Clickfunnels Alternative? (My Top Three)

So what is the best clickfunnels alternative? To save you time, i have narrowed it down to my top three choices.

This article will compare the different features of each alternative against clickfunnels.

I will warn you, click funnels has a huge range of features so it might be difficult to beat with just one alternative but let’s look at the differences.

Hopefully after reading this article you’ll be able to decide if any of these alternatives make the cut.

I discovered clickfunnels whilst reading one of Russell Brunson’s (Founder of clickfunnels) new books called Dot Com Secrets, if you want to learn about scaling up your business i’d recommend giving it a read!

There is a way to get a free copy, i’ll leave you a link at the end of the article.

Anyway, let’s get stuck into these alternatives.

So, what are we up against here?

Well, clickfunnels only seems to be growing in popularity, so let’s have a look at some of the reasons why.

Clickfunnels has made life easy for entrepreneurs, everything you need is in one place.

There is no doubt about it, it’s a well-built system, Russell has designed it for ease of use, that’s for sure.

The simple drag and drop system allows anyone (even his children) to create powerful sales funnels that automatically respond to customers actions, pretty impressive right?

For example, if you go for the full Etison suite you will have full use of a feature called Actionetics, this tool allows you to communicate with your customers across all channels;

  • Emails
  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS
  • and much more…

Actionetics is so sophisticated that each of these channels can communicate with each other, so your facebook messenger will know when a customer has opened an email.

Maybe they haven’t responded to your email after 48 hours and through facebook messenger you want to automate a follow up message, well, you have that option.

Remember, this is just one feature, but it’s easy to see why clickfunnels is a market leader.

The short explainer video below shows exactly how actionetics works.

Ok, let’s look at the alternatives, starting with Leadpages.

Leadpages vs Clickfunnels

clickfunnels alternative

Leadpages is a popular clickfunnels alternative, let’s start by looking at the features.

- Limited to lead generation- Complete sales funnel builder with behavior driven actions
- Limited payment integration options- Easily process payments with extensive integration options (Stripe, NMI, Paypal & More)
- Drag and drop page builder- Drag and drop page builder, allowing for upsells, downsells & more
- No email auto responder- Includes Actionetics (Full communication feature) Emails, FB messenger, SMS & more
- No affiliate management features- Includes BackPack (Full affiliate management software)

Ok, so we can see the difference in features, it is a little obvious that clickfunnels offers a lot more.

However, if you are looking to create single pages, with fairly limited actions, leadpages might well suit you!

Clickfunnels actually provides a complete marketing solution, you can control and tweak every individual element of your sales funnel with ease.

Think of a sales funnel as a series of web pages, you are walking your customer along (a little like a shopping isle).

On the way to the checkout you can put different offers in front of your customer, some will buy, some will not.

Comparing leadpages and clickfunnels is a little like comparing a lemon to an orange, they are very different although there are similarities with some aspects.

Let’s look at the difference in pricing between the two software options.


$37/mo - Landing page builder$97/mo - Complete sales funnel building software
$79/mo - Includes further additions such as A/B split testing, Leadlinks + Lead digits $297/mo - Full Etison Suite - Unlimited access to clickfunnels + Actionetics + Backpack
$997 / 6 months - (Funnel Hacks Package) Full Etison Suite + Extensive Funnel Training + more bonuses $2388 / 12 months - Full Leadpages package, includes full features + training

As we can see from the table above, the first two packages with leadpages are less money!

If you are looking for a fairly basic landing page builder, i’d go with leadpages.

However before you do so, consider the advantages of using a full sales funnel builder like clickfunnels, if you want to scale a business to the sky and beyond i’d go for clickfunnels.

Lets look at the next clickfunnels alternative.

Instapage vs Clickfunnels

clickfunnel alternatives

Again, we will start things off by looking at the different features, instapage is similar to leadpages, it’s a landing page tool so comparing it to clickfunnels is going to be a little unfair.

If you don’t mind using multiple marketing tools, you could use instapage with the likes of Getresponse or Infusionsoft, this would get you a little closer to the all in one funnel platform clickfunnels provides.

Let’s talk about what instapage does, in short it allows you to design and build out landing pages.

If you are looking to grow your email list the software is brilliant from an opt in perspective.

There is a huge range of templates making it super easy to build out your landing pages, the software is actually very easy to use.

There are more than 100 free templates, and over 5000 fonts to choose from.

Instapage does allow you to run A/B split testing which is a huge plus, but what about the email marketing and automation side of things?

For me this is one of the key differences, Clickfunnels offers the all in one solution under the etison suite, with actionetics you can automate your communication channels alongside your sales funnels (this is like pouring gas onto a fire).

Instapage doesn’t include any email automation functions, you will have to integrate with another piece of software.

I prefer having everything all under one umbrella but that’s just me! Let’s move onto pricing.


Instapage’s packages start at $29 per month, and at that level you are paying far less than you would with clickfunnels, their basic package starts at $97 per month.

With instapage’s basic package you are given an unlimited amount of visitors, domains and most importantly landing pages.

But it’s useful to remember that you’ll need to integrate and pay for an email autoresponder, roughly speaking this will cost you another $25+ per month.

If you want to sell products via your landing page or emails you will also need to purchase a shopping cart tool, this of course will be another monthly cost.

With clickfunnels you don’t have to worry about this and that’s why i like it.

As mentioned earlier clickfunnels is $97 per month, this includes everything except actionetics (intelligent communication autoresponder) and backpack (affiliate management software).

To get the full version of clickfunnels (Etison Suite) you’ll be paying $297 per month.

To me it makes sense, i like having everything in one place.

The full suite gives you the ability to grow and manage your business from all angles.

I would agree the initial outlay seems like a lot, but in the end it’s worth every cent.

If you do want the full suite make sure you make use of all the free training resources on offer (trust me they are well worth your time).

Instapage is an awesome option if you are looking for a dynamic landing page builder for your pay per click campaigns.

If you are looking to take your business a little further i’d go for clickfunnels.

Let’s move onto the final clickfunnels alternative.

Infusionsoft vs Clickfunnels

best clickfunnel alternative

There is no doubt about it Infusionsoft is a giant in the online marketing sector, for medium to large sized businesses it could be the best clickfunnels alternative.

The software offers a wide array of features including;

  • Advanced Communication Management Tools
  • Powerful Landing Page Builder
  • A/B Split Testing

It’s definitely worth a look.

However, all of this does come at a price, Infusionsoft is the most expensive clickfunnels alternative.

Infusionsoft is also known to be fairly difficult to use, companies have complained of an over complicated user experience but i suppose it’s down to personal preference.

Let’s go into a little more detail on the functionality, what makes this software so expensive?

Well, you do have the ability to create top quality landing pages, this can be done at lightening speed.

The opt-in builder is also a great feature, it makes growing an email list fairly easy (once you know how to use it).

There is a wide array of possibilities when it comes to customizing both the landing pages and opt-in forms.

Both include a diverse range of options, you are given the choice to add images, videos and more.

The interface uses a similar drag and drop system to clickfunnels.

It has to be said, infusionsoft isn’t as easy to use as instapage, leadpages or clickfunnels, it’s just not as intuitive. Let’s have a look at the pricing.


Infusionsoft’s pricing starts at $99 per month.

This is a couple of dollars more than clickfunnels, with this you get up to 2,500 emails per month but your list size is limited to 500 contacts, for a medium to large sized business this is a tiny amount.

So really you need to weigh up the costs based on their complete plan.

This includes 50,000 emails and up to 10,000 contacts, the cost for this is $379 a month, this is $82 more per month than you’d pay with the full clickfunnels etison suite.

There is something else to think about…

If you choose to go with infusionsoft you will need to buy the one time “kickstart package”, pricing starts from $999, this includes one to one training with a coach, they are there to help you and your team get started.

For me, clickfunnels provides much better value on this front, there is no need to outlay $999 for additional training, they provide plently of support along with weekly Q&A webinars.

If you don’t mind outlaying a little more you can pay $997 up front to get the full Etison suite for free (for six months) and a complete year of clickfunnels.

Yep all of it for $997.

Not many people know about this offer it’s hidden at the end of a webinar.

The owner of clickfunnels (Russell Brunson) runs an autowebinar every hour, of every day.

If you watch the webinar in full you are given this offer at the end of the training script, you can register for this free training webinar below.

weird funnel

Anyway, back to infusionsoft! I actually think the software is very good!

It’s a little expensive and difficult to use but if you take the time to learn it can be a hugely powerful tool for medium to larged sized businesses.

If you are a smaller firm looking to scale, i’d stick with clickfunnels, if your budget is a little tighter and your goals a little more simple, leadpages or instapage will be your best clickfunnels alternative.

I think i’ve gone on long enough, so let’s summarize.

The Best Clickfunnels Alternative

In my opinion, these are the top three, but can we narrow it down to the best clickfunnels alternative? Like anything they all have advantages and disadvantages.

If i’m honest i don’t know why you’d want to use anything but clickfunnels, it’s more than just a piece of software it’s more like a club.

Saying that not everyone will get along with it, we all want different things out of life.

So, out of three which can be classed as the best clickfunnels alternative?


This is an excellent tool for designing and building out landing pages, it’s easy to use and its cheaper than clickfunnels.

For me, it doesn’t have the capability to replace clickfunnels, but it is a handy tool.

If you are only really interested in building out landing pages you can make great use of this inexpensive piece of software.

It does fall short on the analytics side as there is no A/B split testing available within their basic package. At $25 per month,  it is does have the lowest starter price out of the three clickfunnel alternatives.

Rating: 3.0/5


This tool is pretty similar to leadpages, again it can’t be directly compared to clickfunnels due to the lack of features.

However, if you are happy to intergrate with an email autoresponder, you could achieve pretty decent results.

I prefer to use one piece of software to manage everything, it reduces the margin for error!

If you are a marketer focused on building landing pages to generate leads it can be a great tool when intergrated with other software.

The most basic plan starts at $29 per month, but unlike leadpages it does include A/B split testing tools.

Rating: 3.5/5


This is my preferred clickfunnels alternative, if your marketing team is growing at a rapid pace this software might be incredibly useful.

Unlike the last two alternatives, the software does include email marketing automation, so you don’t need to worry about buying any other software.

However, the starting price is $99 and you are limited to a contact list of 500 people.

If you are a medium to large sized business the chances are you will need their complete plan which includes up to 10,000 contacts, this is priced at $379, this is of course a lot more expensive than clickfunnels.

It is a little complicated to use, and you’ll need to purchase the one time “kickstart package” which will set you back another $999, the money soon starts to add up.

I think it’s a little expensive, but if you are a fairly big business these costs might not be too much of an issue.

Rating 4.0/5

So there we have it, i’ll let you decide which clickfunnels alternative you prefer.

For me, it’s all about clickfunnels and i’m sure most of the 2 comma club members would agree

. In the long run, i think clickfunnels gives you the best opportunity to scale and grow your business at a reasonable price, i’ve said it before but i think clickfunnels should be more expensive!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article guys, i’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. As promised, here is a link for you to grab a free copy of dot com secrets.

To get a free copy of dotcom secrets click here

More Soon,


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