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Hi guys, it’s Sam from eBusinessBoss and at last I’m ready to share my Feedback Whiz Review with you!

Sorry for the wait, but I only ever review something after I’ve properly used it for a considerable amount of time.

I feel that’s the only way you can offer a true reflection!

And that’s certainly the case with this Feedback Whiz Review

It’s now been months since I made the switch to Feedback Whiz and boy have I got some valuable insights to share with you!…

Before you decide if this software is right for you i’d recommend you read this article all the way to the end.

At the end of the article i’m going to show you how you can get a 30 day free trial and a feedback whiz coupon to give you 50% OFF your first paid month.

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So, what is Feedback Whiz?

Well the clue is in the name; primarily its an amazon email automaton software designed to help you keep on top of your Feedback & Reviews.

The reason I have actually been so compelled to write this Feedback Whiz Review is because of how much it’s tools have helped me.

Without going into too much detail (that’s for later), it’s features have allowed me to target my happy customers like never before…

Meaning my positive review levels have gone up!

Their unique tools have also allowed me to reduce the amount of negative reviews I’ve had coming in.

What’s more, there’s loads of other extras they offer too, to help you take your Amazon business up a notch…

  • Email automation with more customisation than I’ve ever witnessed from this kind of tool.
    You can tailor your email campaigns to suit any need and come up with unique template designs too (including GIFS, Images etc).
  • To support the vast customisation on offer, Feedback Whiz has top of the range analytics…
    because what’s the point in being able to create these different emails if you can’t see how they perform.
    The software provides split testing options and data on open rates so you can see how different subject titles, email copy, images etc convert.
  • It provides key data on your Amazon account so you can see how you’re truly performing.
    As well as access to specific orders for purposes such as blacklisting particular buyers (refunds, returns, negative feedback etc).
  • You can keep tabs on your reviews as they come in.
    Meaning you can react quickly, with the ability to contact Amazon or comment on the review as soon as possible.
  • Alerts can be set up so that you don’t just get notified about bad reviews and feedback, but other important changes too…
    such as a hijackers or a loss of the buy box. Whereby you can act on this information quickly and get things back in order.

Okay, so that’s some of the cool extras Feedback Whiz has on offer, but I hear you ask…

“What about the actual email automation? How does it improve my Feedback & Reviews?”…

If you are asking these questions you are in the right place, i’m going to cover all of this.

Feedback Whiz – Amazon Email Automation

Feedback Whiz Amazon Email Automation

First of all, I need to start by stating how vital it is that you use an amazon email autoresponder software like Feedback Whiz.

Without one, you’re just not going to be able to compete on customer service and as a result your reviews/feedback will suffer.

With regards to how to achieve the desired results, on the most basic level you need your emails to provoke a conversation with your customers.

This way you can build a rapport and work out if they’re happy with their purchase or not.

Once you have that relationship it’s then much easier to try to convert happy customers into good reviews/feedback.

Offering unhappy customers solutions is just as important!

This way you can hope that this deters them from leaving bad reviews/feedback.

More happy customers leaving reviews/feedback and less unhappy customers leaving reviews/feedback, simply means…

That your star rating is only going one way… and that’s UP!

FeedbackWhiz Template Organisation

Feedback Whiz Templates

Above, I’ve talked about the basic strategy behind a successful email automation strategy.

To make that strategy work, it requires many different templates to cater to the varying customer responses and scenarios you’re going to encounter.

But with having lots of templates, it can become a little bit messy and cluttered.

I certainly found this with our old amazon feedback software.

I really struggled with their interface and keeping on top of which template was which.

However, that is one of the main reasons I love feedback whiz.

The layout and organisation is crystal clear!

Also, they offer cool extras to help you group and organise templates. E.g. colour coded labelling option.

This is great for me because I sell across Europe so I have assigned templates a different colour depending on which marketplace they are for (e.g. Spain = Red etc etc).

Another handy addition is the ability to assign each template a “type”, so again they’re easily identifiable.

For example, “product info” is a “type” label I use to signify emails that include extra information on the product (e.g. product eBook and/or instructions).


FeedbackWhiz Campaign Organisation

Feedback Whiz Campaigns

The top-notch Template organisation is equalled by the Campaign’s functionality.

Likewise, you can colour code etc, but what makes it stand out from other tools is how the templates and campaigns work in tandem.

I usually choose for my emails to be very product specific.

So that means each template is tailored to a product and these templates then link to their own individual campaign too.

Again, I only find it manageable to have this many campaigns running, due to how clear and simple the layout is.

Also, instances where I have used one Template for multiple products, I’ve liked how easy this is to set up too.

It’s just the click of a few buttons, where you select which ASINS the campaign is linked to.

This can be very handy if you want to minimise the amount of campaigns you have running…

Because rather than needing a separate campaign per ASIN, you can group them together keeping it tidy and even easier to manage.


FeedbackWhiz Review – What makes it the best Amazon Feedback Software?

So far, I’ve mainly focused on how well-structured Feedback Whiz is.

I think it’s about time I got into the juicy stuff!

What makes Feedback Whiz stand out?

Well for me it’s the unique tools that give you more control over your reviews, feedback and Amazon business as a whole.

With Feedback Whiz you have the ability to tailor messages like no other tool out there.

Essentially you can set it up so that your email follow up sequences are SENT to certain kinds of customers (happy ones)…

Whilst also ensuring they are NOT SENT to other types of customers (unhappy ones).

This is all controlled by setting email triggers based on…

  • Feedback left by a customer
  • Whether they are a repeat buyer
  • Whether they got a refund
  • Whether they returned the product
  • If they used a discount code



A great feature of Feedback Whiz is the ability to set up automated emails to immediately go to a customer who has just left feedback.

This means you can react promptly and offer solutions to any bad feedback, in the hope that they then remove it.

Likewise, you can jump on those happy customers who have left positive feedback to see if they’ll also leave you a positive review too…

Someone who’s already committed to leaving a good comment, is more likely to leave another one, so you need to make the most of those positive feedbacks.

FeedbackWhiz Amazon Feedback Request

But for me, there’s something even more impressive that they’ve done with the feedback data…

And that is the capacity to have settings in your email campaigns that detect if a customer has left you bad feedback, BEFORE your email is due to be sent.

If the software picks up on a customer who’s left bad feedback, it triggers a block on the buyer to ensure they DO NOT get sent the the follow up email that asks for a review.

This is such an innovative and clever addition in preventing negative reviews!!

You can tell that this software has been built by people that have sold on amazon themselves!

I mean, why would you want to poke the bear?

If they’ve left you bad feedback, the last thing you want to be doing is asking them for a review.

So, you definitely want to set this up for any email templates where you’re asking for a review.

It’s really easy to do, you just create the campaign and tick to “Exclude Orders” with feedback of 1, 2 or 3 stars.

This means emails asking for a review will only go to customers who haven’t left any feedback yet (so could be happy or unhappy customers)…

And to customers who you know are happy (they’ve left 4 or 5 star feedback).

Feedback Whiz Amazon Feedback Software

All in all, this targeting lends towards accruing more positive reviews and less negative reviews… and that’s the name of the game!


What’s great, is that Feedback Whiz didn’t stop with “feedback” as a trigger for blocking emails.

They’ve also given the option for campaigns to also block emails being sent to repeat buyers, refunded buyers, buyers who returned and discount code users.


Repeat Buyer

If a customer is a repeat buyer, you definitely want to send them follow up emails…

Because if they’re buying again then it means that they’re clearly a happy customer.

Happy repeat buyers are prime meat when it comes to gaining a positive review.

It’s important to make these repeat buyers feel special and for your approach to appear genuine.

To set up these specific campaigns for repeat buyers, you select “Repeat Buyer” under “Status”.

FeedbackWhiz Repeat Buyer Emails

These repeat buyer templates should thank the buyer for their loyal custom.

Something like “Hi there, it’s great to see that you’ve bought from us again…”.

On the flip side, you certainly DON’T want to send them the follow up email sequence for new customers…

They would have already received these templates from their original purchase.

To implement this, make sure in your ‘new customers’ campaigns, you select “Repeat Buyers” under “Exclude Orders”.

Feedback Whiz Repeat Buyer Email

By adopting this two-pronged approach for repeat buyers, you’re excluding them from receiving emails they’ve already seen…

Whilst instead, creating a more genuine email sequence especially for them, which will make them feel more appreciated.

In turn it hopefully results in gaining some positive reviews/feedback.

***UPDATE on Repeat Buyers options*** – Go to “Why Feedback Whiz Might Not Be For You (Alternative Option)” for more details.


Refunds & Returns

FeedbackWhiz receives Amazon notifications with your refund and returns updates, meaning all the data is live!

This means the software responds in real time to avoid you sending emails to buyers who have refunded or returned your product.

Just like with negative feedback, if a customer has issued a refund or a return then you don’t want to send them a follow up email asking for a review.

They’re clearly not happy so you’re just asking for bad reviews if you do.

Again, to do this you would tick “Returns” and “Refunds” under the “Exclude Orders” drop down when creating the campaign.

Feedback Whiz Returns and Refunds emails

In addition though, I recommend also setting up specific campaigns to be sent to customers who have refunded or returned your product.

Send them an apology, offer solutions or even just ask them if there’s anything you can do!

This will go a long way in preventing them from leaving a bad review.

Over the course of a year this actions can really start to compound in a positive way for your business.

You can set up specific emails of this type by selecting “Returned” or “Refunded” under “Status”.

FeedbackWhiz Refunds and Returns emails

If you implement both of these strategies together, you’ve got a winning formula.

You can sit back knowing that you’re doing all you can to lessen the chances of your ‘returns and refunds customers’ leaving bad reviews…

And all of this can be automated. Amazing, right!?

***UPDATED – 18/10/19***

Feedback Whiz have introduced a really important update to the Returned email campaigns, that I just had to tell you about!

You can customise your emails even further to target very specific order return reasons as you can see below…

Feedback Whiz Returns emails

As if their email automation’s weren’t amazing already, here’s another example of Feedback Whiz taking it to another level!


Used A Discount Code

Amazon Discount Code Customers

There’s a final “Exclude Orders” option in campaigns that I want to cover that is called “item discount”.

Mainly I want to advise those who do large amounts of discounted giveaways as part of their launch strategy.

You may be aware, that if you giveaway products at a discount and one of those customers tries to leave a review, then it will go through as an unverified review.

Unverified reviews are not that desirable because both Amazon and customers don’t value them as much as verified reviews.

However, for years now they’ve been extremely important in helping new products to get started and gain initial sales.

The problem is, Amazon are getting more and more strict when it comes to monitoring incoming reviews (especially unverified reviews).

So, if a listing is seen to be getting an extremely high ratio of reviews in comparison to the amount of sales, then they may question the sincerity of the reviews…

And whether some sort of incentivisation is going on.

Even if there is no proof of incentivisation, if Amazon feel like too many reviews are coming in, they will block the listing from receiving reviews.

This can be short term, or sometimes indefinitely.

In some cases it can lead to a listing being shut down completely and most severely there’s been stories of entire seller accounts being shut down.

But don’t panic! I want to reiterate that although this sounds scary, if you take the right precautions you’ll be safe.

The consensus among the amazon seller community is that it’s only high levels of unverified reviews that tend to be big red flags to Amazon…

Thankfully, this is why Feedback Whiz is so good, as it offers the option to “Exclude Orders” with “item discount code”!

Feedback Whiz Item Discount Emails

This means you can feel safe that you’re doing all you can to prevent discounted orders from receiving your emails…

Especially the ones that ask for a review…

I have found this extremely helpful in keeping my account healthy and my product listings full of verified reviews.


Wow, so did you take all that in? There’s a lot of cool and unique features to Feedback Whiz right?

So far I feel this Feedback Whiz Review has covered the main ‘game changing’ features of Feedback Whiz…

But below are some other smaller bonuses to their software that I really like, that are definitely worth a mention too.


FeedbackWhiz Review – What Else Does This Amazon Review Software Offer?


Quite a few software’s offer “alerts” notifications in their packages and so does FeedbackWhiz.

These alerts are really handy in helping you keep on top of your Amazon account.

You can choose to receive alerts on the following…

  • Seller Feedback
  • Product Reviews (more on that shortly)
  • Buy box changes
  • Listing title changes
  • Hijackers
  • Returns

Feedback Whiz Notification Preferences

Short Product Title

It’s only a very small detail, but…

I really like that in the Products Manager page under “Product Custom Short Title” you can input a shorter title to be used in the email templates.

For example you might sell a Beach Tent, but your Amazon listing title is –

“4 man beach tent for holidays and camping. Great for kids, children, families. Pop up design means quick and easy set up.”

You do not really want that long wordy title in your email templates. It looks untidy, insincere (doesn’t look like you’ve typed it out) & will lose peoples attention.

So instead, by creating a custom short title e.g. “Beach Tent” you’re still referencing the product but in a much simpler way.

Email Product Short Title example

To use this, just input the code [[PRODUCT_CUSTOM_SHORT_TITLE]] into your email templates.


Email Data

It’s all good and well Feedback Whiz offering loads options to customise the design and look of the emails…

But, how do you know whether these methods work?!

Well of course Feedback Whiz have thought of that.

They have fantastic A/B split testing options and open rate data for you to analyse.

Feedback Whiz Campaign Statistics

Feedback Whiz Email Split Testing

This means you can test all sorts of different variables, from email subject titles to the use of GIFS in the email copy, to see what works best for you.

This is so important!

You need your email open rates as high as possible if you’re going to see the desired rewards of improved feedback and review levels.

So if you can work out a winning formula based off data driven decisions, then that can only be a positive thing.


Amazon Data

It’s not just email open rate data where Feedback Whiz excels. For a “feedback software”, it offers other data and analysis way beyond what you expect.

You can get all the same information seller central provides, but in a much clearer format that’s easier to interpret.

Also, they show you plenty of other statistics that aren’t available in Seller Central, which is obviously an added bonus!

All of the information is presented in handy graph formats that you can actually change to suit your preference, whether that’s a bar, line and pie chart.

Finally, all of this useful data is downloadable which is really handy, especially as Amazon don’t allow you to download data after a certain amount of time.

FeedbackWhiz Amazon Data


Blacklist Buyers

As discussed already, Feedback Whiz allows you to set email campaigns so that you don’t contact unhappy customers (negative feedback, refunds, returns etc).

Alongside this, they’ve also made blacklisting customers very easy to do too.

This comes in useful if you have a customer who has been particularly difficult, or maybe they’ve just simply asked not to be emailed anymore.

You easily find a customer using their order number or buyer email and then select to “Do Not Solicit for order”.

This blacklists a buyer from emails related to a specific order.

OR , you select to “Do Not Solicit for buyer”.

This blacklists a buyer from all current and future emails.

Feedback Whiz Blacklist Customers


Review Monitoring

Under the products section you have “Product Manager”, “Product Review Manager” and “Product Monitoring”.

This whole part of the Feedback Whiz is all about monitoring the review levels of your products.

You add all the products that you want the software to keep track off and it then adds the reviews to the system as they come in.

This is a really handy addition because it means you’ve always got your finger on the pulse with regards to negative reviews.

Feedback Whiz Amazon Review Software

This is good for two reasons:

  1. You can act quickly to contact Amazon if you feel it can be removed.
    But also you can comment on the review in an attempt to contact the customer and resolve the issue.
  2. This is valuable data! If you know what your customers don’t like about your products then you can look to amend the issues and improve the product.
    In turn reducing future negative reviews.

FeedbackWhiz Reviews


Things you shouldn’t take for granted with Feedback Whiz

In this Feedback Whiz Review section, I just want to go over some parts of Feedback Whiz that could potentially be overlooked.

When a software has so many new and innovative additions, it’s easy to miss some of the simpler things that are just as important.


Feedback Whiz supports all of the main marketplaces and are only ever adding more, with their latest addition being the U.A.E.

So if you’re all about growth, then Feedback Whiz makes expansion easy. Grow together!

Feedback Whiz Marketplaces


Easy To Set Up & Use

It’s always a worry when you move over to a new software with regards to how it easy the whole process will be.

There’s a 30 day free trial option so definitely take this up as it gives you plenty of time to do the set up and play around with everything inside the tool.

Not that I think you need 30 days to set up and get used to it.

It’s arguably the smoothest set up I’ve ever experienced.

Feedback Whiz offer unrivalled introductory support emails to help you seamlessly sync Feedback Whiz to your Amazon account.

But the support doesn’t stop there, the emails also literally walk you through how to set up your email templates and campaigns…

So you’re up and running in no time!

How to use FeedbackWhiz

Aside from the ease of the set up, I just really like Feedback Whiz’s overall user-friendly functionality.

I’ve found competing software’s to be very poorly laid out, whereas Feedback Whiz is so clear and easy to use.

Another big bonus is how easy it is to create email templates.

Feedback Whiz provide their tried and tested “Load Prebuilt Templates” that you make use of, if you don’t have your own.

If you want to build your own or edit one of theirs, then this is also made simple to do.

They use a “drag and drop” approach to inserting images, buttons, GIFs, videos and more.

Also, you can create picture links really easily without any need to know HTML code.

For me though, my favourite feature of the template creation is the split screen functionality…

Whereby on the right hand side you can see what your template will look like when it’s received by the customer.

Feedback Whiz Email Templates


Time Saver

Imagine not having an email automation software? I mean I can’t, it gives me a headache.

Maybe in the very early days where you’re making single figure sales a day, it could be worth doing them manually.

However, even then you shouldn’t really be wasting time on emails when you could be doing other growth tasks like sourcing products.

So for me, an amazon email autoresponder is a vital addition to your business, no matter what size.

Especially when providers like Feedback Whiz offer such varied and affordable packages to suit all sorts of sellers.

Which brings me nicely onto…


Feedback Whiz Pricing Plans (Save Money With Our Coupon!)

FeedbackWhiz Pricing

As you can see the Email Automation Plans actually start with a FREE option for complete beginners.

They also offer an ultimate package for $139.99 which is actually incredibly reasonable considering what is on offer…

Especially if you sell across multiple marketplaces like us.

Feedback Whiz Pricing

Feedback Whiz also offer the Product Monitoring Plans, starting from $5 up to $200 a month, depending on how many ASINS you want to be tracked.

What I really like is that you don’t have to pay for both plans.

This is great, as some software’s cram loads of different features into one package and make you pay for all their tools, when actually you might not want them all.

Feedback Whiz make it completely customisable to your needs and wants.

For example, I initially just had the Email Automation Plan because that’s all we used our previous amazon feedback software for.

When I heard other amazon sellers saying how beneficial the review and listing monitor had been for their business, I decided to test it out on 5 ASINS.

I soon realised how beneficial it was for identifying bad reviews, as I mentioned earlier in the “Review Monitoring” section.

I now have all my ASINS in the Product Monitoring Plan.

What’s amazing, is that I was paying more for my previous amazon feedback software, where I only used the email automation function.

With Feedback Whiz I’m now saving money, even though I have a better email automation plan, plus a product monitoring plan on top too.

Paying less and getting more… no brainer!


Feedback Whiz Coupon (Don’t Pay Full Price!)

Also don’t forget, that as well as the 30 day free trial, I can offer even more savings… 50% off your first paid month!

To redeem this discount, just use our exclusive FeedbackWhiz Discount code: EBOSS50


Why Feedback Whiz Might Not Be For You (Alternative Option)

It wouldn’t be a Feedback Whiz Review if I just talked about the positives, so let’s look at some possible gripes you might have with it.


As I’ve said, Feedback Whiz offers more than most amazon email automation software’s, in pretty much every department.

Understandably this can seem daunting and make the software seem more complicated, which may be off-putting for you.

But from my experience I’ve found that Feedback whiz is much easier to set up and use than the other tools.


Another potential pitfall of Feedback Whiz, is its limitations in terms of emails sent to repeat buyers.

They currently only have the option to target all repeat buyers with the same email.

Therefore, you can’t create different messages for 2nd, 3rd, 4th time purchases from a buyer.

I’ve been told they are working on this….

This could be annoying for these customers, if they continually receive the same follow up email sequence each time they buy from you.

So that is something to consider.

Like i’ve said i’ve been told that feedback whiz are working on introducing more customisation with repeat buyer targeting, so watch this space!

***UPDATED – 18/10/2019***

Well, I did say watch this space and it didn’t take them long!…

Feedback Whiz have now introduced an Advanced Option section in the Campaign Builder.

You can now send targeted emails to buyers based on their purchase count. This filter allows you to send unique emails to all buyer frequencies.

So instead of one email for all repeat buyers, you can create specific emails for 1st, 2nd, 3rd purchases and even 4th purchases or more.

Again this just shows that Feedback Whiz are constantly looking for ways to improve the customisation of email campaigns.

Feedback Whiz Repeat Buyers


Finally, some feedback software’s still have the option to pull a customers name from Amazon to use in the subject title and/or email.

However, Feedback Whiz have disabled this feature.

At first I didn’t like this because it’s a tactic I’ve used to engage with customers and improve open rates.

So I contacted them to ask why they’d removed this option.

They responded to say “Customer’s Personally Identifiable Data (PID) is not allowed to be stored in our system due to Amazon’s data protection policies

that affects ALL third party developer apps so no there is no way to automate that anymore”.

Although on one hand I was disappointed by this news, on the other I was delighted to see I was using a software that takes Amazon’s policies seriously.


If you’d like to consider using a feedback whiz alternative you may find this article useful.


Feedback Whiz Review – Conclusion

FeedbackWhiz Review Conclusion

As you can see for me, the MANY positives of this software hugely outweigh the few negatives.

I could conclude by reiterating each and every one of them.

But i think I’ve said enough, if you want an email automation software that is going to reduce the amount of bad reviews and feedback you get…

Whilst also helping to gain more positive reviews and feedback… then this is the best I’ve come across.

Forget the fact that I just prefer its functionality, design and how easy it is to use…

It’s the advanced level of it’s email campaign customisation that make Feedback Whiz stand out.

You can limit the likelihood of receiving bad reviews, by having campaigns that stop emails going to unhappy customers who have…

  • Left negative feedback
  • Got a refund
  • Returned the product

Whilst at the same time you can target happy customers, who have left 4 or 5 star feedback, with your email “review request” templates.

By implementing these unique Feedback Whiz features, you get so much more control of your review management.

And with Amazon constantly tightening the screw on sellers using black hat tactics to manipulate their review levels.

I say, how about going back to doing things the old fashioned way?…

  • Offer a good product
  • Follow up to show you care
  • Firefight any issues coming through from unhappy customers
  • Ask for a review from happy customers

All of which can be automated with Feedback Whiz! Amazing!

Set it up and watch the negative reviews/feedback decrease and the positive reviews/feedback come flooding in.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now using the link below and start taking back control of your amazon business.

Get Your Feedback Whiz 30 Day Free Trial

Get 50% off your first paid month, using our FeedbackWhiz Coupon Code (EBOSS50)




FeedbackWhiz Promo Code

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