10 Useful Amazon Seller Forums You Should Consider Joining

It’s hard to imagine that we ever had a world without the internet. Not only can you easily start an online business, but you have instant access to education and support at every turn. I, myself, learned most of what I know about running an eCommerce business online. Amazon seller forums were, and still are, one of the primary resources of useful information.

Amazon Seller Forums – Why Bother?

If you’re a hands-on person who likes to figure stuff out for yourself, you might be wondering why should you bother joining an Amazon seller forum in the first place.

There are a few key reasons why I highly recommend joining at least one or two forums. First, you get to access to first-hand knowledge on the best ways to sell more and stand out from competitors. Many sellers are more than happy to share their experiences. This can be especially helpful if you’re a beginner.

I also use forums to stay on top of new trends. This can save you a lot of time and money in terms of research, if there’s a major change in the Amazon seller world i want to be one of the first to know about it.

Lastly, joining a seller forum will help you grow your network. Having the right contacts can mean the difference between reaching your goals and falling short.

Naturally, Amazon seller forums are always there if you really can’t find an answer to a specific question.

What Kind of Amazon Seller Forum Should You Join?

Nowadays there are different types of forums that an up and coming Amazon seller may be interested in joining.

The definition for the word forum is as follows: “A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged”.

A forum is basically a community, it’s where like minded people join up to discuss a topic they all hold a shared interest in.

This means that when i refer to “a forum” i’m not just referring to the classic web forum’s that have existed for many years. I’m referring to different types of forums and i think that’s an important point for me to mention.

Let’s look at some of the different types of Amazon seller forums.

  • Classic Forum Sites – These types of forums have been around the longest, if you know where to look there is a lot of useful information.
  • Facebook Groups – In my eyes these are the new modern day forums. A lot of people prefer to use Facebook groups as they are more likely to use Facebook on a daily basis.
  • Sub-Reddits – These communities are full of golden information, i’m a member of a few different sub-reddits. Reddit users seem to be more generous with their information, this is possibly due to the anonymous nature of reddit.

10 Amazon Seller Forums to Join in 2020

  1. Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central_Amazon Seller Forums

Let’s start with the go-to forum for many sellers – Amazon Seller Central. On this forum, you will find discussions on almost everything. To sign up to this forum you will of course need a professional Amazon selling account, in my experience it’s been the best source of accurate, up to date information.

  1. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum_Amazon Seller Forums

When it comes to the world of eCommerce and entrepreneurship, Warrior Forum is one of the oldest forums around. Not only will you find a variety of Amazon-related topics, but a wide selection of advice on SEO, email marketing, social media, and conversion rate optimization. Since there is a lot of content on this forum, you’ll benefit from being as specific as possible with your searches and questions.

  1. Helium 10 Users Group

amazon seller forums

This Facebook group currently has over 30,000 members, if you read a lot of our content you’ll know that we couldn’t be without this tool, their members group is almost as useful.  If you’re on Facebook quite often, this is a group you should consider.

  1. Digital Point

Digital Point_Amazon Seller Forums

Digital Point also falls under the old-school forum umbrella but there is a lot of useful information and experienced members to benefit from. Since this forum isn’t as busy as it used to be, I would suggest using this as a secondary resource. Definitely not a forum to overlook.

  1. Tamebay

Tamebay_Amazon Seller Forums

Tamebay is a useful resource. If you’re an Amazon UK seller, you’ll definitely want to bookmark this site. Not only does this site give you access to events, videos, and guides, but you can also engage with other users by commenting on specific articles. It’s a great learning resource, no matter what level you’re at as a seller.  The site also covers eBay-related content.

  1. Unstoppable FBA – Marketing Hacks for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Seller Community

With over 10,000 members, this Facebook group is one to join if you want to hear from knowledgeable sellers on how to increase sales and better market your products. New content is posted daily and covers topics such as copywriting, Facebook marketing, conversion optimization, and audience building.

  1. Amazon FBA Marketing Secrets

amazon fba facebook group

This is another great Facebook group. We’ve been a part of this group for a while and there is a lot of useful training on offer. This group is only suitable for private label Amazon sellers, inside you’ll find a lot of the latest marketing strategies to help you get your product to page one.

  1. Full-Time FBA

full time amazon seller forum

This is known as a good Facebook group they have been around for some time. Personally i have not been a part of this community so i can’t comment on the quality but others seem to have taken value from it.

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon on Reddit

Fulfillment by Amazon Reddit_Amazon Seller Forums

Familiar with Reddit? You may want to bookmark the Fulfillment by Amazon page. This sub reddit is dedicated to helping Amazon entrepreneurs learn, launch, and grow. However, the topics are better suited to sellers who have some experience.

There are a few other Amazon FBA reddit communities you might want to know about, i discuss all of them in the video below.

We loved Reddit so much that we set up our own Sub-reddit for Amazon sellers, feel free to join up here.

  1. Amazon Sellers

amazon group

Amazon Sellers are proud of the fact that they are a spam free group. With over 58,000 members, it’s certainly one of the bigger Amazon related communities. Keeping groups of this size spam free can be hard work so well done to the owners and moderators!

Related: I’ve also put a helpful guide together on things I wish I’d known before I started selling on Amazon that you might find helpful.

Making the Most of Your Amazon Seller Forums

Joining an Amazon seller community might be overwhelming at first because it’s just another item on your to-do list. However, you are free to use these forums in a way that works for you.

You definitely don’t need to be online every day but at the same time you’ll get out what you put in. Over the years your Network will become a valuable asset, if of course you put in the time to build relationships with people within those communities.

If you have a question, post it in your preferred community. If i’m struggling with a particular question or objective i’ll often raise the question in a group, you’ll be amazed at how other sellers will help you.

I think this is why i prefer Facebook groups, it’s easy to build relationships with real people. You’ll also find that if you take the time to help others you’ll build a better network of people that are willing to help you.

I suggest that you spend 10 minutes looking through the above-mentioned options and work out which one might work well for you. Then Join your chosen community and start asking questions, you’ll soon know if you like the feeling of that forum!

If you want to be a successful Amazon seller, you need to be willing to grow and learn. We can all benefit from improving our knowledge and boosting our networks, by using forums in the right way you can do exactly that.

Are you interested in learning about how we started our Amazon business? If so you are in luck, we explain all here.

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