How To Start Merch By Amazon In 2020 – (Step By Step Guide)

One of the easiest ways to make money on the internet in 2020 is by getting your feet wet in E commerce.

Businesses are booming, more people are skipping out on going to brick and mortar stores, and everyone prefers to buy their products through the internet.

But the truth of the matter is…

It is HARD work!

You have inventory costs, shipping costs, customer service… a lot of things that you do not want to deal with.

Which is why I am so excited that Amazon released a program that allows you to sell goods ON Amazon with ZERO inventory, ZERO shipping, and ZERO customer service.

This program is called Merch by Amazon and since it has launched has allowed me to fully work in the comforts of my own home without the headache that typical ecommerce sellers experience.

Today i’m going to run you through how to start Merch By Amazon in 2020.

Let’s go over everything you need to get started and set up on Merch by Amazon so you too can get a piece of this growing pie.

At the end of this article you’ll also find a free video tutorial, i’d advise watching once you’ve finished reading!


How To Get Started With Merch By Amazon

Getting a Merch by Amazon Account

Merch by Amazon is a print on demand (POD) program that Amazon launched at the very tail end of 2015.

What this means is that you can upload an image (what we call a design) and put it on different products that will then be for sale on Amazon to their millions of customers.

These products range from t-shirts, v necks, long sleeves, hoodies and sweatshirts, all the way to popsockets (those weird things that people put on their phone).

All you have to do is upload a design to Amazon and they take care of the rest.

When you upload a design, it will go up on Amazon in different products on the USA marketplace but also in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Each time someone purchases one of your products, Amazon will simply pay you a royalty and not ask you to do anything else!

So, in order to take advantage of this system, we first need a Merch by Amazon account.

Head on over to and click on “request invitation”.

how to get started with merch by amazon

Before you go through the process you will want to have a few things handy.

These include:

  • Business Contact Information
  • Bank account and routing numbers
  • Social Security number or other tax identification numbers

If you know these details, go ahead and get started!

Amazon will ask you to sign into your account and fill out your company profile, payment and banking, and tax information.

Start by adding in your company profile.

If you do not have a registered company, this will be all your personal information.

Where it says business name, you simply want to put your first and last name.

For the payment and banking info, grab a blank check and enter in the information.

This is where you will be paid every month after you make some sales!

Finally, take their quick tax questionnaire and that’s it!

You now have all the information filled out and you can move on to the last and final step: the actual application!

The application is a single page which will ask you the industry type you are, the organization name, additional information, and a website.

merch by amazon application

For industry type, I would select novelty t-shirt business, as that is what you will be doing.

For the organization name, this will be your first and last name again.

Don’t worry, this will not be public on any Amazon pages.

Finally, fill out the additional information form.

Tell them WHY you would be a good fit for the program.

If you have any ecommerce experience, make sure to put that in there.

If you have ever sold on other platforms like Redbubble or Teespring, put that in there!

Basically, Amazon is just looking for why they should accept you.

If you have a website, you can put that in there as well.

Amazon will typically get back to you in a week or less with the acceptance!


What Do You Sell On Merch By Amazon?

So you have waited a week, got your acceptance and now have a brand new Merch by Amazon account?

Now what?

That part is REALLY easy.

You should sell what the market WANTS to buy!

Start by going to and typing in a random phrase into the search box and click on search.

Find a few t-shirts that look interesting and open them up.

Look at the bullet points and brands that the seller used.

Is it a good customer experience?

Now, scroll down to the product details section of the product:

merch by amazon bsr

Look at the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

This little number right there in clothing is going to tell you how the product is selling.

A best sellers rank around 100,000 means that it is selling AROUND 1 sale every single day.

This sales rank number will fluctuate based on how well the shirt is selling, and how well everything else in the category is selling.

A sales rank of #1 would be the best selling shirt in the category compared to all the other products in that same category.

In this case, a sales rank of 500,000 is about 1 sale a week.

Not bad!

Start going through keywords on Amazon to find out what customers are buying.

You want to find niches that have low sales ranks that you can then enter in that niche with UNIQUE designs.

This can take a LOT of time and a LOT of work.

Fortunately, there is an easier way than going shirt by shirt and scrolling down to the product description for each and every item you find.

The Software is called Merch Informer, most serious Merch sellers know about it.

This software has a 3 day free trial and can essentially show you the best selling designs and niches on Amazon with a single click of a button.

It also has an entire range of tools (including a designer which we will get to in a minute) that will help you build and grow your Merch by Amazon business.

Let’s go over how it works.

Instead of searching Amazon for hours to figure out what customers are buying, log in to Merch Informer and go to the Merch Hunter in the left hand menu:

merch informer menu

Once you are in the Merch Hunter, there are a lot of different options that you can pick from.

I like to keep the options what they are and simply click on the search button:

merch informer product search

Once you do this, the software will automatically show you the best selling designs on any particular day so that you find where customers are ACTUALLY spending their money!

merch by amazon t shirt tool

As you can see, the first result has a sales rank of under 8k, which means it is selling a LOT of units every single day and making the creator of the product a lot of passive income.

Getting to this sort of level is going to take work, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Anyway, go through the results and find a bunch of niches that you like and can create different and unique designs.

You can do this by adding these to your favorites, but what you are really looking for is designs which you think you can create a unique spin to.

Remember, if you cannot create a different design, there is no need to go into that niche.

Customers do not want 100 rip offs of the same product and this can also get your business in trouble.


Creating Your Designs To Upload

Alright, so now that you have some niches where you know customers are buying, it is time to create your own unique designs to upload for sale on Amazon.

To do this, you can either use any graphic design product that you might already have (such as photoshop or illustrator), OR you can use the designer that Merch Informer includes in their software.

I prefer the Merch Informer designer because it is web based, easy to use, and exports the designs in the right dimensions without having to change anything.

get started on merch by amazon

Open up the design program, and start adding different fonts and text so you can create something that you think customers would like.

One of the ways that you can come up with unique phrases in a niche is search on pinterest for the niche you found, and then run ideas that you find there through Amazon.

If nothing shows up, you know it will be unique on the Amazon marketplace!

Create a few text based designs (no need to be a graphic artist here!), and then download them to your computer.


Uploading Your Designs

Now that you have some designs, log in to Merch by Amazon and click on the “Add Products” button:

selling t shirts on amazon

Select the products that you want to upload to:

merch by amazon 2020

I always select all of them, because this gives you an even greater chance of making a sale!

Finally, click on the actual shirt outlines to upload the designs that you downloaded to your computer:

uploading a tshirt to amazon

Once those are uploaded, you are almost done.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will see two tabs: English and German.

Fill both of these out for:

  • Brand
  • Title
  • Product Features
  • Product Description

uploading t shirt merch by amazon

The brand can be whatever you want it to be!

The title should be describing the DESIGN that you created.

If you created a design that says “Happy 100th Day of Kindergarten”, then that should be what you put in the title box.

Do not add “t-shirt” or anything like that as Amazon will automatically add this for you.

For the product features, you have 2 boxes for these.

Take these spots to tell people why they should by your design.

SELL the customer here, because they will be reading these sentences after all.

For the product description, you can just copy and paste your product features there.

Once you have those filled out, click on the review button!

Your products should go live on Amazon within 30 minutes to an hour and be for sale for the millions of customers that are already shopping there!

If you are interested in using Merch Informer you can find a complete review of the software here.

By using the link above you can also claim your exclusive discount code (Spoiler alert: It’s a lifelong discount code)


Wrap Up – No Excuses You Now Know How To Get Started

Merch By Amazon is one of the many ways you can make money on the platform.

The above outlines how you can get started and get your first products online and for sale today!

The more you go through these steps, the better you will become at it.

In order to reach a nice sales figure each day, you will want to upload each and every day.

This means you will want to focus the majority of your time on RESEARCH.

If you just create designs for the sake of creating designs, no one will ever purchase your products, because there is not demand for them.

Find the demand, be unique, and upload every day.

Before you know it, you will be pulling in money every single month without ever having the headache that traditional ecommerce brings!

So there you go that’s how to start merch by amazon in 2020…

Also if you are interested in Free Merch By Amazon training, you’ll love the video below.

Good luck out there!

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