JumpSend Is Now Jungle Scout Launch – Is This Good Or Bad?

In case you didn’t know, JumpSend has officially moved over to the Jungle Scout platform.

These two apps have always been a part of the same company, but recently, they decided to combine the apps to provide Amazon sellers with an elevated experience.

All of the JumpSend features have been added to the Jungle Scout seller plans, so you won’t be losing any functionality.

For those who are already JumpSend users, your account has been automatically moved over to Jungle Scout, this includes any data, promotions, and campaigns.


JumpSend Review

For those who are new to the JumpSend app, this is what you need to know.

How Does JumpSend Work?

The original JumpSend site is still live because shoppers are still using it as is. It’s only sellers that are now using the app via the Jungle Scout platform.

JumpSend’s primary function is to help Amazon sellers increase sales and generate more genuine reviews – a task that can be quite difficult during the beginning stages of an online business.

JumpSend currently has over 100,000 shoppers in the USA and UK, who are looking for good deals on specific products.

JumpSend Review_eBusiness Boss

As a seller, you have the opportunity to promote your product and sell it to new customers at a discount.

Once an order is placed, you can either get in touch with a buyer yourself to ask for a review or rely on JumpSend’s automatic responder.

When it comes to reviews, you need to be careful… Amazon are always on the look out for sellers that are trying to manipulate their review status.

I have a rule, if a customer has had anything more than a 20% discount, i won’t follow up with them for a review.

As a new seller it would be wise to build up some real organic sales, before you run a promotion like this.

When it comes to reviews, we have a slightly different strategy.

If you want more people to be aware of your products, you need to rank well on Amazon’s search results page. Jumpsend can help you achieve your page 1 goals, but you shouldn’t rely on this entirely.

You could always take the route of selling your product at a lower price until you can generate enough positive reviews. However, this could end up hurting your bottom line to the point where you will be forced to close up shop.

I’d encourage you to use a couple of different strategies along side each other, use social media to drive external traffic and sales to your Amazon listing, google ads can be a brilliant way to do this.

Anyway, back to Jumpsend…

As a user, you are able to offer discounts to specific customers to increase your sales and in turn possibly your reviews. The discount codes are generated by Amazon and sent to you through the JumpSend app.

If a JumpSend shopper likes your product, they would request the discount code, which they can then use to make a purchase at a discounted rate.

If you decide to follow up with people asking them to leave a review just be aware of the points i raised earlier.


Why Use JumpSend?

So, why should you consider using JumpSend, aka Jungle Scout, as an Amazon seller?

  • Access to an established database of shoppers. Shoppers who know about JumpSend use it on a regular basis and they know how to use the discount codes they receive. Sending these JumpSend-specific codes to users that don’t know about the platform can be confusing to them. And when they don’t get the discount they were expecting, it could lead to a negative review.
  • Automatically deactivate coupons. As a JumpSend user, your inventory is never at risk. Once you launch a discount code for a product, any codes that aren’t used by shoppers are automatically deactivated.
  • Benefit from renowned customer service. If there is one thing that sellers have a lot to say about, it’s JumpSend’s customer service. As a user, you can expect the very best in assistance and feedback.
  • Generate more sales. If you had to run a Facebook or Amazon ad campaign, there’s no guarantee of sales. Investing in Jungle Scout’s Launch plan, which includes JumpSend, is a more worthwhile investment because shoppers are actively looking for deals. One word of warning, if you are a brand new seller i’d ensure you have some product sales before you turn to this service.

This is what the jumpsend view looks like for customers looking for deals…

JumpSend Functionality_eBusiness Boss

One of the few downsides of JumpSend and Jungle Scout is that if you leave the platform, you won’t be able to take any of the data with you. Basically, there will be no way to follow up with buyers outside of the Jungle Scout platform.

However, if JumpSend is working for you, there’s no reason to move to another tool anyway. Plus, once your product and brand are established, more customers will come to you.

I’d actually recommend working on a few different marketing strategies, social media should be an important part of your brand strategy.


Why Did JumpSend Change To Jungle Scout?

Since May 2019, JumpSend and Jungle Scout have been operating as one app. The JumpSend brand no longer exists as a platform for sellers, but it’s still accessible to shoppers.

Jumpsend and Jungle scout have always been part of the same company, for operational reasons they have decided to move under the one Jungle scout brand.

Any new Amazon sellers that want to start using JumpSend, would need to sign up for a Jungle Scout plan.

Launch is the name of the plan you need to sign up for to take advantage of the JumpSend features, you also get the added bonus of having access to some of Jungle Scout’s features too.

JumpSend and Jungle Scout_eBusiness Boss

Here’s what you can expect if you choose to sign up.

Increase Sales

As a Jungle Scout user, you will still be able to promote your products and offer discounts to JumpSend shoppers. The aim is still to help you increase sales and improve your rank in Amazon’s search results, this for me is probably the key benefit.

Encourage Positive Customer Reviews

One of JumpSend’s primary objectives was to help Amazon sellers generate more positive reviews. Once a customer uses one of your discount codes, they automatically receive an email, which asks them to leave a review. Again a word of warning, i’d avoid following up with customers that have had more than a 20% discount on the product.

Customize Promotions

Now that JumpSend has been moved into Jungle Scout, email campaigns can be customized at a marketplace level. For example, if you’re selling in both the UK and US, you can create different promotions for each marketplace.

You can even change up the language and create content that’s more specific to each region too. The more a customer feels like you’re speaking directly to them and are meeting their needs, the higher the chance of a positive customer experience.

Activate and Deactivate Products

Each product and all of the associated promotions and emails campaigns will continue running until they’re deactivated.

Access for More Than One User

There’s no longer any need to manage your JumpSend account on your own. Now that the app is part of Jungle Scout, you can add a sub-user to your account, this makes it easier to bring your Virtual assistant into the operation. You still maintain full control over your account of course, if you have any issues with Sub-users you can simply remove them from your Jungle Scout user profile.

Fewer Promotion Limitations

Prior to their move to Jungle Scout, JumpSend set a limit on the number of campaigns and promotions you could run for each product.

Today, the limit is based on how many orders you process within a month.  As a Jungle Scout user, you’ll also have access to all promotional features for every one of your listed products.


What About the Cost?

If you’re already a JumpSend user, you won’t incur any additional costs now that you’ve been moved over to Jungle Scout. What’s more, you will also have access to the additional features that the Launch plan offers.

It’s only once your JumpSend plan ends that you will be moved to a Launch plan and incur the cost thereof.

If you’re already a Jungle Scout user and want to take advantage of the Launch features, you simply need to upgrade the plan. If you’re an existing JumpSend and Jungle Scout user, you won’t be charged an additional fee for your Jungle Scout account.

Once your existing Jungle Scout plan ends, you will be moved to the seller plan, which includes JumpSend and you’ll be billed accordingly.

If you are new to the platform you can take advantage of a discount code that i have secured for our readers, simply click the link below.

JumpSend / Jungle Scout Discount Code


JumpSend: Is It a Worthwhile Tool?

So, should you sign up for a Launch plan or move over to a seller account on Jungle Scout to take advantage of the JumpSend features…

JumpSend is a great tool for promoting new and existing products.

The beauty of the brand moving over to Jungle Scout is that you can now take advantage of a lot more tools, tools that can be very useful to any Amazon seller.

In the video below i talk about how you can use one of their tools, to find out which suppliers your competitors are using…

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the Jungle Scout platform and take advantage of a discount code, read my full review here.

If you decide to sign up please be aware that I will receive a commission if you use my link.

Overall, i would say that JumpSend is a worthwhile tool, you just need to be using it in the right way.

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