Is It Possible to Merge Amazon Accounts? (Personal & Seller)

Instead of having to delete an account, is it possible to merge Amazon accounts instead?

Your Amazon account is permanently attached to your email address and contact number. Unfortunately, it is not possible to associate your account with a second set of contact details.

What you, your partner, friend, or family member can do is share an account. As for merging the accounts, this is not an option.

Sharing an account is made possible with Amazon Household.

To find out how to link an Amazon Business account, click here.

In this article, we are also going to look at the seller account side of things. Is it possible to merge amazon seller accounts? Today you’ll find out.

Merge Amazon Accounts Using Amazon Household

Amazon Household allows you to connect and share Amazon Prime benefits. You can share your account with up to two adults, four teens, and four kids per household.

Amazon Household

Adult Benefits

For two adults in a household to share Prime benefits and digital content, they need to link their accounts to Amazon Household. Agreeing to share payment methods is another requirement. Linking individual accounts to Household doesn’t cost anything extra, and the individual accounts remain in place.

Here are the benefits that adults can share:

  • Free two-day Prime shipping
  • Access to Prime Now
  • AmazonFresh
  • Prime Early Access
  • Prime-exclusive pricing
  • Amazon Family subscription discounts
  • Amazon Gift Card rewards
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Reading and First Reads
  • Amazon Photos
  • Audible Channels

Amazon Household Adult Sharing

Teen Benefits

Teen accounts are for anyone between the ages of 13 and 17. They can shop on Amazon alone, but parents need to approve orders before they are processed. Parents can also decide where the orders are shipped.

Teens with parents who are Prime members can share some of these benefits too, including Prime Shipping, Video and Twitch Prime.

To add a teen to your account, you require their contact information, credit card details, and decide how you want to receive notifications about orders. Teens then receive an email with the login details.

Kids Benefits

Parents can add children under the age of 12 to an Amazon Household account. Parents then can change and manage parental controls on Kindle FreeTime, Fire TV and Tablets, and Kindle E-Readers.

You can also personalise your child’s content selection and set time limits and educational goals. They cannot shop using their accounts, though.

What about Other Family Members?

It is also possible to share Prime benefits with other family members, including:

  • Amazon Photos. Prime members can offer up to five people free photo storage, once shared, each member receives unlimited photo storage.
  • Twitch Prime. Have gamers in the family? Prime members can give up to four people access to ad-free Twitch viewing and unique chat icons. This also includes access to free games, channel subscriptions, and in-game loot. Visit Twitch Prime to link the accounts.

Unfortunately, Prime Music and any purchased video subscriptions cannot be shared.

Right, let’s move onto the Amazon seller account side of things. Is it possible to merge Amazon seller accounts?

Merging Amazon Seller Accounts

Ok, so when it comes Amazon seller accounts, can you merge these?

There is a concise answer here, No, currently it is not possible to merge Amazon seller accounts.

I’d imagine with special permissions from Amazon it could be possible; you’d imagine that with a company merger it might have to be done.

Well, from what I’ve seen, this isn’t the case. I know of plenty of Amazon businesses that have sold. Usually, they are set up with their own Amazon seller account, or the listings have been migrated onto the new owners’ seller account.

The image below is a standard view of an Amazon seller central account, I have no affiliation with this account, but I thought it would be useful to show you an example for illustration purposes.

Amazon Seller Account

If you want to attempt to merge two Amazon accounts, I’d recommend getting Amazon permission beforehand (Seriously it’s not worth the risk).

If it’s possible, Amazon will merge the listings from one account to another primary Amazon account.

From what I can see, this is as close to merging Amazon seller accounts as you are going to get.

If you feel like you have a requirement, contact Amazon seller performance to explain your reasons for merging before attempting anything yourself.

Having Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts – Is It a Good Idea?

Amazon won’t allow you to have multiple seller accounts without legitimate business reasons. Any existing accounts also need to be in good standing.

Why should you consider having multiple seller accounts though?

The most pertinent reason would be if you had two very different brands, meaning separate brand names, customers, and contact details. Separating these brands into other accounts makes them much easier to manage.

Sellers who are breaking Amazon’s Terms of Service and want to prevent their account from being shut down also tend to open multiple seller accounts – this is not a legitimate reason to do so.

With that being said, all too often, seller accounts are shut down in error. This spells disaster if all your inventory and income are linked to one account.

It’s common for sellers to open a second seller account to mitigate risks.

In April 2020, Amazon changed its multiple Amazon account policy.

Selling Partners who have a legitimate business need can operate multiple Selling Accounts and do not require Amazon’s approval. However, Amazon recommends that you only open a second selling account if you have a legitimate business need and all of your current accounts are in good standing.

Source: ecomcrew

As this is a relatively recent change, I’d still recommend opening up a case with seller central to obtain permission and the correct action steps.

If you feel that having a second Amazon seller account is vital for your business, you can go ahead and set one up. However, be warned Amazon could ask you about your legitimate reasons at any time, so make sure you have a concrete explanation in place.

How Does Amazon Detect Multiple Accounts?

Unfortunately, I don’t work at Amazon, so I don’t know precisely how they do it. According to reports, these are some of the main ways they do it:

  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Number
  • Shared Billing or Shipping Address
  • Bank Account Details
  • Credit/Debit Card Details
  • IP Address
  • Device ID
  • Company name
  • Personal names

If you want to set up a second account but you are worried, you can open a case with Amazon by navigating to Your Account and selecting Other Account Issues.

Anyway, let’s wrap things up.

In Closing

While it is not possible to merge personal Amazon accounts, it is straightforward to create an Amazon Household account.

As for seller accounts, merging isn’t possible, well not without Amazons help anyway.

Hopefully, you found this article useful, if you’ve got any questions, ask away in the comments section.

As a side note, if you are interested in getting set up on Amazon as a seller, I’d recommend you start by listening to some of these podcasts.

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