How Much Is Helium 10?

If you’re an amazon seller with your finger on the pulse, you’ve probably heard all about Manny Coats and his suite of seller tools, but how much is helium 10?

I’d recommend reading this article all the way to the end before you go ahead and sign up.

For any of you that do want to use helium 10 you don’t have to pay full price, i’ll explain this in full at the end of the article.

Today i’m going to answer the following questions:

  • How much is helium 10?
  • How to use helium 10?
  • Is helium 10 worth it?

The name Helium 10 isn’t random, it actually means something.

Originally Manny Coats created the software as 10 amazon seller tools designed to help your listings “Rise to the top”.

I’m sure every amazon seller is interested in rising to the top, but is there any evidence to suggest it will do this?

I’ll give my opinion on this shortly.

How Much Is Helium 10?

Let’s talk about the Helium 10 Pricing model.

A few people have asked me; “Is helium 10 free?”, the short answer to this is No, it isn’t.

They do have a free plan but you are limited in terms of use which makes sense, like anyone they have to make money in order to function.

So, how much is helium 10?

Well this depends on the plan you choose, there are three different options with helium 10; Free, A La Carte, Platinum or Diamond.

Personally i use the platinum plan, for me there is plenty of functionality without it costing me the earth.

Helium 10 Plans

Let’s look at the cost of each plan along with what you actually get.


how much is helium 10

Like I’ve said currently i use the platinum plan, as my amazon business continues to scale i’ll probably consider upgrading but only when it’s affordable.

Before i committed to purchasing anything, i did give the free plan a go but to be honest there isn’t quite enough functionality there to see how good it really is.

I used a friends link to save myself 10% on the monthly plan, thinking oh well if i don’t like it i’ll just cancel.

I’ve never actually cancelled it because i still use it every day.

I first found helium 10 at an amazon seller event i’d sneakily peered over and seen another seller on the “Helium 10 Dashboard”, that’s what initially started my curiosity.

I bet a few of you are judging me right now for peering over at a random person’s shoulder, you’d be right to judge me I am incredibly nosey (see below).

how much does helium 10 cost


How To Use Helium 10?

I have used every one of helium 10’s tools but there only a few tools i use everyday.

I use helium 10 to help me do the following:

  • Product research
  • Finding target keywords
  • Optimizing listings
  • Launching new products
  • Competitor analysis
  • Getting money back from Amazon

I actually use the software for more than just the above, I’ve discussed everything in full within another article i’ve written.

My favorite helium 10 tool is Cerebro, i make no secret of that.

I use it to carry out my competitor analysis as this is how i compile my list of target keywords.

The video below shows how i do it.

When i’m launching a new product, i want to know which keywords my main competitors are generating their sales from.

With this information i can then put a strategy in place to “Rise to the top” of the amazon search engine, see what i did there 😉

Before i go onto show you how to get helium 10 for a little less, i want to talk about how one of the tools actually makes me profit.

Refund genie is another one of my favorite helium 10 tools, month on month it actually makes me money.

As i’m sure you’ll all agree amazon do a great job of making everything as complicated as possible, especially getting refunds for items they have either lost or damaged.

I don’t blame them, they are a business after all.

Helium 10 make it really easy for you to find out what amazon actually owe you for lost or damaged stock.

For the use of all of helium’s tools I pay $78.57 every month.

Quite reasonable in my eyes.

Well it’s even more reasonable when you consider that Helium 10 has helped me reclaim back $9,971.70 in the last 18 months (see screenshot below).

helium 10 refund genie

If i divide that number by 18, i get 553.98.

That means that on average helium 10 has helped me reclaim $553.98! I only pay $78 per month for the use of their tools, and that is why i’m such a big fan.

Sure you can go pull your own manual reports, compile them into spreadsheets and then raise individual cases but it takes a LONG time and amazon don’t ever agree with my figures.

If you want to give it a go yourself yourself, this article will show you how to do it: Getting refunds for lost or destroyed goods

I didn’t get much joy but hey it may work for you.

So I’ve answered the question; how much is helium 10? I’ve talked about how i use helium 10, let’s talk about if i think it’s actually worthwhile.

Is Helium 10 Worth It?

I actually used to use jungle scout, it used to be my main amazon seller tool but not any longer.

For me Helium 10 is a better jungle scout alternative, I’ve found the data to be more accurate and there are a lot more tools within the suite.

Jungle scout is a pretty popular tool, in my opinion helium 10 should be more popular than it is but this isn’t the case..

Why? Well, i don’t think helium 10’s marketing department kept up with jungle scout (sorry helium 10).

They focused on making the software better rather than going all out on marketing.

This is good news for all of us as amazon sellers, this means they have a better suite of tools and a lot of sellers aren’t using them…. yet anyway.

In my eyes helium 10 is 100% worth it, i mean it would be difficult for me to say otherwise i use it every day and it actually makes me money (lol).

After using helium 10 for a little while i came up with a new slogan, i look at it every day.

“Data Driven Decisions” or DDD as we refer to it in our office.

Every decision we make it based on data and we pull the majority of that data using helium 10.

Can you imagine what it would of meant if 30 years ago sellers had access to some of the data that we do now?

We have the ability to trawl a competitors negative reviews and find out their customers pain points…

This information is golden, it’s the main thing i think about when deciding on new products.

Helium 10 actually have a tool to speed this process up too it’s called “Review Downloader”.

I used to have to do this manually, i’d have a VA compile a spreadsheet full of a competitors 1,2 and 3 star reviews.

I’d then ask them to record any reoccurring issue that customers had complained of.

With this information i’d speak to a factory and come up with a product solution that bypassed the re-occuring customer complaints.

Can you imagine how these products perform when they are launched within the market next to the original competitors product?

Yer, they sell like crazy and you can bet that my product has a better level of reviews, after all I’ve solved a problem.

Rather than have a VA compile all of this, you can do it all yourself. It takes a few clicks using the “Review Downloader”.

Whether you use helium 10 or not you should go ahead and use this tactic to dominate the competition.

Originally, this article asked the question: How much is helium 10?

I’ve answered this in the sections above but in reality it could be A LOT more and i’d still be happy to pay it.

It just makes sense for me and my business.

If you are thinking about signing up to one of helium 10’s plans DON’T DO IT YET!

It is of course up to you but you don’t have to pay full price…

Helium 10 Coupons

When i first signed up i found affiliate coupons just like this, i mean why wouldn’t I! Who doesn’t love saving money.

If you want to do the same, click the link below and do one of the following:

Helium 10 – Sign Up

  1. Trial out their “free plan” and see if you like their tools.
  2. Use coupon code EBOSS10 at the checkout and save 10% on the monthly cost (this is what i did)
  3. Use coupon code EBOSS50 at the checkout and save 50% on your first month! (This means you can trial out a month half price, then cancel once you’ve done the necessary)

If you use one of the above codes i will make a small commission at no additional cost to you, but it’s only fair that i mention it!

I’m happy to recommend Helium 10 because i use it everyday, i can honestly say it has changed the way we run our business.

DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS my friends, take your opinion out of the equation!

Take every possible advantage by using tools like this and don’t break Amazon TOS, that is the best advice i can give you!

More from me soon,


eBusiness Boss

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