Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

You may have heard all about the click funnel millionaires, but for the newbie, is clickfunnels worth it?

Well I’ve written this article to answer exactly this question, I’m also going to share a little more information about the software and why people are going so crazy for it.

My name is Nick and I have been in the digital marketing space for a few years now, my first online business failed BIG TIME but it taught me a few valuable lessons about building businesses online.

Times Are Changing

Things are changing, over the last few years selling products or services online has become much more popular, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Gone are the days where you were able to set up a new flat website, put up a few products, sit back and watch the sales come flooding in.

People have to know about your products and services, you need a budget and a strategy to get your name out there.

Nowadays, more and more people are competing for advertising space, Facebook ads, Google ads and so on.

Everybody has something to sell, the more competition, the higher the cost of the ads.

So where does click funnels come into this?

Well if you have to spend more money acquiring the customer in the first place, you are going to have to convince that customer to buy more of your products or services and this is what clickfunnels does best.

Imagine this, instead of sending your customer to a flat website you are going to send your customer through a funnel offering different products with different money saving incentives.

The stats don’t lie, some customers want to spend more in your store.

They just don’t have the option placed in front on them.

It works well with related products, let’s say you are selling a supplement to help with aching joints.

You run your ad, the customer arrives on the sales page and makes a purchase, simple stuff.

But what if your customer arrived on the sales page, clicked add to basket, and was then taking to an “upsell page”.

Here they could buy five additional bottles of supplements which would allow them to save 30% on the entire order…

This could be a years worth of supply!

A percentage of your visitors will say yes, you could then take them onto a second upsell page where they can purchase aching joint cream, again some people will want to purchase.

Before you know it you’ve sold six bottles of supplement along with a bottle of cream.

And this is how a click funnel works.

You’ve spent the same amount on the advert, but instead you’ve sold seven times the amount of product, do you see how this could be an insanely profitable move for you and your business?

Let’s say you have 1000 people make a purchase from your flat website, they each buy a bottle of your supplement for $10, you’ve made $10,000, well done!

But what if 30% of these people spent $100 by purchasing the upsells.

Those same 1000 people could have made you $37,000 instead, and you would of spent the same amount on advertising? Is clickfunnels worth it?

Well, what do you think?

For all you visual learners , here’s a video to explain the above method in a little more detail.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

is clickfunnels worth it

In short, clickfunnels is piece of software that allows you to build landing pages, otherwise known as an online sales funnel (or a click funnel).

A sales funnel is basically a series of webpages your visitor goes through on their way to the checkout.

The clickfunnels software allows you to build out and control these sales funnels with ease, it’s so easy the founder (Russell Brunson) has taught his children to create their own sales funnels for fun at the weekends.

It’s a simple drag and drop platform, it can help you drive your visitor to almost any goal.

You may sell online courses, or real estate services, whatever it is there is a good chance clickfunnels can dramatically increase your companies success.

Clickfunnels has been up and running for over three years (at the time of this review), it was created to solve a problem.

The founder of clickfunnels started out selling potato gun making kits out of his basement, with the help of clickfunnels he managed to surpass $1,000,000 after 12 months, pretty impressive eh?

Clickfunnels Founder

Clickfunnels was created by the marketing genius that is Russell Brunson, he decided that selling products and services was far too difficult, so he decided to build a solution to make it a lot easier.

It was fairly obvious that he’d created something special, i mean no normal person sells that many potato gun making kits.

The software was such a success he decided to offer it out to other people, it caught on pretty quickly and I’m sure you can see why.

Who is Russell Brunson?

click funnel founder

Russell has a cult like following of over a million entrepreneurs, he is a best selling author and a co-founder of a company called clickfunnels.

Click funnels has created hundreds of millionaires, and some multi millionaires, there is an exclusive club for clickfunnel users that have passed the $1,000,000 mark in sales.

It’s called the two comma club, I’ll explain this in more detail later.

Russell Brunson was born on the 8th of March 1980, at the time of writing he is 38 years old.

He has five children with his wife Collette, his net worth is estimated at 37 million dollars, I think it’s fair to say he is a digital marketing guru of the highest order.

Clickfunnels is a little unusual, well in the tech space anyway!

They are known for their refusal to fund any part of their business with venture capital, and it doesn’t look like he’s doing too badly.

I like people that do it their own way, I respect that!

From the age of 12, Russell had a rather strange obsession, he loved to collect junk mail he was fascinated by the art of direct response marketing and look where it has got him today.

Russell was a state champion wrestler in high school, he credits the sport for teaching him valuable lessons in hard work, competition and what it takes to win.

Russell is also a best-selling author, I’ve read both of his books and I can honestly say one of them changed my life.

Russell Brunson Books

My personal favorite is Dotcom secrets, it changed the way i run my own online businesses, I even took the time to write up a review, it had that much of an effect on me!

Experts secrets is another useful book, a lot of people in the internet marketing space speak highly of both of these books.

If your interested in marketing I’d recommend having a look!

If you are interested in reading them you can get a free copy by clicking either of the links highlighted in this paragraph.

He has also written; 108 Proven Split test Winners and the Funnelhacker cookbook, if you use clickfunnels you’ll find these books incredibly useful.

He also has a pretty famous podcast called “Marketing Secrets”, again its full of value.

This is exactly why Russell Brunson is as successful as he is, he provides real value for free, if you read any of his books or listen to his podcasts you’ll see what I mean.

I’d recommend reading his books and learning as much as possible before you jump into buying the clickfunnels software, you need to understand how you are going to use the software before you make the purchase.

What Does Clickfunnels Cost?

I’ve written a full article on clickfunnels pricing, but for the time being here are the basics.

Pricing starts from $97 per month, you are limited to three custom domains and you can build up to 20 funnels.

If you want the entire etison suite you will need to pay $297 per month, sure it’s a lot of money but if you were to ask the two comma club, they’d probably tell you it was worth it.

If you do opt for the full $297 per month package you should have your funnel strategy mapped out and ready to implement.

I’d also recommend going for the free trial this way you get 14 days free of charge.

For $297 a month you have access to unlimited funnels, pages and domains along with access to Actionetics and Backpack, just in case you don’t know ill explain what these are.

Actionetics in simple terms is a marketing automation platform.

If you build a sales funnel, you are then able to set up and send automated emails based on actions your visitor has taken.

For example, if a visitor has left a webinar on a particular sales page, you might want to automatically send them an email to offer them one final offer.

You can’t purchase Actionetics on it’s own, and the same goes for Backpack these features are only available within the full etison suite.

So what about Backpack, well in short this is an affiliate marketing, management platform.

I’ll explain how affiliate marketing works for those of you that aren’t 100% sure.

A lot of businesses use affiliate marketers to drive sales to their products and services.

Let’s say you are selling an online course to teach people how to build websites, the course may retail at $500, you may offer the affiliate 50% of this if they convince somebody to make a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is powerful, if you are working with a few affiliate marketers it can become difficult to manage, and this is where backpack comes in.

You might be thinking Is clickfunnels worth it? Should I opt for the $97 package or go the whole hog?

I’d recommend taking your time and coming up with a strategy before you make a choice, reading my full review of the platform may also be useful.

One thing I would say is that clickfunnels obviously works.

I don’t know many other companies that have hundreds of members in an elite club solely because they have made over $1,000,000 using their platform.

What Is The Two Comma Club?

how does clickfunnels work

There are a lot of people using clickfunnels right now that are making millions and millions of dollars.

Entry to Russell’s club is pretty simple, if you have a funnel that passes $1,000,000 in sales, you are in.

Members of the two comma club receive a cool looking, golden plaque.

Within the first two years they had over 50 two comma club members, that number has continued to grow at a rapid rate.

These members are just like you and I, they researched their market, mapped out their value ladder and got to work.

Becoming a two comma club member can be a goal for anyone, what makes any of these people different to you and i?

I’ll tell you what, they made a plan and took action.

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

I would say yes, clickfunnels is worth it! If you learn how to use it properly it can transform your business.

Clickfunnels want you to learn how to use it properly, they teach their users how to get the most out of it at every possible opportunity.

They hold regular events and webinars to help you make use of the features they offer, i mean why wouldn’t they want you to be successful, clickfunnels was designed to make selling easier.

There is a reason hundreds of people have reached $1,000,000 + in sales with just one funnel.

As Russell says “You are just one funnel away”, and I get it!

There are even a few members of the 3 comma club, yes that’s right there are clickfunnels users that have surpassed $10,000,000 in sales, with just one funnel.

I agree $297 a month is a lot of money, some would say it’s expensive!

I’d agree, but I think “expensive” is the wrong word as that implies that it isn’t good value.

I think Clickfunnels provides huge value, and I think the members of the 2 and 3 comma club would agree.

It’s worth reading dot com secrets, it helps you understand the theory behind the magic.

First read and understand how it can be done, then map out your funnel strategy.

I’m a big believer in setting goals, one day I would like to become a member of the two comma club, I’m determined to do it.

Is that really such a crazy goal? Could you too one day be a member of the two comma club?

That’s enough from me, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time my friends,


eBusiness Boss

4 thoughts on “Is Clickfunnels Worth It?”

  1. Great read nick I have clickfunnels and I totally love it and I think it’s worth it’s price get both is books and they awesome read

    • Hey Anthony,

      Glad you enjoyed it! It is superb isn’t it. I’m going to work on creating more and more funnels this year!

      The books are brilliant aren’t they! If you enjoyed those, i’m sure you’ll like another of my recommendations (see below)

      Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk (The guy is a genius)

      Thanks for the comment,



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