How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge for Your Products

The Amazon Choice badge is one of those small labels that make a product stand out and add to its overall credibility. It’s an indicator that Amazon vouches for a product, making it a good choice for a customer.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to get an Amazon Choice badge; we’ve found that it can make a huge difference to your sales.

How are Amazon Choice Products Selected?

Amazon hasn’t revealed everything about the algorithm used to select these products. However, they seem to focus on a few key things when deciding which products get the Amazon Choice badge.

This includes:

  • Fast Shipping. Customers want to receive their orders as quickly as possible. And since fast shipping improves the customer experience, it’s factored into Amazon’s Choice product selection process (Amazon prime is essential).
  • Reviews and Ratings. A product with poor ratings should hardly be recommended, especially not by Amazon. Quality customer reviews and ratings are a constant among products with the Amazon Choice badge.
  • Return Rates. A product with a high return rate is one giant red flag. It’s for this reason that return rates are another factor that Amazon looks at when selecting products.
  • Sales Velocity. Amazon’s choice badge is always based on a Keyword. Using the product in the screenshot below as an example, it might be Amazon’s choice for “Credit Card Shredder” or “Paper Shredder”. This will be because the listing has made many sales after customers have used these particular keywords.

How to Get Amazon Choice Badge

Source: Amazon

How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge

In my opinion, Amazon’s choice badges are definitely worth having!

Now that you have an idea of what Amazon looks for, here are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of getting an Amazon Choice badge.

1. Optimize Your Product Pages.

The Amazon Choice algorithm has a strong focus on keywords that we know. This is another reason why it’s essential to optimize your product listings. If you haven’t spent a lot of time on keyword research lately, there has never been a better time to do it. If keyword research hasn’t been a priority, now is a good time to change that.

To help get you started and show you some of my tried and tested techniques using Helium 10, I’ve included a video below.

2. Improve Your Product Ratings and Reviews.

Your customer reviews and ratings provide essential feedback. If you want an Amazon choice badge, you better take them seriously. If you have negative reviews, read them! Work out what the customers like and don’t like about the product and make changes accordingly.

The better your ratings are and the more reviews you have, the higher the chance of getting the Amazon Choice badge. I recommend you read my guide on how to respond to reviews from customers here.

3. Your Products Need To Be Prime To Get The Amazon Choice Badge.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Amazon Choice badge if your products aren’t Prime-eligible. This is linked to that fast-shipping factor I mentioned earlier. Prime customers receive their products the fastest, which is why Amazon awards their Choice badge to Prime-eligible products.

4. Consider Your Pricing.

Amazon also favors well-priced products. Competitively priced products sell better, and because they’re in higher demand, they’re more likely to carry the Amazon Choice badge. Now is a good time to review and restructure your pricing strategy. You can even use repricing software if you would prefer a more hands-off approach.

If you are looking for a software recommendation, take a look at my review of RepriceIt vs RepricerExpress here.

The Difference Between Amazon Choice vs Best Seller?

If you were wondering whether there is a difference between Amazon Choice and Best Seller, there is.

Both badges are good to have because it indicates your product is high quality. It’s how these badges are awarded that’s different.

Amazon’s Choice badge is matched up with specific keywords and search terms. The Best Seller badge is awarded based on the total number of sales in a specific category; the best-seller gets the badge.

When you think Amazon’s choice, think SEO; when you think best-seller think highest sales.

If you have an excellent strategy in place, your product can receive both the Best Seller and Amazon Choice badges.

In Closing

If you are looking for new ways to enhance product visibility, boost credibility, and increase sales, Amazon’s Choice badge is a good way to do that.

Start with keyword research and optimization first, and then make sure your product offers are Prime or seller-fulfilled prime.

Over time you can then use your product reviews to make improvements to your products constantly.

If you have any questions about the tactics mentioned in this article, let me know in the comments below.

More soon!

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