Productor for Merch by Amazon – Things You Should Know

Productor for Merch by Amazon is a free extension that’s designed for Merch by Amazon entrepreneurs. As a merch seller myself, I was impressed by how many features the creator packed into a free extension.

We use it almost every day within our Merch By Amazon business!

If you are thinking about incorporating it into your business, here is what you need to know.

How to Use Productor for Merch by Amazon

The core function of Productor for Merch by Amazon is research. It provides sellers with data and tools that can help them earn more, more often.

Once installed, here is how you can use the extension.

Data Management and Analysis

One of the first ways you can use Productor for Merch by Amazon is by analyzing the data it collects.

View the total number of sales, sales by location, and compare sales from previous months to determine what you should keep and stop selling.

It can also tell you which of your products have reviews and how many, which will further confirm what you should continue selling.

So you can get a taste of what it looks like, here is a screenshot of our Productor for merch by Amazon dashboard.

productor for merch by amazon dashboard

I love looking at this to see where we are at, we’ve already sold thousands of designs, and I’d say we are only just getting warmed up.

If you click on “Productor Stats,” you can also see a useful visual to show you how many products you have sold over a set amount of time; this is probably my favorite part to check.

Productor merch by amazon sold

We aren’t very far into June, and to me, this looks like we are making progress! 356 units sold last month.

Anyway, let’s move onto the other features of the tool.

Design Management

This is an excellent feature if you have a large design catalog. The Productor extension makes it easier to keep track of which shirts are about to be taken down. It even counts down the days until a specific shirt is deleted. One of the best parts of this feature is that you can relist a product with a click of a button. To avoid duplicates, you can even delete older listings before republishing.

Productor for Merch by Amazon Relist Products

Source: YouTube

Auto-Publish Changes

Need to make the same change across multiple product listings? Productor for Merch by Amazon makes this possible. Prefill the changes you want to make using the extension and select the Autopilot function to apply the change to a series of designs.

Keyword Research

As with any Amazon business, keyword research is critical. When you use the right keywords at the right time, you increase the chances of your products appearing as a top search result. The Productor extension will help you analyze how your keywords are ranking and which keywords you should be using for optimization purposes.

Productor for Merch by Amazon Keyword Research

Source: YouTube

T-Shirt Research

If you search for design ideas and haven’t installed productor for Merch by Amazon, you are doing it wrong.

The chrome extension also gives you an overview of each Amazon page you land on; I use this to analyze and make decisions on key data quickly; this is what it looks like.

merch by amazon productor

It would take you a long time to pull together and analyze this data manually, and why would you if you can use something like this for free?

Sort and Export

If you ever want to download all of your Merch by Amazon account data, the Productor extension can do that.

What I love is that you can get specific about the data you want to download—filter by product type, title, price, review, rank, category, and more.

As a bonus, you also have the option to download your entire design catalog, which can be a true lifesaver.

I think I’ve covered enough about the tool and why you might find it useful; I want to finish by Answering a couple of questions that I think can help you find success with Merch by Amazon.

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Is Merch by Amazon Profitable?

It is possible to make a profit on Merch by Amazon. However, you would need to commit to being in it for the long haul. This is because the platform works on a tiered system, so the more you sell, the more you can list, which turns into a snowball effect. You can learn more about the tiers here.

Your royalty rate will also determine how much you can potentially earn on the platform. Royalty rates are different and can range from 13% to well over 35% – you can see the full schedule here.

Lastly, sellers should also be prepared to put time and effort into marketing products and spotting worthwhile trends to increase profits.

How to Succeed on Merch by Amazon

There are a few ways that you can increase your chances of success on Merch by Amazon.

  • Keep an eye out for trends. Make a point of keeping track of trends to generate higher profit margins. Social media is a great place to get a better idea of what people are talking about. Just be wary of any copyrights and trademarks.
  • Focus on a niche. Instead of trying to create a large number of products for many different markets, focus on one niche. Watch the below video for tips on how to find low competition niches.

  • Remove poor-selling items. When you’re just starting on Merch by Amazon, you need to quickly get rid of slow sellers, especially when you want to move up tiers quickly. Four weeks is generally enough time to decide whether a product is worth your while.
  • Market yourself. Having a following makes it much easier to sell more products. Whether you post on social media, send out mailers, or create blogs, find ways to market yourself if you want to succeed on Merch by Amazon. Keep in mind that the Merch platform also has a promotions portal that you can take advantage of.

Bottom Line

If selling your designs online appeals to you and you’re serious about turning it into a profitable business, Productor for Merch by Amazon is definitely a worthwhile extension; I mean, it’s free and will save you time, a no-brainer, in my opinion.

Just be prepared to put in the time and effort required to turn it into a profitable business.

More soon.

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