RepriceIt vs RepricerExpress (Comparison Review)

As an online seller, there are several ways to stay competitive, and pricing is one of them. Repricing tools such as RepriceIt make it much easier to use this tactic as effectively as possible.

RepriceIt is not the only available tool, a lot of sellers (including us) use RepricerExpress, it’s for this reason I’ve decided to write a comparison review.

In this article, I will be comparing RepricerIt to RepricerExpress; this should then make it easier for you to choose between the two.

Why You Need a Repricing Tool

I thought I’d start with this because it’s a question I get a lot:

Why do I need a repricing tool when I can change prices manually?

Well, It depends on how many products you are selling and how much time you have available as an online seller.

When you have hundreds or thousands of products, it’s next to impossible to keep track of competitors and alter your pricing manually.

You could probably manage it, but the changes wouldn’t be timely, which means the tactic won’t be as effective as it could be.

What’s more, when you don’t need to spend a significant amount of time on repricing, it gives you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

I recommend using a repricing tool because it reduces the risk of human error, believe me, pricing is not an area where you want to slip up.

If you get your pricing right you will increase the chances of winning the Buy Box, this, of course, is very important.

Repricing software is an additional expense, but when you have hundreds of products, the cost is well worth it.

Ok, Let’s start by looking at the features and pricing of both RepriceIt and RepricerExpress.

RepriceIt – Features and Pricing

Pricing: RepriceIt prices range from $9.95 to $79.95 per month, depending on the number of inventory items.

Trial: RepriceIt offers a free 30-day trial

RepriceIt Software

Here are some of RepriceIt’s top features:

Segmented Repricing Rules

One repricing rule is not always the best fit for all your products. RepriceIt makes it possible to create different repricing rules for each product category. For example, you almost still need different rules for high competition products versus low competition products.

What I like is that you can create repricing templates that can be used later on when you add more inventory to the mix.

Schedule Repricing Tasks

If you want your prices to change throughout the day, schedule it. RepriceIt makes it possible to assign specific repricing templates to different timeslots during the day. This feature gives you maximum control over your prices.

Manage Individual Listings

If you don’t want to apply one rule to an entire category, there is also the option of managing individual items. Applying settings to each item is time-consuming but has the potential to produce more accurate results. Testing is vitally important regardless of whether you apply rules to individual items or entire categories.

Disable Automatic Repricing

Depending on your inventory, you may not want certain items to reprice automatically. RepriceIt has the option to shut off automatic repricing selectively. Whether you want to manually adjust the pricing of your most valuable items or exclude private label items, this is possible with RepriceIt.

Competitor Analysis Capabilities

Competitor research is an integral part of every repricing strategy. RepriceIt’s competitor analysis tool makes it easy to tap into what your competitors are doing, giving you the data you need to make crucial decisions.

Detailed Repricing Reports

No tool is complete without detailed reports – RepriceIt has this too. What I appreciate about this software is that you find out about changes as they happen, giving you the chance to stop a new rule if you disagree with it.

I’ve found the RepriceIt reports make it easy to understand why specific changes are made; this allows you to adjust future rules for the best possible results.

RepricerExpress – Features and Pricing

Exciting news, RepricerExpress has just be acquired by Xsellco, I think this is a very positive move for both the company and customer.

Pricing: Prices range from £59 to £899 per month depending on the number of listings. They cover all major Amazon marketplaces so don’t be confused by the pricing being in pound sterling.

Trial: RepricerExpress offers a free 14-day trial

RepricerExpress Software

Repricer Express is a tool we have used for some time, in the video below we talk about everything they do in much more detail (Warning it’s a long video because there’s A LOT of detail).

Let’s look at some of RepricerExpress’ key features.

Customised Repricing Rules

As with RepriceIt, RepricerExpress users, you can either use standard repricing templates or create their own based on specific requirements. It’s easy for you to select your own minimum and maximum prices, reprice against competitors, or Buy Box winners specifically.

Some of the other customisations you can select include specific competitors, repricing time slots, item condition, seller feedback, and seller ratings.

Detailed, Real-Time Pricing Dashboard

RepricerExpress has a very impressive dashboard; you can access current pricing data across all your listings in one place.

If you have hundreds of listings, you can choose from several filters. Users can filter their data according to top sellers, last price change, the marketplace, minimum and maximum prices, and more.

Bulk and Individual Pricing Options

When you are selling similar products, it helps to be able to apply rules in bulk – with RepricerExpress you can do everything with a CSV file. However, it’s also possible to apply specific rules to individual items if need be, this is an essential feature for many sellers.

If you are selling across different marketplaces, there is an automatic daily currency rates features that will help you keep your pricing up to date; we found this feature incredibly useful!

Competitor Analysis

RepricerExpress also has competitor-analysis functionality. As with RepriceIt, you can source and analyse competitors using a range of filters, including item condition, seller ratings and feedback, and shipping locations.

RepricerExpress offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to competitor analysis.

Scenario Repricing

RepricerExpress offers the option to adjust your pricing when specific scenarios arise. For example, you can choose to modify your price if a Buy Box winner takes a particular action. Another example is deciding how you want to reprice should competitor pricing drop below your minimum level.

Scenario repricing is ideal for A/B testing too.

If you are interested in the full details, you can read my full RepricerExpress review here.

RepriceIt vs RepricerExpress – Which Option is Better?

Now that you know what each of these repricing tools offers let’s look at why you should potentially choose one over the other.

RepriceIt is a competent tool, but when compared to RepricerExpress, it is more basic. It offers several general-purpose functions, but if you want a tool that adds extra value, RepricerExpress stands out.

On the other hand, if you are starting and don’t want to spend a fortune on another tool, RepriceIt is a software to consider.

I find the repricing rule customisation options offered by RepricerExpress to be superior to RepriceIt. In terms of price, RepricerExpress is more costly at a glance. However, when looking at the number of listings and features included in each package, the prices are fair (in my opinion).

Support is another area where RepricerExpress stands out. While RepriceIt does have a chatbot and support portal, RepricerExpress clearly displays support emails, contact numbers, social media accounts, FAQ section, and a link to their chatbot.

If you are new to tools such as this, it always helps to know it won’t be difficult to get in touch with someone when you need it the most.

I also found RepricerExpress easier to set up and navigate during my free trial. If you are feeling unsure about which tool is a better fit for you, I recommend signing up for a free trial of each. This will give you a good idea of the features and how they fit in with your listings.

Overall, in my personal opinion, RepricerExpress is a better fit for me as an online seller, mainly because of the enhanced functionality, advanced filtering options, and excellent support.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Repricing software is extremely useful for full-time sellers who are ready to be more strategic with their approach.

With this being said, using a repricing tool should never prevent you from understanding your profits, expenses, and general fees. If you’re not strategic about how you price your products from the start, you could end up losing money instead of increasing sales by using a repricing tool.

Once you start using a repricing tool, it’s essential to gain an understanding of when and why prices are changed and to adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. In essence, don’t rely solely on repricing software.

So, do you need repricing software? Amazon only offers some very basic repricing functions. When you compare this to what tools such as RepricerExpress offer, it’s clear why these tools are essential.

These logic-based rules can do a lot to help you achieve your goals as an online seller.

While we are on the topic of sales, profits, and expenses, I also recommended reading through my SellerBoard review – another tool you might find useful as an online seller.

If you have any questions about our online pricing strategies or selling on Amazon, leave me a comment below.

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