Feedback Genius Review

If you want to grow your amazon business, you have to be willing to take every advantage available to you.  This feedback genius review is going run through the pro’s and con’s of the software, and then i’m going to show you how you can use it to your advantage.

After i’ve gone through the positives and negatives i’ll show you exactly how i’ve used feedback genius to grow my sales on amazon. It’s not rocket science, it’s simply marketing basics mixed in with automation rules.

Let’s get into it.

Feedback Genius Review

In the past i have used other email automation software for my amazon business, feedback genius was recommended to me a while ago and i haven’t look back since.

I’ve actually created a video review on feedback genius, if you are a YouTube lover you should subscribe to the channel! Anyway, here is the video.

Anyway, back to the article.

I won’t mentioned any names but the last email automation software i used cost more money but came with less features. I’m all for investing in software but it has to be beneficial.

I’ve been on feedback genius’s “High Volume Plan” for over twelve months ($250 per month), i wouldn’t spend this much on something if it wasn’t benefiting me and my business. Let’s look at what feedback genius actually is.

What Is Feedback Genius?

In simple terms, Feedback genius is a communication tool for amazon sellers. They have a whole load of features, we will look at each of all of these individually.

Feedback genius allows you to personalize and automate the customer emails sent through your amazon seller platform.

The software also notifies you when feedback or a review has been left.

Currently the software integrates with the following amazon marketplaces, Amazon US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The first market place is free, adding on others will cost you an additional $10 per month (per marketplace).

Initially, I was quite worried about emailing buyers that had opted out of marketing messages, thankfully feedback genius has a global blacklist that collects information from thousands of buyers.

I send alot of emails, every single day and I have never had a problem with emailing customers that have opted out.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the features.

Feedback Genius Features

Feedback genius allows you to politely ask your customers for reviews, seller feedback and more. It does this with a clever selection of next generation features.

The software has been designed solely for amazon sellers, it’s functions have been built around amazon seller central. Feedback genius (seller labs) are a part of the amazon web services partner network.

The benefits include:

  • The ability to send fully customized automated emails
  • Emails have advanced filter options
  • Email scheduling can be set around your customers actions (eg immediately upon shipment or 14 days after ordered been dispatched)
  • A/B Split Testing
  • The ability to attached PDF files to your customer emails (I’ll talk about why this is useful later)
  • Full Analytics
  • Email Intelligence (You have the ability to send returning customers different messages – Automatically)
  • and much more

Towards the end of the article i will show you how i use their features to strengthen my brand, improve review rates and increase the lifetime value of my customers.

Lets talk about the pricing.

Feedback Genius Pricing

Feedback genius provides five different levels of pricing.

Their pricing structure is based around the amount of emails you need to send. This works for me because if i’m sending more emails, i’m going to be selling more of my products.

Monthly PlanPrice $/ MonthEmail LimitMarketplaces
Essentials$01001 Marketplace Limit
StartUp$201000$10/additional marketplace
Growth$403000$10/additional marketplace
Premium$8010000$10/additional marketplace
High Volume$25060,000$10/additional marketplace

It should also be noted that you can purchase more emails (500 – 1000) should you ever run out.

If you don’t use the extra emails, they will roll over onto the next month.

The price of these additional email bundles depends on the number of extra emails you need.

I’ve been on the high volume plan for sometime, but i send ALOT of emails. With that being said, i have learnt that it isn’t about the number of emails you send. In fact, sending too many emails can definitely be a negative thing!

It’s more about the quality of the emails you send, remember this – Services like feedback genius give you the chance to start a conversation with your customer, in my amazon business i don’t try to limit the amount of customer emails, i try to increase it!

I’ll explain this in full detail shortly.

Things I Like About Feedback Genius

I have used other email automation tools in the past and feedback genius is the only tool I’ve found that allows you to filter specific messages to “returning” customers. Let me explain why this is such a powerful feature.

If you want to survive on amazon, you are going to need to build a brand. We have all heard this alot over the last few years, and my experience tells me that it is true!

If you are a private label seller, your best bet is to focus on building a brand. Communication is one of the most important factors of brand building, your customers needs to know you are there and they can talk to you if they have any issues.

People also feel incredibly valued if they feel like a company knows them personally.

If you have a returning customer, you need to ensure the emails you send them are different! Why? Because your customers will feel like they are a part of your business!

This is the key to brand building.

Let me show you how you can set up this rule on feedback genius. Here is a screenshot of the additional filters, to find this section you need to create a new message, complete the required fields then press continue. Once you’ve done this scroll down to the bottom of the page.

feedback genius review

At the bottom of this screenshot you will see “Send this message for:”

To the right hand side of this you have four options, a buyers first purchase, second purchase etc.

This is POWERFUL, this gives you the opportunity to have an automated, personalized conversation with your customer.

Not only will the customer feel valued they will feel apart of your brand.

This builds the lifetime value of your customer, if they feel like they are a part of your journey they will keep coming back.

Let’s move onto the next section of this feedback genius review.

Things I Don’t Like About Feedback Genius

Everything has upsides and downsides, feedback genius is no exception.

Feedback genius is becoming more and more popular with amazon sellers like you and I.

This means that their customer support agents have become busier and busier, twelve months ago you’d have to wait a little while for a response on certain queries, i found that quite annoying.

To be fair they do now have an instant chat option, an agent will always get back to you within three hours, they haven’t let me down once. The customer service is now brilliant.

Customer support do have a telephone number that you can call with any issues, i haven’t had any problems with this but it’s only live Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm.

This is the only negative for me. An innovative, progressive company like feedback genius should have telephone support later into the evening.

Like i say, this is the only negative i have found. It doesn’t really bother me, i just use the instant chat option BUT i wanted to mention it!

How I Have Grown My Business With Feedback Genius

review feedback genius

Feedback genius is a helluva tool, most people reading this article won’t take action after reading through my advice,

but for those of you that do i’m sure you’ll see a hugely positive impact.

I have a huge interest in persuasive marketing principles and brand building. If you want to grow an online business, you should too.

This is how i use feedback genius to increase my sales, customer interaction and in turn review levels etc.

I will send every new customer an email as soon as their item has been shipped, inside the email i will provoke a response by asking them a question.

I will also attach something of value, most of the time i’ll attach an ebook in PDF format.

I only do this if i can provide additional value and instructions. I include this as a bonus addition, the customer is not expecting to receive anything extra.

Alot of the time, this provokes a positive conversation between me and my customer.

I will ask them to send me a message once the product arrives, when they do i will double check they are completely happy with their purchase.

Only then will i ask them to leave an honest review about their experience.

My goal is simple, i want to talk to as many of my customers as possible.

Firstly, i want to know if they have any issues with the purchase, if they do i will put it right.

Secondly, i want them to leave an honest review on amazon. I never incentivize the customer in any way, i will never risk breaking amazon’s terms of service and you shouldn’t either.

Finally, speaking to my customers gives me the opportunity to improve my products and customer service. This is the most important point, my business is improving everyday that’s my number one goal above everything else.

Removing Feedback On Amazon

We all want more positive feedback from our customers, but what happens if they leave negative feedback?

Feedback genius will send you notifications when a review or feedback has been left.

This means you don’t have to spend your valuable time manually checking for product reviews and feedback.

Your time is valuable you need to be using the available amazon seller tools to your advantage.

We all receive negative feedback we don’t want at some point in time.

If you are in this position you might be interested in reading my article on how to remove feedback on amazon.

If you use feedback genius in the right way, you can dramatically improve your amazon business. You just need to know how to use it.

Feedback Genius Alternatives

There are a few different alternatives you could consider using.

Over the years I’ve used three different software solutions for my amazon email automation.

If you aren’t set the following article should help you decide: Feedback genius alternatives

Anyway, let’s get this article wrapped up.

Feedback Genius – Final Verdict

I will conclude this feedback genius review by saying this is definitely an amazon seller tool i can recommend. Customer communication is one of the most important parts of any business.

Put yourself in the mind of your customer, how would you feel on the other end of your amazon business?

You can use this link to try feedback genius for free, you get 30 days to trial it out.

So yer, for me the positives outweigh the negatives, there is no doubt about it.

If you want to scale your amazon business you need to focus on AUTOMATION.

The customer service aspect can take up a lot of your time, especially if you are manually sending out emails to your customers.

If you are worried about time, you don’t have to be. If you follow these methods and your amazon messages increase to a unmanageable level, this is a positive thing.

I found myself in that position a little while ago, the messages were flooding in!

I went out and hired a virtual assistant, i don’t have to think about it. My virtual assistant will log on and respond to messages three times a day.

This gives me time to focus on the things i enjoy… growth, writing, spending time with my family and so on.

I have written an article to show you how to use feedback genius, if you are interested give it a read.

I really hope you have found this article useful, i use the above methods in my amazon businesses every single day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, have you found this feedback genius review helpful?

Maybe there is another subject you’d like me to write about. Let me know.

Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough.

More from me soon,


eBusiness Boss



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3 thoughts on “Feedback Genius Review”

  1. Nick,

    Thank you for publishing this review about Feedback Genius. I always enjoy hearing from our customers and I’m glad that you’re getting so much value out of the tool.

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the product or Amazon selling strategies.

  2. Hey, thank you for this review. Is very helpful. I do have a question about the different monthly plans: are these emails volume PER MONTH? So for example, if you don’t go over 100 email every month, FG is free?

    • Hey Aleena, When we started out with the free plan it was 100 free emails every month 😀 I’m pretty sure that you still get 100 free every month under their free “Essentials” package. It’s worth noting that you will be limited to one marketplace!

      We sell across Europe so to start with we just set up emails for the U.K Market. If you do go ahead and use feedback genius, i’d well recommend checking out another of the articles i have written “How to use feedback genius” there are some useful tips and tricks in there to help you get the most out of it!



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