Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays – When to Expect a Package

Today we are going to cover a very simple question; Does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

You will be pleased to know that Amazon does offer limited Sunday deliveries, but only if you fall within a specific category.

To gain access to Sunday delivery options, you need to be an Amazon Prime member.

The majority of Sunday deliveries are handled by the USPS, but in some instances, Amazon also needs to rely on independent couriers. The USPS only delivers for Amazon on Sundays, so don’t expect to receive any other deliveries.

It seems that the size of the package and when the order was placed determines how likely it is you will receive it on a Sunday. What you should also be aware of is that Sunday deliveries tend to cost more.

For non-Prime members, you can expect free delivery within 5 – 8 business days, which more than likely won’t be on a Sunday.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Sunday Deliveries and Independent Couriers

When Amazon expects an uptick in traffic, they hire their own drivers.

These drivers are also known to deliver on Sundays, but what the specific routes and arrangements are is another story.

If you happen to be close to an Amazon warehouse, you have a much higher chance of receiving your package on a Sunday.

Naturally, this is only going to be possible if the goods you ordered are available at that warehouse.

These are generally small and manageable items.

If you plan to place your order around the holiday season, you can definitely expect your package to arrive on time, even on a Sunday.

Amazon makes a point of hiring more seasonal employees during this time to keep up with the high demand for timely deliveries across the globe.

For Amazon, customer service is paramount. Customer satisfaction is literally Amazons biggest company priority.

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Same-Day Sunday Deliveries

As an Amazon Prime member, you have a better chance of recieving your Sunday delivery, they certainly prioritize customers on this program.

Amazon Prime members in certain parts of the country can even get free same-day delivery, even if it is on a Sunday.

The catch is that it only applies to specific items, including Amazon’s own branded products and certain household goods.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays to Lockers?

In certain parts of the U.S., you also have the option to collect your package from an Amazon Locker.

These lockers are generally located at convenience stores and a few easily accessible locations.

Same Day Sunday Deliveries

It has been said that requesting delivery to a locker increases the likelihood of receiving your package on a Sunday.

Once you request a locker delivery, you receive a one-time code, which is used to open your locker.

Amazon will send you a notification once your package arrives at the locker. Just keep in mind that if the locker is located within a convenience store, you would need to get there while it is still open for business.

Also a word of warning based on my own experience, if you order something to a locker, don’t forget about it. Within three calendar days your item will be returned for a refund.

Why Wait Another Day?

Many people choose to have their packages delivered on a Sunday because there is more time in the day to collect them.

In short, it is possible to receive your package on a Sunday, but there are a few ifs and buts to keep in mind.

If delivery takes place via a private courier company or through an Amazon locker, the chances of receiving your package on a Sunday is higher.

As for the USPS, it is best not to bargain on a Sunday deliver but who knows, it depends on so many factors.

If you have ordered something on Amazon, make use of the app. On every one of your orders they provide full tracking information, on the day of delivery they will even tell you how many stops away your item is!

Hopefully you found this useful, if you have any other questions ask away below and i’ll get right to it.

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