Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch (My Unbiased Comparison Review)

Today we’ve got a fight on our hands, it’s jungle scout vs viral launch…

This is definitely a battle of two Amazon product research heavyweights.

If you want to succeed when selling on Amazon you’ll have to perfect the art of product research.

I’m a big fan of data-driven decisions….

Now I’m not saying that you have to use software when it comes to finding products to sell but in my experience, it definitely helps!

nick ebusiness boss

My name is Nick (That’s me above) and I have been a full-time Amazon seller for just over two and a half years.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned the importance of using every advantage available to you…

There is no doubt about it, technology saves time and makes me more efficient.

But with so many different software options out there it can be difficult to know where you should be investing your time and money.

Viral launch and jungle scout are two hugely popular tools when it comes to product research…

It’s fair to say that Viral Launch is one of the better-known jungle scout competitors, i think you are going to enjoy this article.

Today I’m going to be comparing these two heavyweights so hopefully, you can decide if they could be a good fit for you and your amazon business. I’ve included a comparison table based on my own research below.

Jungle Scout
One Of The Best All Round Tools
Customer Service
Ease of Use
Viral Launch
Powerful Product Research Analysis Tools
Customer Service
Ease of Use

If you are just here for the discounts, I salute you, you savvy shopper. I’ve managed to secure exclusive discounts for both Viral launch and Jungle scout, I’ll leave them below.

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Anyway, enough about ridiculous deals and saving money, let’s get started.

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Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch

As individuals, we will all like and dislike certain things…

What I might like… you might not so keep this in mind when reading through this article.

Firstly, we are going to take a look at jungle scout.

For a full breakdown of all of their tools, you can read my main review article.

I have used Jungle scout quite a bit over the years, I actually found my very first product using their software.

At one point I really felt like their features and functionality had fallen behind to the like of helium 10!

But over the last year, they have introduced some pretty cool tools.

Jungle scout and viral launch were both founded back in 2014…

Now in my opinion Jungle scout’s marketing department has done a much better job, I mean look at the comparison between monthly searches on google.

According to Neil Patel’s keyword tool in the last month, Jungle Scout has had 40,500 searches…

jungle scout traffic

This is a good indication of the software’s popularity…

Let’s look at viral launch for comparison.

viral launch traffic

As you can see according to the monthly search data Jungle scout is much more popular…

Credit to jungle scouts marketing department!

Now, this doesn’t mean that jungle scout is better, it just means more people know about it.

In order for us to work out which bit of software is best for you we need to look at what they both offer and compare it to the price.

When it comes to pricing, I’m often asked the following questions:

  • How much is jungle scout?
  • Is jungle scout free?
  • How much is viral launch?
  • Is viral launch free?

First things first, neither of these heavyweights are free…

When it comes to jungle scout they don’t actually offer a free trial either.

They do however offer a 14-day refund policy..

If you use the software and you aren’t satisfied you can get your money back within 14 days.

Viral launch isn’t free either…

BUT they do offer a free trial – I’m a big fan of these so well done viral launch.

We all like to try before we buy!

If you want to read more about the Viral Launch tools you can read my full review, I cover everything.

For this article, I’m going to stick to the topics I think you’ll be most interested in.

Right, first things first let’s look at Jungle scouts’ pricing.


The Cost Of Jungle Scout

With Jungle scout, you have two product options, the chrome extension or the web app…

The cheapest plan will only get you access to the Chrome extension the mid-range plan will get you access to pretty much everything you need.

Let’s look at the Jungle scout pricing model.

jungle scout pricing table

Whatever you do, don’t pay the full price!!!

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Anyway, let’s look at the features jungle scout has to offer.

We will start with the chrome extension.


Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

To use the chrome extension you will of course need to make sure you have a “Chrome” browser, make sure you set this up first.

Once you’ve installed the JS Chrome extension you’ll be able to manually trawl amazon and analyze important data with a few clicks…

Let’s say we want to explore the option of selling “Foam Rollers”…

Search for the product on Amazon, click the JS button and you’ll be shown the data…

jungle scout review

This is a big-time saver.

Yes, if you have the time you can find this data manually but it’s going to take up A LOT of time and you can leave yourself open to mistakes.

As you can see you don’t have to look at one listing at a time, you can compare all of the competitors at once, this is the only real way to get a feel for any particular niche.

jungle scout opportunity score

Jungle scout even give you a opportunity score, i don’t always follow their advice but it’s useful to have all the same.

Ok, that’s that… Let’s look at the web app.


Jungle Scout Web App

The web app has a whole host of different features…

I’m not going to dive into too much detail here I just want to cover the basics.

One tool I do love is the Jungle Scout niche hunter, I’m not going to go into detail on that today but if you haven’t heard of it check it out.

jungle scout features

Let’s start with the product database…


Jungle Scout Product Database

When it comes to the web app this is probably where you’ll spend most of your time.

It’s similar to Helium 10’s blackbox tool (As you may know I’m a big fan of theirs)

Jungle scouts’ product database is actually pretty good.

You can access over 70 million products, taken straight from the Amazon catalog…

It’s simple to use, you select your category, apply your filters, and off you go.

Your results will largely depend on the filters you set, I like to find overperforming products I can improve on by setting particular filters.

By setting the max review rating to under 3.5 stars and the monthly revenue to over $5,000 you can find some pretty interesting results.

Jungle scout encourages you to think outside of the box with this tool, you don’t want to be looking at the same results as everyone else after all!

jungle scout product database

When looking for potential products i like to follow the Greg Mercer 10 unit per day rule…

Look for products that are going to sell more than 10 units a day, over the course of a month that’s 300 units.

If you are only just starting out you’ll want to go up against competitors that don’t have too many reviews.

To start with you should look for products with 75 reviews or less, this should make life slightly easier for yourself.

One thing I’d like to mention about the product database is a particular glitch you should be aware of…

Sometimes when you ask jungle scout to show products with 50 or less reviews it can return a pretty strange result.

Some products may have 0 reviews but with a star rating… this of course doesn’t add up.

Before you dive into a product idea make sure you click onto Amazon and look at the listing itself, that way you can make sure the data is correct.


Jungle Scout Product Tracker

This tool is pretty useful too – It’s included with all of the jungle scout web app plans currently.

The amount of products you’ll be able to track depends on your level of subscription, it starts with 150 products so that should be sufficient for most.

If you are considering a product, it’s good practice to track that product over a period of time…

This way you can build up confidence and make sure your sourcing strategies are based on real data.

The product tracker can also help you to stay organized.


Jungle Scout Supplier Database

This is a new tool jungle scout has introduced recently.

Neither viral launch or helium 10 offer anything like this, it’s certainly the first of its kind.

viral launch vs jungle scout

With this tool, you can find suppliers for products you are considering…

As it’s a relatively new tool I’m sure jungle scout will have some bugs to figure out but on the whole, it looks very cool.

In some cases you can use it to find your competitor’s suppliers, this could be a game-changer if used in the right way.


Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

This tool is jungles scouts equivalent to the viral launch amazon keyword research tool…

You can use this tool to find and analyze keywords, this is an essential part of building a listing that’s going to be seen.

Before you decide on a target keyword it’s useful to know how many people are using that keyword on a monthly basis…

Jungle scout can estimate this amount and I’ve found it to be pretty accurate in the past…

Of course, only Amazon could give us exact numbers but these tools seem to be fairly good.

I’ve written a case study to compare the accuracy of jungle scouts and their main competitors, you can check it out here.

Ok so we’ve covered the main tools here, the only ones lefts are “Launch”, “Academy” & “Sales Anayltics” in my opinion these are secondary tools…

I’ll cover these within full detail in my jungle scout review but let’s move onto viral launch.


Viral Launch Vs Jungle Scout

So as we saw earlier jungle scout are more popular when it comes to people searching for the software on google…

But does this really mean that their tools are better?

Viral launch have grown in popularity over the last few years and I think it’s largely down to the quality of their software/tools.

Let’s look at their pricing…


Viral Launch Pricing

There are a few different products/services to consider with viral launch…

Today we will focus on their “Web App” as these tools are comparable to the ones we have discussed with jungle scout.

Viral launch also offers product launch, listing optimization, and photo creation services…

They are almost like a mini Amazon agency as well as a SAAS company.

On the launch side of things you might also want to look at Zonblast, it’s not something we use but some sellers rave out it.

For full information on these refer to the full review article I referred to earlier in this article.

So let’s look at the software side of things…

viral launch pricing

The prices mentioned above are based around the monthly deal..

If you decide to sign up for the annual plan you can benefit from two free months!

Each plan has been designed around individual budgets and needs.

Click this link to see which plan might be best for you…

Let’s look into each of the above plans in a little more detail.

  • Beginner – If you are only just starting out this plan might be a good option for you. This plan is set at $59 a month and gives you access to product finder, market intelligence, reverse ASIN and the chrome extension tools, the uses are limited but you should have more than enough to get started.
  • Pro – At $99 per month this is best suited to brands that are looking for growth on Amazon. You’ll get all of the tools mentioned with the beginner plan as well as the Keyword research, listing creation and listing evaluation tool. The plan also allows you to track up to 2000 keywords at any one time.
  • Brand Builder – The cost here is $149 – of course you’ll get everything that you get above but your listing analyzer usage is increased to 100 and you can track up to 5000 keywords.
  • Kinetic – This plan is much more expensive at $249 / month – But this is because you are given access to their sponsored ad management tool – this is a good alternative to another bit of software we use. Your allowance with the “Competitor Intelligence” tool is also increased to 250 products.

Anyway, let’s look at the Viral Launch Features in a little more detail.


Viral Launch Chrome Extension

You get access to the chrome extension with any of the viral launch memberships, as with JS you’ll need a chrome browser!

Their chrome extension tool is also known as the market intelligence tool…

It’s similar to Jungle scouts but if I’m honest I think it looks a little bit better, but hey that’s from my personal perspective.

You can use this tool to help you find and qualify product ideas.

You can also use it to qualify potential keyword ideas.

I like using chrome extensions like this because it means I can continue to browse manually without having to log into a different dashboard.

This short video explains exactly how it works…


Anyway, let’s look at a few more of viral launch’s features.


Viral Launch Web App

They have a few different tools here, I’ll give a brief explanation of the important ones but for full information, I’d recommend reading my full review.

Viral Launch Product Discovery

In my opinion, this is the best part of their web app and this is the tool that most people start with.

This tool can be a speedy way to find a product that you can sell and dominate with on the Amazon platform.

I’d recommend using the filters with the same method i mentioned within the jungle scout section of this article…

Do you want to see exactly how I use this tool to find incredible products? (Watch the video below)

Look for the hidden product opportunities!

viral launch product discovery

This is the viral launch equivalent to jungle scouts “Product Database” tool…

With this tool, it’s easy to spot product trends, if you start selling a product at the beginning of the trend you are in for a good return long term.

Finding products at the beginning of a trend can give you a HUGE advantage over your competitors.

Let’s look at the next tool.


Viral Launch Keyword Research

We all know how important keywords are when it comes to ranking your products.

Before you build out a listing I always recommend that you take the time to select your top 10 target keywords.

Based on my experience Amazon holds more weight to the keywords that are in your title and bullet points.

As with the Jungle scout tool viral launch state that their data is plugged straight from the Amazon platform.

I don’t think this can be 100% true, I think their software will still have to interpret the data to some degree.

Amazon is fiercely protective over their data and for good reason too.

When it comes to keywords I like to look for the ones that aren’t too competitive, I’m looking for the following:

  • High Traffic Keywords
  • Strong Levels Of Relevancy
  • Low To Medium Levels Of Competition

Sometimes if a keyword is too competitive I’ll look for another way in.

I also like to see what my competitors are up to when it comes to keyword strategy.

Before we move on I do want to mention one other Keyword research tool.

Merchant words are worth a look if you are only really focusing on the keyword side of things.

Let’s move onto the listing optimization tool.


Viral Launch Listing Optimization Tool

As mentioned in the previous section your listings are incredibly important.

In my opinion, keywords are the most important element to consider.

Once you’ve created your listing you can add it to this optimization tool and they will offer you suggestions to improve your ranking/conversion potential.

Before you think about launching a product you need to make sure your listing is as strong as possible.

This is a very good tool.


Kinetic – Viral Launch PPC Optimization

viral launch amazon ppc

Currently, jungle scout don’t offer any sort of comparable tool, viral launch’s kinetic tool is very well thought of in the Amazon world.

This is a major hit in the jungle scout vs viral launch match-up…

The tool allows you to set up customized rules for your Amazon PPC campaigns.

In my opinion, these sorts of tools are the future.

By leveraging AI and machine learning the kinetic tool can allow you to reduce costs and maximize profit.

If you are only just starting out and you don’t have the budget you probably won’t need this tool.

It’s a great plus but there are other things you could be investing your time and money into.

The tool does offer a huge advantage in terms of PPC but i wouldn’t say it’s essential.

It really is like having your very own in-house Amazon PPC expert.


Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch – Who Wins?

This is a really difficult one in my opinion and I think a lot of it will be down to personal taste.

They are both amazing tools in their own way.

I love that Viral Launch continues to innovate but for me, Jungle Scout just edges it.

Product research is THE most important thing when it comes to growing an Amazon business.

I prefer the feel and look of the Jungle Scout chrome extension… it just resonates with me.

It’s a tricky one to decide and actually, I cheat because I use both.


Anyway, it’s all down to personal preference so go with the tool that feels right to you!

Whatever you do please don’t pay full price, make use of the coupons at the top of the page…

Anyway, I think I’ve gone on long enough.

Thanks for reading and do let me know if you have any questions.

More from me soon,


nick ebusiness boss

eBusiness Boss

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