Amazon BSR Meaning – What Sellers Need to Know

One of the first things you need to understand as an Amazon seller is the Amazon BSR meaning, it’s a metric every Amazon listing has, and you can understand A LOT from it.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the BSR Amazon meaning.

If I had to choose my single more important Amazon metric, this would be it! Quite a bold claim I know, but you’ll understand why shortly.

 What Is The BSR Amazon Meaning?

Amazon BSR stands for Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Every single Amazon listing has one, and it’s basically a products selling rate score.

The Amazon BSR is based on sales data, and it fluctuates every hour. The more products you sell, the lower the Amazon BSR rank.

You can find a BSR score for the main category and the subcategories that the product is within.

The best selling rank in the main category will be different in the subcategory; this is because the product isn’t competing against the same number of products.

For example, a portable blender might have a score of 1 in the Personal Size Blenders category but have a score of 26 in the main category (Kitchen & Dining).

See the example for this below.

Amazon BSR on Product Page

This example has an excellent best sellers rank; it currently ranks as the 26th best selling product in the Kitchen & Dining category (This is quite a big category too).

Every product in this category is competing for the #1 spot, to get the #1 spot a product must sell the most amount of products consistently.

You can find this information on any product page; you will find the Best Seller Rank under the additional product information.

It’s also worth mentioning that categories on Amazon are different sizes, the bigger the category, the more competition there is for the #1 spot.

Remember I said that this product has an excellent sales rank? Let me expand on that.

It’s estimated that this product is selling 37,801 units a month. That equates to $762,8824.18 per month (I’ve got this information using the chrome extension you can see below).

bsr amazon meaning

Pretty impressive, isn’t it.

How Amazon BSR is Calculated

Amazon hasn’t divulged the exact formula that is used to calculate Amazon BSR, but it seems that these two main factors come into play:

  • Historical sales
  • Current sales

Best Sellers Rank is updated hourly, so it is a good indicator of sales trends.

If 10 of the blenders mentioned above sold in an hour but the next hour only two were sold, Amazon won’t immediately drop the BSR. Instead, it will consider all data to generate a fair score.

What is a Good BSR on Amazon?

The lower your BSR, the better. A smaller score indicates a higher number of sales.

The BSR you are happy with is dependant on the number of units you wish to sell every month.

You want to aim to become the best selling product amongst your competitors.

This will mean you need to have a better best selling rank over a sustained period.

I can’t give you a good best selling rank, because each category size is different.

A best seller rank of 500 in luggage will be very different from a best-selling rank in kitchen & dining, simply because they are different sized categories.

You will need to set your own Amazon BSR goal for your product.

To set your own BSR goal, consider the number of sales you want to generate daily, weekly, and monthly. This can then be linked to BSR, meaning, you would know what score you would need to achieve to generate a certain number of sales and vice versa.

I highly recommend using Jungle Scout’s free Sales Estimator Tool as an Amazon BSR calculator.

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Tool

Now you understand the basics of reading Amazons Bestseller rank; I want to talk to you about the software you can use to help you make better decisions on current or potential future products.

Analyzing Your BSR Using Software

You need to understand how to read and understand your best seller rank, but it isn’t the only things you’ll need to understand.

When it comes to product selection or boosting your current BSR, there are two software options I would recommend using.

I’ll take you through each of them.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a software suite designed to help Amazon sellers research products and competitors, optimize their listings, and generate more sales. Several different tools can help you with both your product research and improving your current BSR level. The chrome extension I referred to early is one of their tools, it’s brilliant, and I wouldn’t be without it.

Download The Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Market Tracker

The first tool that comes in handy is Market Tracker, which enables you to compare your listings with those of competitors and reveal authentic market volume.

This tool can help you gain a solid understanding of the market you are selling within.

Black Box

Black Box can help you find the right sort of products to sell on Amazon; there is no doubt about that. Using a database of over 450 million products, users can identify winning product opportunities utilising an array of filters, including BSR.

Knowing you are selling the right products or product variations will directly impact your bottom line. You may even uncover niches with less competition, giving you even more opportunities to boost your income.

In the video below, I find a $12,000 a month product using black box in 10 minutes.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another impressive software suite for Amazon sellers. Their wide selection of tools ensures you have everything you need to get ahead of the competition.

For those who are interested in improving their BSR, these are the tools you should know about.

Chrome Extension

Users gain access to crucial product insights and data that helps validate product ideas and identify new opportunities.

The chrome extension receives data from Jungle Scout’s AccuSales Amazon data engine.

The Accusales data is made up of information from search results pages; you can quickly understand a lot about a product by using this tool.

Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder is a great way to identify promising product niches, although I tend to use helium 10 a lot; this is one of their tools that I like.

As I’ve shown you how I use Helium 10s equivalent, it’s only fair that I show you use this tool.

This is a pretty cool tool.

Once you understand BSR, you should also understand how to use and read Amazon sales rank charts, I explain it all in this article.

Ok, let’s wrap this article up.

Amazon BSR – Just How Important Is It?

I would argue that Amazons Best Sellers Rank is THE most important metric, but it certainly isn’t the only one I would focus on.

The BSR is the quickest indicator of how your product is performing in terms of sales. Still, of course, you’ll also want to understand the financial KPI’s, sure your products selling, but what is your profit margin and expected return on investment?

Anyway, that’s a conversation for another time; I think I’ve gone on long enough!

More soon!

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