Amazon Title Character Limit (Optimization Strategy Inside)

You can sell the very best products, but if customers can’t find your listing or the title doesn’t draw them in, a good product is of little use.

Optimizing your listings is essential for all sellers, and every element counts towards more sales. In this guide, I will be focusing on the Amazon title character limit.

Your title is one of the first things a potential customer will see when your product appears in their search results.

Here’s what you need to know, I’m also going to run you through some of the strategies that have bought us big success on the platform.

How Many Characters Can an Amazon Title Be?

Any title that you apply to non-media products on any of Amazon’s marketplaces can’t exceed 200 characters, including spaces.

There are a few other dos and don’ts to be aware of, too when constructing your title:

  • Don’t include any promotional wording such as “Free”.
  • Don’t include any special characters to make the title stand out.
  • Do include words directly related to your product such as ‘headphones’ or ‘children’s shoes’

By not meeting these basic requirements, Amazon could exclude your products from their search results.

Amazon Title Character Limit


What is the Amazon Description Character Limit?

Sellers cannot use more than 2,000 characters to describe their products, including spaces.

Again, don’t include any special characters such as exclamation marks in your product description.

What is the Amazon Bullet Point Character Limit?

Should you choose to include product detail bullet points (I’d strongly suggest that you do), you can include up to five bullet points of no more than 255 characters each.

Each point should start with a capital letter and have no punctuation at the end.

Amazon Bullet Point Character Limit


For us, the title is the most important area for optimization, closely followed by the bullet points. Customers are more likely to read the short stuff; your bullet points should be full of your best keywords whilst also convincing your customer to go ahead and complete the purchase.

How Do I Optimize My Amazon Title?

Not only does a title catch the attention of potential customers, but the keywords are what Amazon’s algorithms use to determine what your products are.

In essence, your title ensures Amazon can show your listings to the right buyers, hence the importance.

Creating a good title starts with keyword research. Before we craft a listing we create something called a master keyword spreadsheet, we reveal our strategy in full in the video below.

The video below should dramatically improve your Amazon listings; this isn’t something we knew about when we first started. Hopefully it helps improve your business.

Once you have the keywords you want to use, you need to create a title that tells users two things:

  1. What are they buying?
  2. How will it benefit them?

Use the majority of your characters on these two elements. If you have any extra to spare, you can include some details about the product’s features.

I highly recommend placing your best keywords at the start of the title if possible – this is good for optimization purposes and the user experience.

You should also be aware of repetition. Amazon has indicated that you only need to use a keyword once in a title.

Amazon Title Exmaples

(Source: Amazon)

Here are a few additional tips that will help you create better titles that meet Amazon’s requirements:

  • Don’t type in ALL CAPS.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word – prepositions, conjunctions, and articles are the exception.
  • Use numbers instead of writing the number out
  • Don’t use any copyright or registered trademark symbols.
  • Feel free to use hyphens, slashes, commas, and periods to break up your title and make it easier to read.
  • Measurements such as cm, oz, and kg can be used.
  • Don’t include a merchant name in the title (This is entirely up to you).

Some categories have slightly different requirements but the najority they are the same.

You can access category-specific style guides here.

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*If you do use this link and make a purchase, we will make a commission. It doesn’t make it more expensive for you; it actually makes it cheaper*

And that’s all you need to know about the Amazon title character limit. If you have any further questions about optimizing your Amazon product listings, leave me a comment below.

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