviews to improve the overall experience for my customers; this instantly puts me ahead of others that don’t

If you want more information on Amazon’s review guidelines, click here.

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