Helium 10 Review – Are You Wasting Your Money?

I have decided to write this Helium 10 review for a few reasons.

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My name is Nick (That’s me above) and I have been a full-time Amazon seller for some time now.

I promised you guys a while ago that we would review tools that make a big difference within our business and Helium 10 is definitely one of those tools.

Before we go any further it’s safe to say we rate this tool, it’s probably the one we use the most as you can see below we’ve given it a very high score.

Helium 10
Best All-In-One Seller Tools
Customer Service
Ease of Use

This article isn’t just a review, I’m also going to show you how to use this software. A few months back, we surpassed seven figures in sales on Amazon – it was a pretty big moment for us! I mean, how have three friends built a seven-figure business in the space of two years? We ask ourselves this question quite often! It still doesn’t feel real at times. If you are just here for the discount, no problem. Use the discount below to get 50% Off your first month. You can see from the rating at the top of this page, we think a lot of this software.


Use EBOSS50 to get 50% off your first month with Helium 10. This discount code works for the following plans: A La Carte, Platinum & Diamond
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*A lot of our software links are affiliate links, this means we make a commission when someone buys through our link, it’s only fair that we mention this* A lot of our followers ask about launching products and optimizing listings. Everyone wants to know how we take new listings to the very top for our chosen keywords. This is where Helium 10 comes in. But before you dive in head first, you need to understand how to use it. Within this Helium 10 review I’m going to talk about the different features, the pricing and how we use each tool to gain an advantage over our competitors. Let’s get into it!

What is Helium 10?

How to use helium 10 Helium 10 is best described as a premium suite of Amazon seller tools. At first, it can be a little overwhelming. It has taken me months to learn how to use it effectively. As they say “Patience is a virtue” and if you are an Amazon seller, you’ll know all about patience. Anyway, back to Helium 10. I think originally it was called “Helium 10” because it was supposed to be a suite of 10 different tools, Maybe now we should call it “Helium 13”? Yes, since launching they have added three more tools. I’m really not that funny am i… The word helium refers to the desired effects of their software. Their tools are designed to help your Amazon listings “Rise to the top”. To be fair to Helium 10, since using the software a lot of our products have done exactly that. I could use this review to tell you how great this software is, but I’m not sure if you’d find that very useful. I thought I would go one step further and show you how we use each of the tools to enhance our listings.

How Helium 10 Helps Our Amazon FBA Business

Within our business, we use Helium 10 to do the following:
  • Select Optimal Keywords: We organize our keywords into a master keyword spreadsheet (We do this for each product).
  • Competitor Analysis: Using their tools, we are able to see which keywords our competitors are generating sales from.
  • Launching Products: We use Helium 10’s data to build out intelligent launch strategies.
  • Finding Winning Product Ideas: We use Black Box to look for hot product ideas within a niche.
  • Listing Optimization: We use Helium 10 to ensure that every target keyword is indexed within our listing.
  • PPC Keyword Choices: By using available data, we can decide on keywords that bring in maximum revenue for the lowest cost.
  • Backend Keywords: We find common misspellings of hot keywords and add them into our backend for maximum exposure
  • And Much, Much More…
Anyway, let’s move onto the next section of this review – pricing. How much does helium 10 cost?


You do not have to pay full price for this software! If you read this article and decide that you’d benefit from the software, you can save yourself A LOT of money by using one of the coupons below.


Use EBOSS50 to get 50% off your first month with Helium 10. This discount code works for the following plans: A La Carte, Platinum & Diamond
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Use EBOSS10 to get 10% off either the monthly or annual plan. This discount code works for the following plans: A La Carte, Platinum & Diamond
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I’m on the platinum plan, but I don’t pay the standard price. Currently they offer a starter, platinum, diamond and elite plan. To see the pricing options click here. Helium 10 has been a game-changer for our business. The fact that it pays for itself every month is also pretty nice… I know what you are thinking… Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a sec Nick, what are you talking about? How could a piece of software pay for itself? I’ll explain in more detail shortly but in simple terms, on a monthly basis, Amazon pays us based on a report run by one of Helium 10’s tools (Refund genie). In fact I can be a little more accurate than that. I’ve just checked with our accounting department and Refund genie has calculated that Amazon may owe us $773.16 this month. So it turns out we are actually making profit by using Helium 10, not bad eh? Anyway onto the next section of this helium 10 review.

All Of The Tools – Helium 10 Reviewed

Next up, I’m going to talk you through the different Helium 10 features. I will also explain how we use them for the different parts of our business. Let’s get into it…

Helium 10 Cerebro

Now, if I was on a desert island and I could only have one Helium 10 tool, it would be Cerebro. I know that sounds intense but let me explain why. Cerebro can do a lot of different things, the main benefit for me is competitor analysis. By reverse searching your competitors (Reverse ASIN) you can find the exact keywords that are generating their sales. Sometimes this is where I start with product ideas. All you need is your competitor’s ASIN to get started. If I find a product I like, I will reverse search the top three competitors and then put their data into one spreadsheet. From here, I can look at the traffic for their top keywords. If I think I can better their product or it adds to my brand, I may feel very encouraged. Look at how much you can learn from a competitors listing. (Please note, this is a random listing – i am not affiliated in anyway! This is for demonstration purposes)  random listing This screenshot should give you the idea. From carrying out a simple reverse search, I can now see the top keywords for this listing on Amazon. It’s powerful isn’t it? Here’s a brief explanation of what each column tells you:
  • IQ Score: Helium 10’s algorithm will determine how much of an opportunity a keyword is. The higher the IQ score, the better.
  • Search volume: Highlights how many times a keyword is searched for every month.
  • Sponsored ASINs: Showcases ASINS that are investing in sponsored ads that target a specific keyword.
  • Competing products: This is the number of products that show up for a particular keyword.
  • Position Rank: The average position that a product is listed on the detail page for a specific keyword.
The Cerebro IQ score is a useful column. It shows an internal score that Helium 10 assigns to a keyword. It also shows the ratio between search volume and competition. A higher score means there is a good ratio of low competition to high search volume. If you are launching a new product, wouldn’t it make sense for you to prioritize those keywords? The exact search volume column is where you need to pay close attention too. It shows us how many people are searching for that “exact” search term on a monthly basis. The aim of the game is simple – We want to get our products to the top of Amazon’s search engine for relevant keywords, with the highest amount of exact searches. It’s as simple as that!

The Importance of the CPR Method

CPR stands for “Cerebro Product Rank”. Based on a lot of testing, sellers have confirmed that it works.. The two CPR columns are particularly useful. I build my launch and ranking campaigns around these numbers. The “CPR Total giveaways” column shows an estimate of the amount of units you’d need to sell under a particular search term, in order to rank on page 1. I have trialed and tested Helium 10’s CPR method and it has worked for me. Disclaimer ~ Just because it worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you The “CPR daily giveaways” column is simply the “CPR Total giveaways” column divided by 8. This is because the CPR method runs over 8 days, this column shows you how many units you’d need to be giving away or selling on a daily basis. Click here if you would like a more detailed explanation of Manny Coats “CPR” method.


This is another useful tool for your keyword selection process. It can also be used to find related long-tail keywords. For every product I launch, I will create a master keyword list. With keywords, I want to cover as many angles as possible. This should help me achieve my goal of complete world domination (just kidding…. or am I?). For the keyword selection process, I use the following;
  • Cerebro
  • Magnet
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Trends
  • My Brain
Within my master spreadsheet, Magnet will have its own sheet. Here is how I use it. My Brain Ok, now things are getting juicy… You can see that Magnet has given me a total of 1,323 keywords. Some will be great, some will be good and some will be unrelated. It’s up to you to organize and pick out the ones that are most relevant to your product. If you want to get really specific, don’t forget to select your specific marketplace when searching for keywords. This is how you uncover “THE” powerful keywords. Ok so using Cerebro and Magnet we have started to build out our Master Keyword List. We aren’t quite finished with keywords yet.. Next up misspellinator.


This is very powerful too. If you learn how to use it properly you can put yourself ahead of the competition. First things first, you will need to upload your best keywords into the Misspellinator tool. Misspellinator tool. Once you’ve done this, select the “prepare” button and Helium 10 will get to work. Based on these keywords, Misspellinator is going to generate common misspellings that Amazon does not automatically correct. The value is here that this tool holds a database of the words that Amazon does and does not auto correct. This means you can add any of  the words it doesn’t auto-correct into your listing or backend. This my friends is an extremely valuable piece of information. Let’s have a look at the misspellings that Helium 10 has found. helium 10 misspellinator So for me there is nothing of huge value here. Amazon already auto corrects “wiskey” but I’d go ahead and add “stoney” to my master keyword list. Further down the page, I found that 18.8% of people misspell “set” as “sett” and 6.5% of people “bourbon” as “bourdon”, Amazon don’t auto-correct either of these so I’d probably go ahead and add these to my master keyword spreadsheet. Imagine indexing for a word your competitor hadn’t even considered – powerful stuff! Anyway…. The plan with this article is to review Helium 10 but also to show you how it works, hopefully you find it valuable. Next up, I want to talk to you about “Frankenstein” Not the scary character but the Helium 10 tool. It’s a keyword processor that can have a huge impact on the success of your listing.


Once you have a complete master keyword spreadsheet with misspellings included, we need to think about how we are going to make the most of the space Amazon gives us. This is where Frankenstein comes in. Frankenstein will remove any repeat keywords you have on your list. Simply add in your best keywords and hit the “process” button. helium 10 frankenstein It’s a hugely powerful way of creating keywords for your backend. I could, of course, add more keywords here to fulfill the 250 character space Amazon currently provides, but I’ve just done this for demonstration purposes. This was a game-changer for me, it means you are making use of all of the space Amazon provides. Pretty cool isn’t it. Anyway, let’s move onto the next part of this helium 10 review. Next up, Scribbles!


Once you’ve composed your juicy master keyword list you are going to need a tool to help you optimize your listings to their full potential. This is where Scribbles comes in. Scribbles is there to make sure you don’t leave any of your important keywords out of the listing. It’s pretty easy to use once you get the hang on it. Here is a brief overview to show you how it works. Bradley from Helium 10 explains it best. Helium 10 has just updated the Scribbles tool. They have introduced a new color scheme to help you out with keyword choices. The red words are the ones with the highest search volume Then, as search volume decreases, it moves down from green, to blue to black. This is all based on Helium 10’s data. For me, I like to prioritize my best keywords and place them in the title first. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Amazon adds a little more weight to the keywords in your title. I use the color scheme to fill out my listings, starting with the red and orange keywords. The colors can guide you through as you plan out your listings.

Prioritizing Keywords For Your Listing

This is how I prioritize my keywords:
  • Best Keywords – In the Title & Backend
  • Good Keywords – Bullet points & Backend
  • Other Keywords – Within the description and sprinkled throughout where necessary
In my opinion, it’s hugely important for your listing to be written with the reader in mind. Your keywords are very important – they will maximize your visibility. However, if your listing doesn’t read well, you are going to look like a low quality, possibly untrustworthy seller. Your conversion rate will suffer as a result of this and in the end, it’s the sales that matter. If you don’t feel 100% confident in your copyrighting abilities you can outsource this aspect to a professional. Trust me it’s important. This is all a balancing act, my friends, play to your strengths. Onto the next stage, let’s talk product research! At present, this is my favorite product research tool, let me introduce you to Black Box!

Black Box

There are many ways to look for profitable products to sell on Amazon, but this is probably my favorite method because of the speed! Black Box is a pure Amazon product research tool, but it goes a lot further than just Amazon. If you want to build a strong brand, you are going to need to find related products that are in high demand! Trust me, if the product sells well on Amazon, you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound) that it sells well in general. So, how do I use Black Box? How do I find high demand, low competition products? I’ll show you. Let’s imagine we want to find another hot selling product related to the whiskey stones ideas. helium 10 blackbox I’ve highlighted a couple of important areas of the Black Box tool in red, let me explain.
  • Category – “Home & Kitchen” (relates to whiskey stones)
  • Monthly revenue – Between $10,000 – $25,000 (I want enough but I don’t want to be greedy)
  • Price – Between $15 – $25 (This should give me enough margin for advisement budget etc)
  • Review Count – Max 350 (Market won’t be too difficult to compete)
  • Review Rating – Max 4.5 star (I want to find products I can improve on)
  • Title Keyword Search – “Drinking” (This should find products that relate to the Whiskey Stones)
You can adjust these filters as many times as you like – I do it this way but we are all different. For example, you might want to set the review rating max to 3.5 or 4 stars, this would give you a bigger range of potential improvement ideas. Using these filters, here is what I’ve found. helium 10 black box Not too bad eh? These custom wood coasters look like they could be a brilliant addition to our whiskey stone product. I’m sure you are starting to see the power of Helium 10.

Product Research Tutorial Video

I’ve put together a video to show you how I find product opportunities using Helium 10’s Black Box tool… Let’s move onto the next part of this review.

Keyword Tracker

Once we have our finalized master keyword spreadsheet and our fully optimized listings, we are ready to move forward. Whether you are launching a product or starting a rank-boosting campaign, you’ll want to keep an eye on your keyword positions. This is where Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker comes in! Let’s have a look at our friends “The Whiskey Stones”, let’s see how they fair for some of their best keywords. helium 10 keyword tracker Wow, these guys are popping. They are holding “Amazon’s Choice” and the number 1 spot for “Whiskey Stones Gift Set” – Super relevant, 1054 exact searches a month, they will be selling a lot of product.

Finding Your Target Keywords

Now, with most products, the majority of their sales will come from 3 – 5 main keywords. This is why when I’m building out my master keyword spreadsheet, I will highlight my top five keywords. I will try and get these into my title if possible, if not they’ll be in my bullet points. These are what I refer to as my “target keywords”. Let’s say you have an existing product and you’d like to improve it’s visibility and improve sales. You are going to need to zone in on one keyword. From there, it’s all down to strategy. Whether you are launching a product through a chatbot list or boosting a product through an Instagram influencer campaign, you are going to need to monitor your progress. That way you can see what’s worth doing and what isn’t! Let’s move onto the tool that pays me to use Helium 10 every month. Say hello to “Refund Genie”.

Refund Genie

Refund Genie, is (in my opinion) one of the most useful tools Helium 10 has to offer. In short, this tool will literally make you money! I’m talking about the money that you didn’t even know existed, and actually belonged to you the whole time! As we all know, Amazon has a knack for making it very difficult to understand and decipher information from seller central. One of those things is finding out what has happened to your “unfulfillable” inventory. We have all received emails from Amazon, advising us that we have stock that is unfulfillable, and it will be disposed of if you don’t remove it. The emails that you probably haven’t seen are the ones telling you that Amazon has either lost or damaged your stock. If you know your way around seller central, it is quite easy to locate the lost and damaged reports. But trying to make sense of them is a whole other ball game! This is where Refund Genie comes into its own, let me explain…

Money We Have Received Back From Amazon

We pay a monthly fee of around $90.00 for the full use of the Helium 10 suite. Now I know what you are thinking, that is $1,080.00 a year! But if I told you in the past 12 months Refund Genie had helped us claim back up to $6,650.00 in money owed on lost and damaged stock… You would stop reading this article and buy it, immediately right?! Well that’s the truth, so much so I’m happy to show you the screenshot of what Refund Genie has helped us claim back in the past 18 months. A whopping $9,971.70! helium 10 refund genie Refund Genie also offers an easy step-by-step instruction guide of how to send the reports to Amazon seller central, and how to word the email to ensure you get the desired results. I used to spend hours, if not days, wading through the damaged and lost reports, before discovering Refund Genie. What used to take hours, now takes literally minutes. Helium 10 even lets you know when it is time to download the latest report from Refund Genie.

Inventory Protector

This Helium 10 tool could save you a lot of money. A couple years ago, we’d organized a giveaway and some sort of coupon hacker/wizard managed to bag 300 units for himself on a single order. All with 99% off (What a bargain, well played sir). At the time we saw sales jump and thought “Should we be thinking about retirement?”. I’m glad we didn’t retire because we’d actually just given a load of products away for free (lol). Sometimes. you just have to laugh. Whenever you are giving out coupons, there seems to be a bit of an unknown risk. We never did get our money back. Helium 10’s inventory protector used the API to stop this from happening, it protects you and your inventory. I wish we’d have known about it back then, but oh well.

Hijacker Alert

Have you ever experienced an Amazon listing hijacker? Wow, they are annoying. We had three of them appearing on one of our best selling summer products, on and off throughout the summer! Luckily, for us we use Helium 10. Every time one of them appeared, we received a notification. Which is quite useful when you have a few different products. Of course, the problem isn’t over there. As a seller, it is then on you to come up with a strategy to deal with them. We have a set method that usually stops them in their tracks. They will receive two cease and desist letters, the first will be sent immediately the second 12 – 24 hours later. Leave a comment below if you’d like a copy of our templates… We will also raise a case through Amazon’s brand registry – we keep track of all of this inside a master spreadsheet. Amazon seems to be getting better at dealing with it but it can take a few days sometimes. Anyway, we get there in the end! Onto the next tool, “The Trendster”.


Have you heard of Keepa? In short, it’s a tool to help you track and monitor a particular ASIN’s ranking history. Helium 10 has teamed up with Keepa to create Trendster. All you need to do is enter the ASIN, set your parameters and off you go. Let’s look at the whiskey stones again. helium 10 trendster From this graph, we can learn a lot about this particular product. The green line indicates the products best seller rank, within its specific category (this product is within Kitchen & Dining). As you can see, the product rank has roughly stayed between #2500 – #7500. For a large category such as Kitchen & Dining, this is a pretty good rank. Something must have happened around about September 12th, as there was an unusual spike where the products rank went to about #12500. Maybe the seller ran out of stock briefly, who knows. Sometimes a spike in rank can correlate to pricing levels. The blue line shows the pricing history of the product. As you can see it has stayed around the $30 mark, although around October 6th the pricing looks to have dipped to $20. This is very useful information when you are looking at potential product ideas. You can use this data to get a pretty good idea of how well a product sells along with the pricing history. A product price may well look good at first glance but you’ll need to look at the sales history to make sure it’s at a consistent level. I’m glad I’m writing this article, if I were speaking I’d be running out of breath.


Everyone wants to know how much profit they’re going to make, and this tool lets you do exactly that. The Profits tool uses positive and negative data to give you an overview of your finances across all your products. I use the profits tool to map out growth strategies and manage the business side of things. Along with seeing revenue from sales, I am also able to see an overview of my net profits after my costs. Another very useful feature of the Profits tool is that I can easily see which products should potentially be scraped based on how much money I’m making off each item. No more wasting time pushing products that aren’t affecting my bottom line. Lastly, the Bestsellers graphs help me to keep an eye on my top-selling products as well as sales trends. By knowing which days are my top sales days, I can better plan my marketing activities.

Follow Up

Speaking of marketing activities… As an Amazon seller, you already have a busy schedule. And if you’re anything like me, anything that can be automated is a sure-fire win. If you have an email database at your disposal, you’re going to love the Follow Up tool from Helium 10. Helium 10. Staying in touch with customers is one way to keep them happy. The beauty of this tool is that I only need to craft several automated email templates and Follow Up does the rest. Anytime one of my customers performs a specific action, an email is triggered. I’m happy because I have more time on my hands and my customers are happy because they’re hearing from us. For example, a customer places an order and an order confirmation email is automatically sent. If they haven’t purchased again in two months, an automated email will be sent that checks in and tells them about products they might be interested in. Obviously, this doesn’t mean I’m never directly involved with customers. I still like to have one-on-one conversations with them, particularly if a concern or question needs to be addressed directly. What’s more, dealing with customers directly also gives me some insights into what they need – insightful data = thriving business.


You could have the very best product pages on Amazon but sometimes customers need a little help getting there. A small nudge to “Add to Cart” if you will. The Helium 10 Portals tool helps drive external traffic to your product pages using customized landing pages that are designed to convert. This means I don’t need to spend time creating sales funnels – again, another time saver. The Portals tool really helps us to put our social media presence and email lists to good use. What’s more, there’s no need to drive traffic to your Amazon listing at all.  The Portals tool allows you to send visitors to a custom URL where your Amazon listing details are automatically pulled through. Pretty nifty right?

Market Tracker

If you’re not checking in on what your competitors are doing and what’s happening in the market, you’re going to fall behind pretty quickly. It’s for this reason that I love the Market Tracker tool from Helium 10. It gives you a bird’s eye view of where you stand amongst your competitors and in the market as a whole. I firmly believe that constantly stay one step ahead of competitors and having an eye on market trends is a big part of why we’ve managed to create a seven-figure business. By defining your target audience, the Market Tracker tool will guide you as to the products you should be looking into and what drives product performance. product performance As you can already tell, I’m all about the keywords, but this tool ensures that I am also well aware of what’s happening in the market in general. With this kind of data, we can always make the best decisions for the future of our Amazon business.

Index Checker

For all you amazon OGs, you might remember this used to be called helium 10 5k checker, well not anymore my friends. This easy-to-use tool helps you to check if your product is indexed for your target keywords. This is a very useful tool to use if you are  thinking about launching or boosting a product. Before you try to target a  keyword, you’ll need to make sure you are indexed on Amazon. Its pretty easy to use, like I say, simply input your product ASIN alongside your keyword list and the magic begins. This way you can figure out which of your front and backend keywords are actually indexed on the Amazon search engine. You might even want to input a competitor ASIN alongside these keywords. If you find that a competitor isn’t ranking for a particular keyword, it may support your decision to build a campaign around “that” target keyword. This is a ninja tactic we use on a monthly basis. We are nearly there my friends, stay with me. Let’s move onto one of the last tools; the Helium 10 Chrome extension. We are coming towards the end of this helium 10 review / tutorial.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

So, what does the Helium 10 chrome extension do? Well, the Chrome extension is made up of a few parts;
  • Xray – Amazon Product Research Tool
  • ASIN Grabber
  • Inventory Level
  • Review Downloader
Let’s talk about Xray. So, this tool is similar to Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension. I actually think Helium 10’s data is a little more accurate (that’s just my opinion). Let’s go back to our whiskey stones example, let’s  imagine that we were considering launching our own set. We’d want to weigh up the competition. helium 10 chrome extension So from this we are shown a load of useful data. You can see how much revenue each of the competitor’s listings are generated on a monthly basis. I’ve found this data to be pretty reliable (I’ve checked this by “X-raying” my own products and comparing this to my own sales data). There is a lot more useful data within Xray, one of the most recent features is the “Review Velocity” column. Let’s talk a little more about this feature. Helium 10 decided to add this feature in light of the “disappearing reviews” phenomenon. This column shows the change in review count over the last 30 days. This is useful for two reasons. You can see how many reviews your competitors are accumulating and how many they are losing. Reviews are a giant metric when measuring competition on Amazon – it’s really useful to see what’s going on. It’s also very useful to keep track of your own products. Using this column you can measure the amount of reviews you are gaining or losing within a 30 day period. Using this information you can tweak your strategy to improve your own results. In the past, I’ve found a significant increase in reviews just from that – a simple tweak of my follow up email campaigns!

ASIN Grabber

With this tool you are able to pull the top 100+ products that are ranking for a particular keyword. Let’s have a look at how this might work with our whiskey stones example. helium 10 chrome extension From this data we can see how products rank for this particular search term, for this example we have used “whiskey stones”. You will see next to the top four results there is an “SP” symbol, this stands for sponsored products – I avoid these for analytical purposes. So why is this information useful? Well, with one click you can pull four pages of product information before easily exporting it as a spreadsheet document. Let’s say you were interested in which “whiskey stones” ASIN performed best on “Prime Day”. On Prime day you can simply run the ASIN grabber, save it as a spreadsheet and then it is there for you to analyze when you want. You may want to analyze this information when the next big sales day comes around. I do sell a few seasonal products, so I can see the use of this feature, but I haven’t used it very much. For me, this feature isn’t actually that useful but some people might get a lot of value out of it.

Inventory level

Using this tool you can check how many products a seller may have in stock – this is useful data to have. If you are a wholesale or online arbitrage seller, this information can be golden. As a private label seller, it can also be very useful. If you have a few hijackers hop onto your listing, you can use this tool to see how many they have in stock. If they have 1 or 2, maybe they are just selling one they have received from a giveaway or something like that. But if they have several hundred, they may well be selling counterfeit products under your brand. As we all know, hijackers of this nature need to be dealt with straight away. This is another useful part of the Helium 10 Chrome extension.

Review Downloader

This is actually a very useful product research tool. You need to be on a product page for this to work. Once you’re on a product page, you can click on the review downloader and  download all of the customer reviews. You can add filters based on:
  • Dates
  • Verified status
  • Review levels
  • Reviews with images or videos
  • and more
But, why would you find this useful? Well, let’s say that we’re launching a new product and want to blow the rest of the competition out of the water. Using this tool, you could download all of the reviews, 3 stars and below. From this data, you could customize your product to ensure you solve any of the issues these people were running into. You could do this on a few of the top-selling products, compile the info into a spreadsheet and send it to a VA to sort and report back with the results. If your VA was to respond with a list of the negative things people were saying about the product, then you have some very useful information. With this info you could go to your supplier and say; “Hey I want to sell this product, but I want to solve X,Y & Z issues, what can we do?”. Once you’ve made a better version of the top-selling products, you are ready to sell and dominate the market 😉 Pretty useful right?

Freedom Ticket

Last but not least, there’s the Freedom Ticket course from Helium 10. If you’ve ever wanted to learn what it’s really like to run an Amazon FBA business, Freedom Ticket is the name you want to know. Helium 10 Helium 10 and Freedom Ticket have come together to create a practical and in-depth course on starting and successfully running an Amazon FBA business. Where Freedom Ticket delves into the intricacies of becoming an Amazon Entrepreneur, Helium 10 shows you how to thrive using their selection of tools. The Freedom Ticket course is an 8-week training program that includes video, real data, handouts and review slides, ensuring you always have access to your learnings. There’s no better way to learn more about developing and implementing an Amazon FBA strategy. Trust me, I’ve gone through training myself. The other important thing to do is read popular Amazon FBA blogs, there is a treasure trove of useful information out there.

Helium 10 – Is It Actually Any Good?

This has turned out to be a pretty extensive Helium 10 review, there are a lot of tools to talk about. I started using Helium 10 after taking an advanced Amazon seller course a few months ago, it was the only tool they recommended as ESSENTIAL. I can honestly say Helium 10 has changed the way we run our Amazon business. It is an incredible suite of tools BUT….. You have to be willing to put in the work. Once you understand it, it’s very easy to use! I’m happy to recommend Helium 10 to you guys. By using the tool, we have managed to turn around ASINs that were falling away. Whether you are a seasoned Amazon seller or a complete beginner, it can remove a lot of the guesswork. It can also provide you with a really useful structure to help ensure you don’t miss anything important. If you’ve got any questions, please let me know in the comments below!
Save Money On Helium10 With These Discounted Coupons
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Use EBOSS10 to get 10% off either the monthly or annual plan. This discount code works for the following plans: A La Carte, Platinum & Diamond
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Helium 10 Alternatives

There is no doubt about it, Helium 1o is the Amazon seller tool we use the most in our business. With that being said I want you to have other options available to you. We use three other Amazon specific tools that I think you’ll be interested in, I’ve written detailed comparison articles on each of them, I’ll leave the links below. If you don’t like the sound of Helium 10, one of the above alternatives should work well for you. Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve found this useful. Nick amazon private label eBusiness Boss
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16 thoughts on “Helium 10 Review – Are You Wasting Your Money?”

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  3. Can I get a copy of your templates for emailing Amazon through brand registry that you mentioned under the Hijacker Alert?


    • Hey Kate, yer sure. Here’s what we do after we’ve received the hijacker notification.

      1) First Cease and Desist Letter – Sent to the seller listing the product

      Hi X Seller Name X

      I see that you are selling X Product Name X However, I have created the X Brand Name X from scratch, and have never resold any wholesale items to any other reseller.

      I own the brand, and have not authorized you or anyone else, to sell X Brand Name X on Amazon.

      If you are selling a different brand, while posturing as X Brand Name X, then you are selling counterfeit products, which is something that Amazon takes very seriously and will shut down your account without warning.

      I suggest you remove your X Brand Name X listing immediately, as I am also contacting Amazon to issue a formal Cease and Desist letter. In addition, I have ordered one of your products as supporting evidence to send to Amazon.

      If you do not remove your product from our listing, we will be involving our legal team.

      This is obviously not an ideal situation for either of us, so I hope that you take heed to this note and remove your product from X Brand Name X listing immediately.

      Thank you for your prompt attention.
      X Name X, CEO @ X Company Name X

      2) Second Cease & Desist Letter – Amazon Hijacker – Sent to the seller listing the product


      Following my previous email, i can see that you are still offering X Product Name X for sale, as previously mentioned this brand has been created from scratch, i own the intellectual property rights to X Brand Name X, having not sold any whole items to a reseller, the evidence is clear that you are selling a product that you are not legally entitled to do so.

      Whilst posing as X Brand Name X you are selling counterfeit products, which is something Amazon takes very seriously. I have documented these emails and the evidence will be submitted to amazon.

      The next step will be ordering a product from yourself to prove that the product is not genuine. This will be done within the next six hours, should you remove the listing within this time i will not take this case any further.

      Thank you for your prompt attention.

      X Name X CEO

      3) Order Product – Take Images of the product – Create Case Within Amazon Brand Registry

      Submit evidence within Amazon brand registry case. Sometimes you don’t need images of the product, the order number alone will suffice.

      I hope that helps 😀


  4. Hi Nick, thanks for the post. Very useful and so easy to follow! Can you share with us which is the advanced amazon seller course you took? do you recommend it?


  5. Dear Nick,

    Thank you so much for the great article!! I am a new seller, so it will really help me to use the Helium software that I have just purchased. The only thing that I was really hoping that you would include are the filter settings for Cerebro ! Which basic filters should I use to get the best keywords??? I got my 10 Asins from the first 1-3 pages of Amazon.
    Thank you and best regards,


    • Hey Tania, I’m so glad to hear that this helped! If you are a new seller you have definitely found an advantage in this tool! I will make a note to add some more details on the filter settings for Cerebro. For this time being I’ve got a couple of resources that will help you out on the keyword side of things:

      1) Read this article: Finding Competitors Keywords
      2) Watch this video: Our Keyword Process

      Let me know if that helps!


  6. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you design this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it
    for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out
    where u got this from. thanks a lot

    • Hey, Use this link: Helium 10 Sign Up

      Then you can use either of these codes…

      EBOSS10 to get 10% off all plans for life…

      EBOSS50 to get 50% off the first month only

      Please note that if you use either of these i will earn a small affiliate commission. It doesn’t make it more expensive, it actually makes it cheaper.

  7. Just read this entire review, thank you for all the work you put into it! I feel like I just did a test-run of the software going through everything, this helped me immensely.
    Thanks, Nick!

    • Love it Nathan, so glad it’s helped. These review articles take ages so it’s good to hear people are putting it the use!
      Best, Nick


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