Ranking on Walmart the Easy Way (Actionable Tips)

Just like broccoli of the vegetable world, Walmart ranking strategies are often neglected.  In reality, it’s worse than that!  It’s not talked about at all!

Today I’m going to run you through everything you need to know about ranking on Walmart.

The entire eCommerce landscape is consumed with Amazon and what works for ranking on page 1.  So, touching a bit on Walmart is important, and I hope we can shed some light on what works and what doesn’t today.

Walmart Ranking in a Nutshell

So, how does Walmart’s ranking work?  Well, it’s similar to what Amazon does.  There is a secret algorithm that just a few top-level employees know about and understand well. Walmart works off of AI (artificial intelligence), just like Amazon does. 

Their algorithm is taking into account everything from your listing title to how optimized your pictures are.  If their algorithm views you as an authority, you rank higher.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It’s not.

Title Tips

Walmart has different rules than Amazon, and in many ways, it’s more strict.

One such example is title length.

On Walmart, you are capped at 75 characters.  Be straight to the point, and make sure you add the highest volume search terms to the title as it makes sense.

ranking on walmart

(Source: Walmart.com)

Don’t try to keyword stuff here; you’ll be wasting your time.

A good format is as follows: Brand, Product Name, Solutions for Problems, Style, Sizing/Pack Info.

Below are some takeaways for staying out of trouble on Walmart whilst exploiting their ranking algorithm:

  • No special characters in the title.
  • Describe your product in a unique way. Don’t simply copy other sellers.
  • Include and prioritize top keywords by the search volume. For example, if you were selling radios, include something like “portable” and “built-in speakers.”
  • Including color info in your title is optional. Only include it if it makes sense for conversions.

Shelf Descriptions for Dummies

Think of your shelf description as an elevator speech.  This is a quick overview of your product, and it should deliver a strong, quick description to the customer in seconds.

This is a great place to include high-volume search terms for ranking. But please remember, write for humans, not Walmart’s algorithm!

Here are a few key things to focus on when writing your shelf description:

  • List 5 important features of your product and be as descriptive as you can!
  • Include as many search terms as you can without sounding “stuffed.”
  • Clean up the grammar and spelling.  The algorithm will ding you if your English is poor.  Use Grammarly if needed!
  • Don’t repeat any of your product features or keywords.  Focus on clear and concise information.

Remember the above points, and you’ll have an immediate advantage over those that don’t

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Short vs. Long Descriptions

Walmart is a bit different than Amazon here.  Walmart asks sellers to input a shorter description for your product as well as a longer version.

The short description is placed above/below your “shelf description.”  This section is 1000 characters max and should include as many search terms as possible.

The long description is more of a short essay of sorts. It’s 300 words max and meant to allow you to really go into exhaustive detail about your product.

Below are some tips for both the short and long description sections for ranking faster:

Short Tips

Let’s run through the short description tips:

  • Include your brand name here!
  • Make sure the sentences flow smoothly and are laser-focused on your product features.  What makes you different?
  • Don’t repeat a description you already have on either your Amazon listing or your website.  Write up unique content here just for Walmart.
  • Don’t stuff keywords here.  Add them as needed with your natural-sounding language.
  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.  What would YOU want to read about here if you were shopping on Walmart?

Long Tips

Let’s run through the long description tips:

  • Consider wrapping in your brand’s “mission statement” here.  Include details about what makes your brand unique and why your product rocks compared to the competition.
  • Absolutely zero grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Format this nicely through the use of bullets to keep things looking clean and crisp.
  • Include any synonyms that make sense here.  The algorithm will pick this up and bump you up in the rankings for these search terms.

Ok, let’s move onto Images.

Walmart Images 101

On Amazon, pictures are everything.  Walmart is no different.  Thinking long and hard about what message you want your pictures to convey is critical!

walmart image help

(Source: Walmart.com)

Walmart customers want to see the very essence of your product.

Focus on high definition, product-focused pictures with a sprinkling of lifestyle pictures using models.

Use up every picture slot and leave nothing off the table.

There are some rules to follow, though:

  • Photos should be professional and clean-looking.  No borders, no infographics.  Keep it tight, and keep it lean!
  • Don’t break the Trust & Safety standard Walmart sets out.  In a nutshell, don’t include anything inappropriate in your pictures.
  • The background needs to be white in all pictures, unlike Amazon.
  • Showcase various product angles and consider using some lifestyle pictures with actual models showcasing your product in real life.  This will increase your conversions.

Walmart Reviews are King

Just like Amazon, reviews on Walmart are king.

If you don’t have 4.5 stars or higher, you will suffer in ranking.  The key here is to deliver what you claim on your listing and ALWAYS deliver your orders on time or ahead of time.

Delivering late is a sure-fire way to get scorched in your reviews.

Don’t be shy about asking for reviews.  Ask away and let customers tell others on Walmart how great your product is. Feel free to place a request in a product insert and be available 24/7 for customer support. Delighting your customers is how you skyrocket your review count.  There are no shortcuts.

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What Now?

By now, you should have a pretty strong understanding of how Walmart works with how they rank products.  The mechanics are a bit different than Amazon, but the big picture is the same.  High quality, optimized listing, and pictures, delivering on your promises.  Sounds simple, yet executing on this is rare to find.

There is an abundant opportunity on Walmart, so be sure to position yourself in the best light possible to capture as many sales as possible.

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