How Does Amazon Pay You? (Details for New Sellers)

When you decide to join the Amazon marketplace, you open yourself up to great earning potential. But how does Amazon pay you exactly?

I will take you through the how as well as the when so that you can budget and plan accordingly.

Let’s get into it.

How Does Amazon Pay You When You Sell?

Once your Amazon seller account has a positive balance and you’ve settled what you owe Amazon, you get paid. This includes all seller fees but excludes advertising fees, which are charged separately.

Money is transferred to your bank account via an Automated Clearing House or electronic funds transfer, which can take up to five business days to reflect.

You may receive a payment from either Amazon Payments, Inc. or Amazon Services LLC depending on when buyers agree to pay for their goods. If a buyer agrees to pay after the shipment of their order, you will receive payment from Amazon Services LLC. If it’s before shipment, payments come from Amazon Payments, Inc.

Also, if you haven’t loaded valid bank account details in Seller Central, you won’t get paid. Payments cannot be made into credit cards or systems such as PayPal.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an FBA or an FBM seller either, payments work the same, it’s just the fees that differ.

It’s widely known that FBA is great, but you will be giving more of your profit margin over to Amazon. With the ever-fluctuating storage situation, many sellers are moving listings over to the merchant fulfillment side of things.

The Amazon fees you pay will depend on the marketplace and category you sell within; many of our readers are from the US or UK, so I’ll include links to fee schedules below.

US Sellers

UK Sellers

Right, let’s move onto the payment schedule side of things.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Pay You?

Amazon payments work on a two-week schedule. Every two weeks, total sales are calculated, fees are deducted, and payments are made.

If you do notice some discrepancies in the total that reaches your bank account, it might be linked to open orders – here is what you need to know.

On the subject of payments and fees, I also suggest you read more about Amazon seller repay here.

Does Amazon Take Money from Sellers?

Yes, Amazon does take money from sellers. Luckily, their fee structure is very transparent, so you are never hit with hidden charges.

Basically, there are selling, fulfillment, and referral fees – I have outlined everything you need to know here.

Knowing when you can expect payment and what you can expect to be paid is essential if you are serious about growing your Amazon business.

Without tracking your payments and fees, you can never tell what you should and shouldn’t be selling and whether Amazon has made any mistakes.

It does happen from time to time; we regularly run reports using this software to make sure we request payment for anything Amazon has missed.

These details should get you one step closer to succeeding as an Amazon seller.

If you have any questions about this topic, please leave me a comment below.

If you’ve got any other issues or struggles with Amazon, we are here to help!

More useful content is coming soon.

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