Jungle Scout vs Merchant Words: Which Tool to Invest In

There are several great tools to choose from, and although I’ve reviewed a handful already, today, it’s all about Jungle Scout vs Merchant Words.

By the end of this review, you will have a better idea of the features of each platform and know which tool is a better fit for your Amazon business.

If you are in a rush, let me help you out. Below you’ll find a comparison table to show you the main differences between these two seller tools.

Jungle Scout
One Of The Best All Round Tools
Customer Service
Ease of Use
Merchant Words
Large Database Of Shopper Search Tools
Customer Service
Ease of Use

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Anyway, let’s dive into the comparison review.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive toolset that’s designed to make your Amazon business more profitable. Along with accessing Amazon’s entire catalog, you can also determine the best products to sell, access sales analytics, manage your inventory, and discover new keyword opportunities.

I have also found Jungle Scout’s customer support to be some of the best I’ve come across to date. If at any point you need assistance, you can either get in touch or browse their extensive knowledge base.

Jungle Scout might be newer than Merchant Words, but it’s already a more established name amongst top Amazon Sellers.

Jungle Scout

Source: Jungle Scout

What is Merchant Words?

Merchant Words was started in 2012 by George Lawrence and is another fan favorite among Amazon sellers. Whether you want to find new product opportunities, monitor the competition, or source new keywords, Merchant Words has you covered.

The Merchant Words platform supports 11 Amazon marketplaces, and their stats are based on six years’ worth of Amazon keyword data.

To date, hundreds of thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs have signed up for their toolset, which has all the basics you need to excel online.

Merchant Words

Source: Merchant Words

Jungle Scout vs Merchant Words: The Differences

To give you an idea of what you can and can’t do with Jungle Scout vs Merchant Words, let’s look at some of the differences.

Product Database

Jungle Scout’s product database consists of well over 70 million products, making this one of the best resources for product research. Users can filter products according to the category, sales, reviews, ratings, and more.

You can even track specific products and calculate any fees you should be aware of should you choose to sell that product.

Merchant Words, on the other hand, does not have a product database. However, you can use their keyword collection tool to source product opportunities.

If you are looking for a tool with another large product database you could check out Helium 1o, they have a huge database called Blackbox this is another tool we use A LOT.

Supplier Database

Then there’s the supplier database. As a Jungle Scout user, you can easily source reputable suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world.

The database even includes helpful information such as buyer volumes and confirmed shipments. This is incredibly useful if you want to build a private label brand and fast-track the supplier relations side of things.

In the video below, I’ve put together an over-the-shoulder video tutorial to show you how to use this part of the software.

Merchant Words does not give users access to a supplier database.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Source: Jungle Scout

Product Launch

If you ever need help launching your products, Jungle Scout can assist. To help sellers with this process Jungle scout acquired a company called Jump send a few years back.

I have never used this service of theirs, so it’s difficult to comment on the strengths. Some other sellers I know have used it and found some success with launches.

In comparison, Merchant Words doesn’t offer much in terms of assisting sellers with product launches.

If you are looking for a comparable launch tool you could look into Viral Launch. We’ve used their software suite a fair bit over the years, and when it comes to launching they offer more than one service.

Inventory Management

As an Amazon seller, I always find it easier to manage as much as I can from one platform. Jungle Scout’s inventory management functionality ensures you know when to order more stock and how much you’ll need.

This is one of the best tools for reducing storage costs and avoiding stock shortages.

Merchant Words does not have inventory management capabilities.

Jungle Scout Inventory Management

Source: Jungle Scout

Sales Analytics

Another feature that Jungle Scout has that Merchant Words doesn’t is sales analytics.

This data-driven tool makes it that much easier to manage your Amazon finances. Along with monitoring sales, you can also generate profit and loss statements.

You can even find out whether your PPC campaigns generate the return on investment you were hoping for.

Chrome Extension

It seems that a Chrome extension has become the norm for many top Amazon tools. But in this case, Merchant Words hasn’t come to the party.

With the Jungle Scout extension, you can use their opportunity discovery, keyword finder, and product tracker features.

Jungle Scout vs Merchant Words: The Similarities

Next, let’s move onto how these two tools are similar.

Product Performance Monitoring

If you want to track how well a particular product is performing, both Jungle Scout and Merchant Words have this option.

With Merchant Words, you simply type in a keyword to see which product listings are showing up for it. You can also access product prices, reviews, and rating data.

Along with finding profitable products to sell, this feature makes it easier to keep an eye on the competition.

Product Performance Monitoring

Source: Merchant Words

Jungle Scout also allows you to monitor products based on sales, price, best seller rank, and more. All you need is the product’s ASIN to gain access to real-time and historical product data.

Jungle Scout’s product performance data is far more in-depth than Merchant Words. It also gives you data across all Amazon marketplaces, while Merchant Words is limited to the U.S. and UK.

Merchant Words

Source: Jungle Scout

Opportunity Discovery

Amazon sellers can use both Jungle Scout and Merchant Words to discover new product opportunities.

If you are using Merchant Words, you can use a keyword or ASIN to find out more about what Amazon customers are searching for. Along with the search term rank, Merchant Words will also display search volumes for related keywords. The search volume data offers more insight into how profitable a particular niche is.

The Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder tool uses search volume data and related keywords to point out product opportunities.

You will also see average monthly pricing and sales data for products.

I like the Opportunity Finder because you can view a niche’s performance over time with the help of graphs.

Keyword Research

I found that both Merchant Words and Jungle Scout have excellent keyword research capabilities. Search for the highest converting keywords that you can then use to optimize your listings and your PPC campaigns.

Both tools will also provide you with a list of related and competitor keywords, which will further enhance your optimization efforts and your profits.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Product Listing Builder

Both Merchant Words and Jungle Scout have features that make it easier to build SEO-friendly product listings. Optimized listings attract the right customers, which has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Both Platforms will put you in touch with SEO experts who can improve your listing performance, increase revenue levels, and grow your Amazon business. You can even get your listings translated if need be, which will add further appeal to different geographics of consumers.

The only difference between the two platforms is that Jungle Scout also offers listing monitoring services, which is useful when you don’t have time to do this yourself.

Who Should Get Jungle Scout (and Why)?

Jungle Scout is an excellent tool for full-time sellers who value ease of use and data accuracy.

The robust product database, detailed data, and additional tools make this a valuable toolset. What’s more, Jungle Scout is more affordable than Merchant Words, making it better value for money.

Serious sellers who want to do more than just search for keyword and product opportunities would benefit from using Jungle Scout.

Who Should Get Merchant Words (and Why)?

If you don’t need more than the basics, Merchant Words is the ideal tool for you. The platform is easy to use, and it gives you access to useful product, competitor, and keyword data that will help boost your business.

Both full and part-time sellers would benefit from signing up with Merchant Words. Plus, their customer support is great, making this a top choice for first-time Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout vs Merchant Words – Which is Better?

So, based on this information, is Jungle Scout the best tool for your Amazon business?

It all depends on your business objectives as well as how much you need from a tool.

Both tools have good reviews in general, but their offerings are slightly different. In my opinion, if you are a serious seller, Jungle Scout offers more for less per month, so it makes more sense.

If you’d like to make a saving on Jungle scout, you can use this link: Jungle Scout Saving – But please be aware if you do, we will make a commission! It’s how we keep the blog running.

If you think you would benefit from inventory and financial management capabilities and a Chrome Extension, Jungle Scout is the better choice.

If you would like to compare a few more options, I have also reviewed Merchant Words vs Helium 10 and Jungle Scout vs AMZScout.

Yes, it’s taken a long time but we feel like you can benefit from us using as much software as possible.

More useful content is coming soon!

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