How to Shorten Amazon Links (Quick Easy Guide)

No rule says you need to shorten your URLs, but it certainly makes them more memorable and easier to share, especially on social media!

In this article, I will explain how to shorten Amazon links quickly and easily.

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How to Shorten Amazon Links

It’s only until you try and share a product or book URL that you realize how long they really are. This is especially noticeable if you’re sending it in an email.

Not many people know that portions of your Amazon URLs don’t really need to be there. Here is an example to show you how to shorten Amazon links with ease:

The areas that are bolded can be removed, and the URL will still function as it should. All that needs to remain is /dp/ and your ASIN.

This is what you would be left with:

Pretty easy, isn’t it! This is the manual method, but if, like me, you like to save time and work efficiently, read on! I’ll show you how to automate this process.

Can I Shorten Amazon Affiliate Links?

If you want to shorten Amazon affiliate links, you can follow the same process as above, with the exception of keeping your affiliate tag in place. So, the URL would end up following this format:

Simple as that.

Best Amazon URL Shortener

If you would prefer not to shorten Amazon links manually, there are URL shortener tools you can use. Here are two of the most popular options among Amazon sellers.


If you don’t plan to shorten many Amazon links, you don’t need to create a Bitly account at all.

Simply paste the URL into the tool, and it will spit out a shorter version.

It’s also possible to customize the back half of the URL. This only applies to the first 50 URLs per month, though, depending on whether the customized text has already been used by someone else.

The paid plans allow you to keep track of your URLs, which is ideal for running campaigns. They also provide you with a free custom domain. The plans currently start at $35 per month.

Bitly to Shorten Amazon Links

Source: Bitly


Rebrandly is another top choice for shortening Amazon links, and they also offer a free plan. What’s more, their free plan even offers 5 custom domains, allowing you to customize your entire URL. Rebrandly also makes it possible to track stats for each URL should you choose to use them for your campaigns.

If you happen to use Zapier, you’ll be happy to know there is a Rebrandly integration. Paid plans start from $29.

Rebrandly to Shorten Amazon Links

Source: Rebrandly

Using software like the two I mentioned today, you can also track your link clicks and retarget customers.

Tracking link clicks is important; this way, you can work out where you are getting the most traction, then double down on your efforts on that channel.

Tracking your clicks can help you prioritize and get the most out of your external marketing activities, month by month, you need to work out where your time is best spent!

Shortening your Amazon links is helpful for many reasons, and if you’ve spent time reading this article, I know that you are on the path to leveling up your Amazon operations.

Shortening your Amazon links is just one way to provide a better customer experience and enhance your campaigns.

On the subject of better customer experiences, I recommend you read through this guide on writing better Amazon product descriptions if you want to increase sales.

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