AMZScout vs Helium 10: Which Tool Comes Out on Top?

Product research is a detailed process, but there is a wide selection of advanced online tools to make things a little easier. In this post, I will be comparing two popular choices: AMZscout vs Helium 10.

After reading this article, I hope you’ll be able to decide which is best for you.

Both platforms offer various tools to help you succeed as an Amazon seller, but this doesn’t mean they’re both right for you.

Let me take you through what you need to know.

What is AMZScout?

Founded in 2016, AMZScout was created to help Amazon sellers find hot products to sell and provide them with in-depth data on their chosen niche and competitors. Today, the platform is even used by big names such as RedBull and Dell.

I found AMZScout to have an excellent selection of tools for both beginners and more advanced sellers. Plus, there’s a handy AMZScout Chrome extension available that can be used while you’re logged into Amazon.

AMZScout Product Research Tool

So, what is AMZScout used for exactly?

AMZScout users can access several different tools, starting with their keyword explorer, which is used to discover new keywords and determine which keywords competitors are ranking for.

There is also a keyword rank tracker that you can use to monitor keywords and further optimize your product listings.

Then there’s their product research tool, which is the basis of their web platform. If you are searching for new products to sell, this will help with the brainstorming process.

And if you are new to Amazon and haven’t set up a product listing before, the Listing Wizard tool will guide you through the process.

Lastly, AMZScout users also have access to a handy profitability calculator and detailed sales analytics. If you want to know where you need to improve and make changes, a tool with sales analytics is a must.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 has been around for about a year longer than AMZScout is one of the titans of Amazon product research.

Created by Amazon sellers, this web-based platform offers a wide selection of powerful tools that help sellers start and grow their businesses.

In fact, they’re one platform that offers more tools than most. It probably explains why they have hundreds of thousands of users.

Like AMZScout, Helium 10 also has a Chrome extension that makes it possible to access some of its features while logged into Amazon.

Helium 10 Product Research Tool

Let me take you through what Helium 10 can be used for.

As with many other tools of this nature, Helium 10’s main functions are product and keyword research. Black Box is the tool you would use to find best-selling products based on category, price, and seller count. X-ray is the other product research tool, but it can only be used via the Chrome extension.

To be honest, I do most of my product research using the above two tools.

Magnet2 is the name of Helium 10’s keyword research tool, and it’s connected to an extensive database of keywords and search terms. Like AMZScout, there is also a keyword rank tracker available to track your progress and further optimize your listings.

If you would like to see how my team personally uses Helium 10 for keyword research, watch the below video:

In terms of product listings, Scribbles helps sellers build and optimize their listings. It even checks character limits to ensure you don’t run into any errors.

Lastly, Helium 10 also gives users access to an easy-to-use profitability calculator and detailed sales analytics data.

Now that I have outlined how these tools are similar let me show you what’s different.

If you are interested in knowing how we use each of helium 10’s tools, you might want to read the full review I’ve put together; I’ll warn you, though; it is quite long! (I’ll leave the link below).

Read here: Full Helium 10 Review

AMZScout vs Helium 10 – The Differences

Overall, Helium 10 brings additional functionality and tools to the table when it comes to the differences between these two platforms. Here is what you could expect as added extras if you choose to use Helium 10 instead of AMZScout.

  • Index Checker. Along with seeing which products are showing up in search results for your top keywords, you can also check which keywords negatively impact. You can even dig into the most profitable keywords of your competitors.
  • Misspellinator. This is a convenient tool that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Misspellinator provides you with a list of commonly misspelled keywords that you can take advantage of.
  • Trendster. If you want to determine how many months of the year you can expect your chosen products to generate sales, Trendster will provide you with this data. This way, you’re aware of which inventory might be slow-moving during certain times of the year.

Source: Helium 10

  • Inventory Manager. Complete supplier orders, send inventory to Amazon, set your reorder frequency, avoid stock-outs, and over-ordering all in one place.
  • Refund Genie. This is another unique Helium 10 feature. It allows you to skip all the manual processes involved with pulling FBA refund estimate totals. You can even copy and paste pre-written messages to send along with your Amazon seller reimbursement requests.
  • Hijacker Alerts. Amazon listings get hijacked all the time, but Helium 10 makes it possible to find out before it becomes a major problem.
  • Inventory Protector. Protect your new listings from malicious competitors as well as users who could use coupons to wipe out all your inventory. One way to do this is by setting a maximum order quantity.
  • PPC Ads. If you plan to run PPC ad campaigns, Helium 10 has this functionality too. I’ve found this easy to manage and optimize my PPC campaigns without using an additional platform. There is even a landing page builder tool that you can use to enhance your campaigns’ results further.

Who Should Get AMZScout (and Why)?

If you are just getting started on Amazon or need a product and keyword research tool with all the basics, AMZScout is perfect.

The platform is affordable, easy to set up, and I found its customer service team highly responsive.

If you choose to use AMZScout, you may need a few other tools for your marketing campaigns and inventory management. However, in terms of finding the right products to sell and keywords to use for your listings, AMZScout will get the job done.

I also really like their chrome extension; I love how it flashes up to show you what they think of a particular niche.

amzscout vs helium 10

They also offer informative video courses to those who want to learn how to sell on Amazon or improve their current efforts.

If you would like to give AMZScout a try, you can sign up for a free account using this link.

Who Should Get Helium 10 (and Why)?

Helium 10 is an impressive platform. Along with basic keyword and product research functionality, it also gives Amazon sellers access to a range of useful extras. In fact, it’s clear seasoned Amazon sellers built this platform – they have really thought of everything.

Overall, the interface is user-friendly, and you won’t have any trouble getting set up. If you do run into issues or have questions, their customer support team is ready to help.

Helium 10 is an excellent choice for sellers who are in it for the long haul and see themselves becoming full-time Amazon sellers.

If you want to give Helium 10 a try, use this link to try it out for free or save money on one of their paid plans.

(Please be aware that most of the links in this post will be affiliate links; if you sign up, we will make a small commission, only fair that we mention!)

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AMZScout vs Helium 10: Which Tool is Better?

In my mind, both AMZScout and Helium 10 are useful and reliable tools – the thousands of users speak for themselves.

If your main requirements are to source the right products to sell and understand which keywords to use for your listings, AMZScout is a great pick. It’s also ideal if you are just getting started and have a smaller budget.

If you want to do more and optimize your Amazon store from every angle, Helium 10 is the tool for you. It’s an all-in-one solution for sellers who want to cover all their bases right from the start.

The choice is yours, but as a full-time Amazon seller, I will say that Helium 10 edges it for me.

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