Best Affiliate Marketing Training (How i got started)

When i first started out, i spent a long time looking for the best affiliate marketing training. I remember it like it was yesterday, everywhere you go people are trying to sell you onto a course or a program, i found it incredibly annoying!

I remember making a promise to myself, i was going to find the best affiliate marketing training, and i wasn’t going to pay a thing for it!

At least until i’d made abit of money. Well, i found the the training and it changed everything.

If you are new to affiliate marketing i’m sure you are going to find this useful.

Before i get into it, let me tell you a little bit more about me and where it all begun.

Trying To Escape The 9 – 5

“Nick, have you managed to sort through those sales reports yet?”, “No, not yet Dad, i’ll send them over in a sec!”.

That’s right i started out working for the family business, Monday through to Saturday, i’d be selling houses. It was good fun, sure working with your brother and your dad is going to be challenging at times but i enjoyed it.

The problem was i didn’t feel fulfilled, i didn’t get that buzz when i went into work in the morning. Unlike my brother, he had a natural ability for selling houses, he lived and breathed it, he had a passion for it!

There was my problem, i didn’t feel the passion, i’d spend most evenings researching different business ideas online, i knew there was an entrepreneur in there screaming to get out.

I’ve got nothing against working in real estate, i actually still have a great interest in it, it just wasn’t what i wanted to do for a full time job.

A couple of my good friends were also “closet” entrepreneurs, they too wanted to start something from scratch.

We got together and started brain storming, within a few weeks we’d come up with our first business idea.

We’d created an online directory for anyone looking to sell their services online, this sounds great on the face of things but it didn’t work out.

Through this failed business venture we all learned alot about online business, it sounds strange but i’m kinda grateful it didn’t work out, Let me tell you why.

Learning About Affiliate Marketing

They say all great business people fail once, i’m not sure if that can be 100% accurate but it’s a nice uplifting statement, anyway back to the story.

We decided to brush ourselves off and start again, we started learning more about selling products/services online and this is where i stumbled across the concept of affiliate marketing.

My two great friends focused on researching a physical product business, whilst i dived head first into the world of affiliate marketing…

“diversification is the key”, another great saying.

I was hooked almost immediately, for me affiliate marketing is the ultimate passive income idea.

I spent a lot of time trawling through different youtube videos and blog posts…

i was determined to find the best affiliate marketing training on offer.

This is where i stumbled across affilorama, the majority of successful marketers were directing me towards the platform…

and i’m so glad they did.

I spent about two months working through all of their free stuff, i was determined to learn everything i could without spending a thing.

Affilorama is basically an online training portal for the beginner and intermediate level affiliate marketers, believe me when i started out i was a complete beginner.

So, how good is affilorama?

Well, i found it really useful.

Their training is brilliant and you can get alot out of just using their free training videos.

If you are just starting out i’d recommend diving straight in.

I credit most of what i now know about affiliate marketing to affilorama, thank you mark ling, you are one of the good guys.

They do of course offer paid products, andd throughout your free training they will cross promote products you might well find useful.

My advice is simple, if you can afford it, go for it! Investing in yourself is a huge benefit in the long run.

But if you are anything like me, you’ll make sure of the free training to start with.

If you want to learn a little more about the platform as a whole, you should take the time to read my full affilorama review. Anyway, let’s get back to the story.

What Happened Next?

Within twelve months, we were all ready to quit our jobs, i remember it like it was yesterday.

It was a little different for me because i worked for my Dad, we have a great relationship and i’d be completely open about my ambitions, saying that it was still a little scary and emotional.

I remember the first day in our new office, we sat down and just laughed, what were we doing? Had we done the right thing?

Thankfully we had done the right thing, within six months we had our very own six figure online business.

Between the three of us we run a physical product business alongside a few different affiliate websites.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, finding the best affiliate marketing training is the first step.

This is why i decided to write this article.

You don’t need to spend a load of money learning how to do it, as previously mentioned i followed the free training affilorama offer, and i didn’t regret it.

Finding the right training isn’t the hard part, you need to be willing to put in the work.

If you want to be successful you’ll need to commit to the process and let affiliate marketing become your obsession.

Here are some additional tips for anyone thinking about starting up their own affiliate site or business.

Passion First

Everything changed when i met Warren Wheeler, he is known as a super affiliate…

watch this interview and you’ll see why.

Warren taught me the most valuable less of all. Focus on a passion, trust me writing is much easier when you are interested in the subject.

If you want to get serious about affiliate marketing you need to lead with your passion.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, or a beer whatever you fancy and start brain storming, what are you interested in?

best affiliate marketing training

Trust me if you are interested in the subject, it doesn’t feel like work. If you want to be a success in the affiliate marketing world you need to be passionate about your niche, and that’s the best advice i can offer you.

This is why i decided to set up ebusiness boss, the aim of this business is to help people learn about making money online.

I am passionate about online business, so i have no problem with sitting here writing articles each and every day.

Before you jump into building an affiliate website or youtube channel you need to decide on your niche, like i’ve said if you are passionate about the subject it will be a whole lot easier.

Are you sitting there struggling to think of your perfect niche? If this is you, here are a few ideas to help get the juices flowing…

  • Sports Betting
  • Office Equipment
  • Dog Training
  • Cat Lovers
  • Self Help
  • Diabetes
  • Stop Smoking
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Acne

I could go on and on with this list but i’m sure you get the point. If you want to sell a product or service you will have to understand the troubles and problems your potential customers face.

This works the same way with affiliate marketing, pain sells.

Let me give you an example, if you’ve experienced back pain you might be in a good position to offer advice, by drawing on your own experience you may be able to help others whilst promoting affiliate products, and this my friends is the power of affiliate marketing.

Now, if you are interested in building your own affiliate marketing website you may want to watch the following video.

I made this video to help you guys understand the process, let me know what you think in the comments on youtube and if you are feeling really generous give it a share.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training – Final Words

I was in your position, i didn’t know who to trust and what to think. This experience allows me to recommend affilorama as the best affiliate marketing training…

Mainly because you can learn ALOT without spending much money at all.

Affilorama make money on their paid products, if you are in a position to invest a little money they may be worth checking out, it can speed things up.

But if you are in the position i was in you’ll make use of the free training, i’d happily say that it changed my life.

The best thing about the modern world is the need for value, as a consumer we all want value.

As the worlds population grows, so will the competition (within reason) and this is a great thing for you and me…

It means companies like affilorama have to give you alot of their good stuff for free and only at that point will we think about making a purchase.

Whatever you decide to do, build your content and offers around providing value, be in the business of helping other people.

Not only does it feel rewarding but it also allows you to build your audience, and this will make your business a lot more valuable in the long run.

If you aren’t happy with your current working environment, i’d encourage you to follow your passion and take action, only you are in the position to make a positive change, nobody else can do it for you.

I hope you’ve found this article useful, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

More from me soon,


eBusiness Boss





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