The Best Jungle Scout Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Today i want to run you through the best jungle scout alternatives i have found and tested out so far.

There is no doubt about it, Jungle Scout is a great tool…

But as with anything i think you should always be aware of the other options.

This way you can make sure that you are using the best software for you and your business.

The list I’ve come up with even includes some free jungle scout alternatives.

When i started out i had little to no money to spend on software, i know what it’s like trust me!

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My name is Nick (Hello, that’s me above) and i have been a full time amazon seller for over two years now.

I’ve created this blog with the aim to create a strong community of like minded amazon sellers.

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If you’ve ever got any questions leave a comment and i’ll get back to you ASAP!

Anyway, enough about me…

Let’s look at some of jungle scouts main competitors.

Within this article i’m going to run a case study on one of my own products, that way you can see if any of these tools are a good fit for you.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Alternatives

Here are some of the main alternatives for the JS Chrome Extension.

When i started out i used nothing but the JS extension, it pulls sales data on any page when you are browsing through Amazon.

I’m going to judge each jungle scout alternative with the following in mind.

Data Accuracy

In my opinion data is the most valuable asset to any amazon seller.

The quality of your amazon product research will largely depend on the accuracy of your data.

I’m going to use one of my own products to qualify each of the tools – Sorry i’ll have to hide some of the data, i’m sure you understand 😉

Pricing Levels

Well this is important for all of us, no further explanation is required.


Within this section i’m looking for added value, how basic are the features?

The value of each of these bits of software will lie in their functionality and features!

I’m going to be looking at how they compare to Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Competitors

These are the main alternatives when it comes to jungle scout.

Let’s jump right into it!

Jungle Scout Pricing Comparison Chart

SoftwarePricingFree TrialData Accuracy
Helium 10$17 Per MonthYup, 1000 free uses97.75%
ASINspector$97 Standard - One Off30 Day Refund69.24%
Viral Launch$49 Per MonthYup93.52%
AMZScout$39.99 Per MonthYup - 15 Free uses95.77%
Unicorn SmasherFreeFree68.68%
Jungle Scout$97 Per Year - Lite
$197 Per Year - Pro
14-Day Refund95.77%

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

Let’s look at the sales data from Helium 10’s side of things.

jungle scout alternatives

Data Accuracy

As mentioned this is one of my products, so let’s see how close Helium 10 were.

Real Sales: 355

Helium 10 Prediction: 347

Jungle Scout Prediction: 340

Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95.77%

Helium 10 Accuracy: 97.75%

So Helium 10’s data is actually more accurate than Jungle scouts.

To be fair both tools are pretty close, i actually like that both bits of software have underestimated…

When it comes to sales projections i always like to look on the conservative side of things!

I’ll be very open about this…

I think Helium 10 is the best jungle scout alternative.

I don’t just use Helium 10 for the product research side of my business, they offer a lot more than that.

Pricing Levels

You only actually have to pay $17 a month of helium 10’s chrome extension.

I’d actually recommend going ahead with their full suite, it’s $97 a month and it’s what most of the top sellers are using now.

You don’t have to pay $97 a month, if you want to try it out you can save 10% or 50% with one of my coupons below.


It’s easy to use, there is no doubt about it.

It also looks pretty cool in my opinion, mining through data takes time and patience and Helium 10 makes it easy.

Unlike some of the others I’ve never experienced buggy or slow functionality.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can get 1000 free uses with their free plan.

I’ve actually written an article explaining how i use each of these features, i’ll leave the link below for anyone interested.

Read Here: Helium 10 Review

Do you think you’d like to give helium 10 a try?

Use EBOSS10 to get 10% off any plan

Use EBOSS50 to get 50% off your first month


ASINspector Vs Jungle Scout

asinpector vs jungle scout

Data Accuracy

Real Sales: 355

ASINpector Prediction: 491

Jungle Scout Prediction: 340

ASINpector Data Accuracy: 69.24%

Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95.77%

For me this wouldn’t be a very good jungle scout alternative. It has over-estimated the sales by some distance.

At just under 70% Accuracy i’m not feeling too encouraged.

Pricing Level

Standard Version: $97

Pro Version: $147

So price wise, standard is the same as Jungle Scout. BUT the pro version is actually a whole $50 cheaper…


If i’m honest i don’t really like the feel of the tool, it all seems a little outdated.

The results load on a separate page and it makes the whole analyzing process a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

They do offer a free trial but you have to register your card details.

Then if you’d like to cancel you have to email their support within the 7 day period.


Viral Launch Vs Jungle Scout

There are things i like about the viral launch chrome extension, the functionality is decent and it looks to be well designed.

viral launch vs jungle scout

Data Accuracy

Real Sales: 355

Viral Launch Prediction: 332

Jungle Scout Prediction: 340

Viral Launch Data Accuracy: 93.52%

Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95.77%

Not too bad, again i like that they have under-estimated… This is much better than over estimating!

Pricing Levels

So the pricing is a little different as if you want the chrome extension, you need the web app.


Viral Launch: $49 per month: Web App & Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout: $97 one-time fee for the chrome extension and $40 a month for the Web App


I actually quite like the functionality of their chrome extension and software.

If you want more information on viral launch i’d recommend reading my full review (I’ll leave the link below)

Viral Launch Review – Important Things To Know

It’s really easy to use and you can tell the team that have created it probably have a fair bit of experience selling on amazon.

One of the better jungle scout alternatives but not quite my favorite.


AMZ Scout Vs Jungle Scout

amzscout vs jungle scout

Data Accuracy

Real Sales: 355

AMZ Scout Prediction: 340

Jungle Scout Prediction: 340

AMZ Scout Data Accuracy: 95.77%

Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95.77%

Jungle scout and AMZ scout have predicted exactly the same number!

Maybe they’ve got the same Scout in their ranks… Sorry that was really, really bad.

In terms of data accuracy they look to be exactly the same.

Worth mentioning… I did run the search for a couple of other products and the two weren’t the same every time.

As you will know this is only my opinion, you should always test things out for yourself before making a decision!

Pricing Levels

Amz Scout Cost

$44.99 A Month

$149 A Year

$399 One of lifetime payment

Amz Scout is definitely a good option, it is a little cheaper but for me there is still something missing.

I’m sure some people would get on with it well but i just didn’t like the feel of it.


Amz Scout is good for estimating product sales, the interface isn’t the nicest but it’s pretty easy to use.

If you are a complete beginner it may be ok, i’d still prefer Jungle Scout or Helium 10.

If you are going to be paying $44.99 you may as well for a bit of software that can do more for your amazon business.


Unicorn Smasher Vs Jungle Scout

Now although some of the other alternatives have free trials and free uses this is the only free jungle scout alternative on the list.

Unicorn has been created by Amztracker, i imagine with the hope it will help bring awareness to their paid software.

They will try to get you to purchase unicorn smasher pro when you head over to their site, this costs around £35 as a one off fee.

If you want to try the free version you’ll have to search it manually on the chrome store, that’s how i installed the free version!

So yer unicorn smasher is free but remember, if you want to build a serious business free isn’t always the best option…

Data Accuracy

Real Sales: 355

Unicorn Smasher Prediction: 495

Jungle Scout Prediction: 340

Unicorn Smasher Data Accuracy: 68.68%

Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95.77%

Unicorn smasher has over estimated this by over 100 units, this is far from ideal but i suppose you get what you pay for.

Pricing Levels

Free –  but now they are now pushing you towards Unicorn Smasher Pro which will cost you £34.99.


So this tool is very limited, the data doesn’t appear to be accurate which of course doesn’t help it’s case.

It’s pretty slow to load too.

Not for me thank you very much.

Which Is The Best Jungle Scout Alternative?

For me there is only one winner here.

Helium 10 is my preferred option out of all the jungle scout alternatives.

Jungle scout is actually a good bit of software, i used it for some time.

I made the switch over to Helium 10 nearly a year a go now as it’s a much better fit for me and my private label amazon business.

Have you used any of these jungle scout alternatives?…

If so let me know what you think about the different options, maybe you’ve used one that I’ve missed!

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Also i’d love to have you as a member of our ebusiness boss community, if you want to stay ahead make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel!

There will be more from me again very soon!


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