Feedback Genius Vs Feedback Five (Tried And Tested)

Today we have a big fight on our hands, it’s feedback genius vs feedback five.

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My name is Nick (That’s me above) and i have been a full time amazon seller for over two years now.

In the past I have used both of these amazon feedback tools and now i only use one of them…

Today i’m going to run through my pros and cons of both feedback genius and feedback five.

I will also explain how i use my preferred tool to gather product reviews and seller feedback on the amazon platform.

Whether you are a private label or a retail arbitrage seller software like this can seriously effect the long term potential of your business.

Feedback Genius Vs Feedback Five

Ok first things first, let’s look at the difference in pricing.

Let’s start by looking at feedback genius.

feedback genius cost

Feedback genius do have a free plan, to be fair so do feedback five…

Although it must be said with feedback genius’s free plan you get twice the amount of emails.

If like me you also sell within the European marketplaces one thing to remember is the additional cost for every extra marketplace…

With feedback genius you will be paying an extra $10 per marketplace.

Feedback five give you access to five marketplaces on their most expensive plan (Enterprise).

Feedback Five Vs Feedback Genius

Now let’s have a look at the feedback five pricing.

feedback five pricing

As you can see the pricing level is quite different, on the face of things feedback fives pricing looks cheaper!

However the main point to consider is the amount of emails you are likely to use.

We send well over 10,000 emails a month…

Sure we sell a lot of products but this is mainly down to our amazon review strategy (i’ll delve into this later).

For me, it’s not all about pricing..

I want the best amazon seller software for my business… i don’t want to save at the expense of my growth potential.

I started out by using feedback five but i quickly moved to feedback genius (don’t worry i’ll explain why).

It’s largely due to the additional features and functions feedback genius has to offer.

There just seems to be much more customization and value for my business model.

Now.. we are all different and i’m not saying feedback five is a bad bit of software…

All i’m saying is that feedback genius seems to be a better fit for me and my amazon business.

Feedback Five Features And Functions

It should also be noted that a lot of the important feedback five features are only available for the Pro & Enterprise users..

This really discounts the first two plans for any serious amazon seller.

On the graphic below you’ll see a selection of feedback fives features, the last two columns on the right are for the Pro & Enterprise users.

amazon feedback and review management

For me i need email analytics and i also need advanced timing capabilities…

Feedback genius offers both of these for everyone as well as other important features.

This is a huge point for me in the feedback genius vs feedback five match up…

Feedback Genius Features And Functions

With feedback genius you get access to all of their features – whatever plan you decide to go for (see below).

best feedback tool for amazon

Setting up your email campaigns is a fair bit of work…

At least with feedback genius you can try all of their features before you commit to a purchase.

This makes the feedback genius vs feedback five match up pretty one sided in my opinion.

Sure feedback five has a free trial, but if you are a smallish seller you’ll only start by using one of their smaller packages.

I think feedback five have made a mistake here…

Why not make all of the features available for any package and then set the cost on the amount of emails each person needs.

Smaller sellers shouldn’t suffer with less functionality.

With feedback genius everyone gets access to all of the features.

This means you can build the perfect campaign to then scale up as you grow.

“Start as you mean to go on” ~ I can’t remember who but someone famous said this

There are two other reasons why i choose to use feedback genius…

  • The Global Blacklist Feature
  • The ability to send custom emails to “Returning customers”

Both of these features are incredibly important for my amazon account health and my review/feedback acquisition strategy.

In my mind feedback genius is a much better feedback five alternative.

I’ll explain why the above two points are super important to me and my business.

The Amazon Email Opt-Out Policy

Back in 2017 amazon gave their shoppers a chance to opt out of unsolicited emails…

This makes complete sense… Amazon’s success as a platform has been largely down to their obsession over the customer.

I do everything i can to ensure i am operating within Amazon’s terms of service…

It’s their platform not mine!

Feedback genius’s global blacklist feature means that i can avoid sending emails to amazon shoppers that have opted out.

It’s very easy to use..

But what should you do if you should send an email to somebody that has opted out but isn’t on the global blacklist?

Don’t Panic….

When you email one of these customers, the email will bounce.

Within your emails you can set up a rule to automatically forward these emails onto feedback genius (They show you exactly how to do it).

Feedback genius will then automatically add this email to the blacklist…

I was concerned when the change was announced, how do you know you can trust feedback genius’s global blacklist?

Well, this definitely put my mind at rest…

global blacklist feature explained

I’m sure that feedback five has their own measures in place but i haven’t seen such an in depth solution/explanation from their side…

Feedback genius have been very proactive on this and that makes the feedback genius vs feedback five fight pretty one sided for me.

I need to ensure i am doing everything i can to stay on the right side of the amazon beast.

This isn’t the only reason i prefer feedback genius…

Feedback genius offers me the ability to send customized emails to returning buyers and this is hugely important to me.

Let me explain why it’s so important.

Getting Reviews And Feedback On Amazon

I can tell you are a driven person you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t.

The following video runs you through my method step by step…

This is the exact process i follow!

If you use this method correctly you can obtain a steady stream of reviews or feedback…

I know it works because i have tried and tested it, my private label products have benefited from a flow of positive, honest reviews.

This really is old school marketing, with a modern twist.

Good old fashioned customer service is one of THE most important parts of my amazon business.

I want to speak to as many of my customers as possible, i want to hear about the good AND the bad experiences.

If something hasn’t gone well, i want to put it right!

The aim with my amazon seller emails is simple – I want to have more conversations with my customers.

Convincing a customer to email you back has multiple benefits.

  • You earn yourself a micro-commitment
  • You have a chance to continue the conversation

In the world of marketing a micro-commitment can mean everything…

Statistically speaking a customer is more likely to take a “big step” after they have taken a “little step”.

Just by emailing you back, that customer is then much more likely to act if you were to say ask them to leave a review or feedback.

It also allows you to continue to conversation…

This is a perfect opportunity for building your brand and completing marketing research.

If you don’t have the time to talk to your customers, you should outsource it!

Customer service is simple but effective.

If you take one thing away from this article please let it be that.

Improving Your Amazon Email Open Rates

Which ever amazon email software you decide to use, there are a few key areas you need to monitor.

The effectiveness of your campaign objectives will depend on the amount of people that are opening and engaging with your emails.

Your amazon email open rate is a hugely important statistic to analyze.

The higher your open rate the better your chances of customer engagement.

Since rethinking my email content strategy my open rates have improved dramatically…

These are the email statistics for one of my amazon marketplaces…

December 2018

improving my amazon email open rates

As you can see the email open rate was very low. This was because i was selfishly focusing on myself, rather than the customer.

Look how things have improved with my new email strategy…

January 2019

amazon email open rates

By following the above strategy i was able to improve my open rates by nearly 10%!

Over the course of a year this will make a huge difference.

Your email open rate will depend largely on your email subject line.

You need to spark your customers curiosity without appearing spammy!

You also need to deliver on what you say you are going to deliver.

Don’t try and mislead people.

For some of our products we include a useful care guide or additional instructions…

I want to do everything possible to ensure we are making our customers experience as pleasurable as possible.

Anyway, let’s conclude this article.

Feedback Genius Alternatives

So there are a few other options you could consider for your automated amazon emails…

Feedback five as mentioned is one I’ve used previously but there is another strong contender you could consider using.

If you are interested in reading about another Feedback genius alternative you might find this article useful.

Anyway, let’s get this article wrapped up.

The Best Amazon Feedback & Review Tool

When it comes to feedback genius vs feedback five I’ve been pretty clear about the one i prefer.

Feedback genius is just a much better fit for me and my business.

I also think that the additional functionality would benefit most businesses if used in the right way.

Feedback five was actually the first feedback software available for amazon merchants…

I just feel like they have a bit of catching up to do.

I’ve written a full review on feedback genius along with another article to explain exactly how i use their software.

It’s fair to say i can’t recommend feedback genius enough, the results above speak for themselves.

I still feel like we’ve got along way to go, i’d like to improve our open rates to 30%.

Across all of our marketplaces our average is currently 27% so we are getting there!

If you’d like to try feedback genius for yourself you can sign up to their free plan using the link below..

Free Feedback Genius Sign Up

I’d like to mention that if you go on to purchase one of their paid plans, i will make a commission!

This won’t make it any more expensive for you, it just goes towards running this blog!

If you have any questions please let me know below.

I hope you’ve found this article useful.

More soon,


amazon private label

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    Thank you for the article, it is very informative. In most tools there are 2 options – Sending review emails in Amazon’s template, and creating own template. Which one would you recommend? Have you done any tests with these 2 different options? Most people are recommending to use Amazon’s template as thats the only template that as product pictures. Kinldly let me know.


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