Sellerboard Review – Should You Use It to Track Profits & Costs?

Trying to be an Amazon seller without analytics is pretty much the same as wandering around in the dark. Hence me putting together this Sellerboard review.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that without the right data and tools, I wouldn’t have been able to make my Amazon business the success it is today.

If you’re new to this blog, Hello my name is Nick and I am one of the co-founders of eBusiness Boss.

I use several different tools to stay ahead of my competitors and one of those tools is called Sellerboard.

In a nutshell, Sellerboard makes it possible for Amazon sellers to analyse profits and costs in order to boost their bottom line. The Sellerboard dashboard is packed with financial-related data, including FBA ratings, PPC costs and shipping and advertising costs.

Now, before we dive in i have actually recorded a video to show you the parts of the software that we use for our Amazon, you can watch it all in the video below…

As you start to level up as an Amazon seller KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) become very important. We use Sellerboard to look at our business from a birdseye point of view. To make decisions efficiently you need to be able to track and analyse your KPI’s with ease.

The best part is that the interface is clean and easy to understand. It breaks down the numbers so that you can easily make informed decisions.

You can even use it to plan inventory…

Sellerboard Review Dashboard

The figures above are not from my own Amazon account, they have been used for demonstration purposes.

Anyway, Let’s jump into the Sellerboard features.

Sellerboard Review – A Breakdown of the Features

Personally, I use Sellerboard to manage my Amazon business finances and stay on top of our KPIs.

Here’s how your business can benefit from some of their features.

1. Sales and Profit Tracking

One of the first things you can do when you login to Sellerboard is get a clear picture of how your business is performing.

The dashboard not only outlines sales and profits but it also reports on advertising costs, refunds, shipping, Amazon fees and more.

Sellerboard Product Sales & Data

This way, you always have data on the financial health of your business and where you need to make adjustments to increase profitability.

While Sellerboard tracks most of this data automatically, you will need to enter the cost of your goods and any fixed expenses manually. The Expenses tab is where you can add in any ad hoc and monthly expenses. The Cashflow tab is where you can enter any additional investment in the business.

You can view the data by day or look at the current or previous months. You can also select a custom date range if needs be.

Another option that I find really useful is being able to view financial data at a per-product level. This gives me the ability to remove products that aren’t that profitable much earlier on.

2. Inventory Management

Sellerboard is one of the best tools for monitoring your inventory levels.

It tells you exactly when you should ship more inventory, which is particularly useful for Private Label and Wholesale sellers.

Even if you’re an RA seller, staying on top of your stock is never a bad thing.

The Stock tab will allocate a label to each product, which tells you whether stock is low and when it’s time to place another order.

The Products tab is where you can manage the cost of your products by completing the Cost of Goods.

Sellerboard Review_Stock Management

3. Money Back

If you want to be an Amazon seller, you’re going to need to get used to the idea of lost and damaged goods.

The Sellerboard Money Back tab ensures that when Amazon doesn’t find any lost inventory or reimburse you, you can download a report and contact seller support about an immediate refund.

Sellerboard Money Back Feature

It’s so easy to lose money when you aren’t keeping tabs on lost or damaged inventory. This can be especially detrimental when you’re just starting out as a seller.

Amazon’s policies state that if they can’t locate a lost item within 30 days, they will refund you – this doesn’t always happen though.

Sellerboard automatically generates these reports for you. That way, you simply need to copy and paste the data if you want to open a case with Seller Central.

You will need to open a case yourself in order to request the reimbursement but at least you will find out about these opportunities with the help of this tool.

4. Autoresponder

Staying in touch with customers and keeping them up to date on products and sales can help boost sales. The Sellerboard Autoresponder features helps save you time by making it an automatic process.

Sellerboard Autoresponder Feature

Autoresponder generates customer messages based on specific events. All you need to do is create a selection of email campaigns that will be sent off in specific scenarios.

Most sellers use features like this to ask customers to leave a review for products they have recently purchased. Not only am I showing that their opinion matters but I am ensuring new customers are met with positive reviews to convince them to Add to Cart.

5. PPC

If you will be promoting your products using PPC campaigns, you can track the cost of these campaigns via the PPC dashboard.

You can also track the profitability of each of your campaigns so that you can adjust your budget accordingly.

Sellerboard Review PPC Dashboard

The fact that Sellerboard is completely customizable means sellers can make sure they’re only seeing the data they want to see.

At the moment, the tool supports Amazon USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Canada and Mexico.

Sellerboard Review – Pricing

There are four different Sellerboard plans to choose from, each of which is best suited to different sized Amazon businesses.

Standard plan: $19/month

  • Orders per month: 3,000
  • Autoresponder, emails per month: 150
  • Additional seller accounts: 4
  • Additional users: 1
  • Manage users access rights by account, marketplaces and products: Not included
  • Live dashboard: Included
  • Listing change alert: Included
  • PPC optimisation: Included
  • Inventory management: Included
  • Refunds for lost inventory: Included

Professional plan: $29/month

  • Orders per month: 6,000
  • Autoresponder, emails per month: 6,000
  • Additional seller accounts: 6
  • Additional users: 2
  • Manage users access rights by account, marketplaces and products: Not included
  • Live dashboard: Included
  • Listing change alert: Included
  • PPC optimisation: Included
  • Inventory management: Included
  • Refunds for lost inventory: Included

Business plan: $39/month

  • Orders per month: 15,000
  • Autoresponder, emails per month: 15,000
  • Additional seller accounts: 8
  • Additional users: 4
  • Manage users access rights by account, marketplaces and products: Not included
  • Live dashboard: Included
  • Listing change alert: Included
  • PPC optimisation: Included
  • Inventory management: Included
  • Refunds for lost inventory: Included

Enterprise plan: $79/month

  • Orders per month: 50,000
  • Autoresponder, emails per month: 30,000
  • Additional seller accounts: 16
  • Additional users: 4
  • Manage users access rights by account, marketplaces and products: Included
  • Live dashboard: Included
  • Listing change alert: Included
  • PPC optimisation: Included
  • Inventory management: Included
  • Refunds for lost inventory: Included

The Sellerboard platform does offer a free trial across all plans, usually they offer a one month free trial but I’ve managed to secure a 2 month long free trial for our ebusiness boss community (Link below).

Grab Your 2 Month Trial Here

If you go onto purchase the software i will make a commission, it’s how we keep the blog and YouTube channel running!

There are also discounts available for paying half-annually and annually!

Sellerboard Alternatives

Since I am one of those people who likes to consider all my options, I thought I would mention a few alternatives to Sellerboard.

Helium 10

This is software i use quite regularly, they offer a few different tools that do similar things to Sellerboard. Check out my full review here.


To be honest i haven’t used this software yet so i can’t vouch for the performance. I’ve heard of other people using it for similar purposes so it could be a good sellerboard alternative, you’d have to do your own research through. 

Seller Labs Ignite

This tool is a tool we used on the PPC side of things, it’s incredibly effective. The seller lab group do offer a few different tools that can help with a lot of the same area’s as Sellerboard BUT you will be paying a lot more, currently we only use the Ignite tool.

I’ve also done an in-depth review of the ignite tool: Check it out here

Sellerboard Review – Is It Worthwhile?

I am yet to find many other tools that will place this kind of data at your fingertips. It’s for this reason that it’s an essential part of my personal business toolbox.

The main value i get out of it is the financial analysis side of things, as the years have gone managing KPI’s has become an essential part of my Amazon business.

One of the best ways to get a feel for their platform is to use their Demo mode, which is very accurate, or sign up for a free trial so that you can use it with your own Amazon account.

As mentioned earlier I’ve managed to negotiate as 2 month trial instead of the standard 1 month, if you are interested in trying it out this should give you a chance to experience all of Sellerboard’s features.

Get your 2 month long free trial here

By simply entering some of your costs, you’ll immediately have a clearer financial picture of your business.

If you haven’t used a tool of this nature before, dont’ worry Sellerboard is very easy to set up. You will need to grant the tool MWS access though if you want to pull your data through to the dashboard.

If for any reason you get stuck, there are a number of video tutorials that you can use to get started – I’ve watched them myself.

Overall, if you want to run a more profitable Amazon business (I mean, who doesn’t), I would recommend giving Sellerboard a shot, it’s helped me that’s for sure.

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