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Viral Launch Review – Important Things You Should Know

The Amazon global marketplace has gained more than one million sellers on the platform since the start of 2019.

This platform isn’t only a great place for the average consumer to find essential products that they need, but also offers entrepreneurs a business opportunity.

Setting up shop on Amazon allows you to sell almost any product you can think of, with one of the major benefits being the fact that you can decide how much profit you want to make.

Those who are only getting started or finding themselves interested in selling on Amazon might find it hard to determine what products to sell and how to go about the process.

Fortunately, there are multiple tools available on the internet that can help you in such a situation.

In this Viral Launch review, we take a look at one particularly popular platform and hopefully by the end you’ll know if the tool could help you and your business.

Before you purchase Viral launch, i’d recommend reading this article all the way through…

Seriously it will be worth while.

At the end of the article you’ll find a discount coupon that will help you save some money should you decide to purchase the software.

Let’s get into it.


What Is Viral Launch?

viral launch review

Viral Launch is an online system that was designed as the ultimate toolkit for Amazon sellers.

The platform was developed by a group of expert sellers who hold significant experience in selling goods on the Amazon platform.

This means that the Viral Launch platform was built with the secrets of industry experts in mind, leading to a software suite that gives you an advantage over the competition.

This is a multi-functional platform that incorporates a variety of software and tools into one system.

Once signed up, Viral Launch gives you access to many tools that you can use to find the best products to sell on Amazon.

They also give you the opportunity to find keywords that will help your products rank higher and faster.

We will look at each of their tools one by one.


How Viral Launch Works?

Viral Launch was built to be simple to use, but also very powerful at the same time.

It all starts with a simple signup process – once you have selected membership and completed the appropriate steps, you gain access to your dashboard immediately.

Each tool comes with a specific method that needs to be implemented to effectively take advantage of what Viral Launch is able to offer you.

It’s very easy to use, they give you instructions to follow so you have a step by step guide.

The dashboard provides easy access to all of these tools.

When you have signed into your account, simply select the tool that will be appropriate for the functions that you wish to perform.

Apart from the standard set of tools, there is also an extension for your web browser that works a little different from the rest of the system.

When you use the extension, you will be able to browse the Amazon marketplace directly to help you find profitable niches and products that you could target as a seller on the platform.

Amazon is now “the” place to buy and sell products online, it’s no fluke that over 1,000,000 sellers have started selling on the Amazon since the beginning of 2019.

Knowing how to use tools like this can give you the competitive advantage.


Viral Launch Features

The Viral Launch platform comes integrated with many useful features, all of which can be used together in order to set up a powerful Amazon store….

viral launch features

When you take full advantage of the features you have a lot of power at your fingertips…

You will be not only able to uncover the best products to sell on Amazon but you’re also able to optimize your listings, this will help your products rank easier.

Their system also gives you access to additional resources…

With their help you’ll be able to set up your store on Amazon, list products that you wish to sell, and have an opportunity to gain more insight into the market you will be targeting.

We take a closer look at the modules that are included with a Viral Launch membership below and consider how each of these will contribute to a successful Amazon store.


Viral Launch Product Discovery

viral launch product discovery

The Viral Launch Product Discovery tool is one of the most important parts of this platform.

This is the tool that most people will start with, as it allows you to find a product that you can sell and profit from on the Amazon platform.

When you launch the Product Discovery tool, you will immediately see the potential – as there are a significant number of filters that you can use to browse the Amazon marketplace of your choice.

Do you want to see exactly how i use product discovery to find incredible product opportunities? (Watch the video below)

The idea behind these filters is to help you discover trending products that will fit the needs of your own business model – and to make sure that the product you choose to sell on Amazon will be able to bring you more sales and, of course, better profits.

You can search in various ways to help you find the best products that you might consider selling, such as:

  • Category Search
  • Category scan
  • Keyword search
  • Brand search
  • Pinned ideas

There are also several advanced filters that can be used to find products with specific profits or sales or to help you see which items are currently on the rise among both sellers and consumers.

With the Viral Launch Product Discovery tool, you may also be able to identify specific niches that are only starting to see an increase in demand.

In turn, you can jump to the opportunity and source your own products in the niche…

This ultimately gives you an advantage over competing sellers who may well decide to implement the same strategy at a later date.


Viral Launch Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence tool is another essential part of the Viral Launch software suite.

This tool is a huge plus when it comes to product research, their five star validation system is especially helpful.

viral launch market intelligence

You can use this tool to help you uncover those products that are perfect for your first listings on an Amazon store.

The Market Intelligence system gives you reports on specific products or markets that you might be interested in targeting.

Simply choose the product that you want to sell, and the tool will generate a comprehensive report for you.

The Market Intelligence report contains data such as sales estimates, historical sales data, current prices, and an analysis of how trendy the product is…

You also get an overview of the upfront costs you might require to sell the specific product, and the tool gives you an estimate so you know how much profit to expect.

Finally, the tool gives you a rating for the product that will tell you how profitable the particular item might be, should you decide to source it, and sell it through Amazon.

Let me show you how i use this product research tool, it’s a vital part of my process! So many people aren’t doing this!


Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are critical when it comes to ranking your product – whether that is on Google’s search engine or rather more “locally” on the Amazon platform itself.

viral launch keyword research tool

Unfortunately, most of the keyword tools on the internet will give you general ideas that help you identify search phrases you can target when trying to rank in Google.

This isn’t useful for us, we are specifically interested in how keywords perform on Amazon.

With the Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool, however, data is extracted directly from the Amazon platform…

It’s similar to Jungle Scout and Helium 10 in this way…

The Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool comes with built-in filters that help you filter out any irrelevant keywords.

You also gain an opportunity to find keywords that some competitors might have overlooked – this gives you the ability to easy rank your products for these search phrases and, in turn, boost your sales.

Sometimes it’s best to avoid the keywords that are just too competitive, with tools like this you can find an alternative way in.


Viral Launch Listing Optimization

The Viral Launch Listing Optimization toolset includes various apps that can be used to help you craft the perfect description for the product you are going to sell on Amazon.

viral launch listing optimization

Once you have decided on the particular product you are going to sell, simply add some details about the item to this toolset.

You will then be presented with multiple suggestions…

The software can analyze your listing to provide recommendations on how you can further optimize for better rankings on amazon.

The Viral Launch Listing Optimization tool includes three different apps, including the Listing Analyzer, the Keyword Manager, and the Listing Builder.

Before you launch a product, you need to ensure your listing is as strong as possible.


Viral Launch Product Launch Service

This is an additional service that you can take advantage of but it does not form as part of the main system…

viral launch product launch

This service gives you the ability to sit back and watch as traffic comes to your new product, if you want to launch a product, inital sales velocity is very important!

The experts at Viral Launch have significant experience in the field of driving external traffic to Amazon listings…

With their product launch service they do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

The product launch promotional service was designed to distribute coupons, provided by you, to a group of more than 350,000 people who regularly shop on the Amazon platform.

This helps to increase the exposure of your brand, while also driving more people to your product pages.

With more eyes on your products, there is a bigger chance of successful sales.

The price for the Uber Launch service is $150, but this is a one-time fee that includes everything you need to get your product sales going.

If you are launching a product, i’d strongly recommend that you do not just rely on discounted coupons alone…

You need to make sure you product launch is as natural as possible, alongside a product launch we always run an Aggressive PPC campaign for at least 8 days.

You can set up your PPC campaigns so that you are targetting “exact match” keywords that you have decided on.


Viral Launch PPC Optimization – Kinetic PPC

Another great tool offered by Viral Launch is the “Kinetic PPC” tool…

viral launch amazon ppc

The idea behind this particular tool is to help you maximize your profits when using paid-per-click advertising.

With this tool you can set up customized rules for automation…

This way you can reduce costs and maximize profit by setting up rules to reduce and increase spend where it make sense.

When it comes to PPC advertising you need to take advantage of new age machine learning.

Amazon PPC has become exceptionally popular over the years, if you are going to succeed on Amazon it’s important for you to take seriously.

If you haven’t got a handle on your PPC advertising you could end up losing a fortune.


The Kinetic Optimization system comes with an automation feature that allows you to set specific rules.

These rules are easy to set up and will be triggered on specific actions or events…

This will then cause the PPC campaigns that you have running to be optimized and adjusted according to data that was collected by the application.

You are also given access to a range of templates that can help set you on the right track.

The templates have been designed to maximize the click-through rate of your PPC ad campaigns.

In addition to providing you with an automated way to optimize your PPC campaigns, this tool also provides you with accurate data regarding the ads that you have running.

You can also compare PPC results to organic results and gain thorough analysis of each of the campaigns that you have used.

It’s just like having your very own in house Amazon PPC expert.


Viral Launch Chrome Extension

Once you have signed up for a Viral Launch membership, you can download the Chrome Extension, this is installed directly into the browser you are using.

This chrome extension is actually the market intelligence tool i mentioned earlier in this article…

As mentioned the chrome extension makes researching a lot easier…

The tool can help you find product ideas, keywords, and other elements that will ultimately help grow your amazon business.

Instead of having to log into the Viral Launch dashboard and remain there to conduct research, the Chrome Extension allows you to rather head over to Amazon in order to discover products that you might be able to sell.

I still love scanning the different Amazon marketplaces manually, this is why i’m a big fan of chrome extensions because it means i can use both at the same time.

As you browse the marketplace, you’ll be able to gain insight into categories, niches, and even specific products – all from the window that you are using to browse the marketplace.


Which Marketplaces Are Included With Viral Launch?

You might have noticed that some of the tools included within the Viral Launch software tend to focus on a US-based audience primarily.

While there are tools that are only available to target customers in the United States, you should note that the software is also useful if you are looking to expand your reach and sell on other Amazon marketplaces.

In addition to being able to do research for the US Amazon platform, the software also supports the following regional marketplaces:

  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • France
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Germany

Viral Launch Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Viral Launch offer a number of different products and services…

Today we have focused on their software so we will look at that pricing first.

viral launch pricing

The prices above are based on the monthly deal, if you sign up for the year you can get two months free!

Anyway, with the monthly subscription service, they offer four different plans.

These plans were developed to provide suitable software and features based on both your budget and your needs.

Click this link to see which plan might be best for you…

Here is a bit more detail on each of the plans…

  • Beginner Plan – This plan is perfect if you are only starting out and want to get your very first product up on the Amazon platform. You will pay a monthly subscription fee of $59. The plan gives you access to the platform’s Product Finder, as well as a Reverse ASIN Tool, the Viral Launch Chrome Extension, and a Product Research system.
  • Pro Plan – If you already have an existing product on Amazon and would like to scale your business, then the Pro plan could be ideal. The monthly subscription fee is $99. You get access to the tools included with the Beginner Plan, as well as the Amazon Keyword Research Tool, Listing Creation Tool, and a Listing Evaluation Tool. This keyword also allows you to track up to 2000 keywords at a time.
  • Brand Builder – This is similar to the Pro plan in terms of features but with the “Listing Analyzer” your product count is increased from 50 to 100 and with the keyword tracker you can track 5000 Keywords, that’s more than double what you can with the Pro plan – The cost is $149 per month.
  • Kinetic – The clue here is in the name, of course with this plan you are given access to Kinetic the sponsored ad management tool. Your allowance with the “Competitor intelligence” tool is also increased to 250 products – If you are considering this plan, think about going for the annual plan, you’ll save a fair bit doing this. Monthly cost – $249 per month.

Before you choose a plan remember that you can save money with our discount coupon! (Coupon at the end of this article)

If you do use the coupon code, we will make a small commission, this helps us continue to put out free content on the blog.

Launching A Product With Viral Launch

Viral launch also offer a product launch service…

launching with viral launch

With this service, Viral launch will run a heavily discounted promotion of your product…

This can be a great way to spike sales velocity but i ‘d only do this once you have a few full priced sales.

I’d advise you to try to pick up as many real, full priced sales as you can.

You can use Amazon PPC or other paid ads campaigns like google ads etc to drive attention and sales through your amazon listing.

The cost for a one product, 15 day launch is different for each marketplace:

  • United States – $200 One Time
  • United Kingdom – $100 One Time
  • Germany – $100 One Time
  • Canada – $100 One Time
  • France – $50 One Time
  • Italy – $50 One Time
  • Spain – $50 – One Time

If you are interested in launching your product you can find more information here…


Listing/Brand Optimization Service

Viral launch’s team can also optimize your listing and brand for you…

For a one off fee you’ll get one on one contact with a listing specialist and their copy-writing team will create the perfect Amazon listing for you.

The prices for the US marketplace is below…

viral launch listing optimization

It’s packaged slightly differently for sellers outside of the US marketplace…

With listings in any of the other compatible marketplaces you’ll pay a one off fee of $397 for one completely optimized listing…

Not bad eh?


Viral Launch Photo Creation Service

There is no doubt about it with good product photos you can drive more clicks and convert more people to paying customers…

Viral launch have a service where they will create the perfect amazon product images for you, if you have the budget it could be worth the investment…

I’ll leave information about the pricing below.

Viral Launch Photo Service

and that’s everything you need to know when it comes to viral launch pricing, let’s move onto the next section…

Don’t worry we are nearly finished!


Is Viral Launch Worth It?

To understand if a program like Viral Launch is worth the money, you have to consider two things.

First, you need to understand each of the tools – Do you have a genuine need for these tools in your business?

Secondly, research and discover what the system has done for others…

This tool might not be for everyone but a lot of people seem to like using it (specifically those that sell in the US Marketplace).

Overall, Viral Launch does seem to be a very popular option among those who want to sell products on Amazon…

You can see why, it’s obvious that the software has been built by people that have experience with selling on amazon.

In our opinion, Viral Launch does come with a lot of useful tools when it comes to product research.

If you learn how to use their software in the right way you won’t even think about the monthly cost…

The amount you could make in potential sales when you’ve sourced one highly profitable, in demand product can set you up for years to come.


Viral Launch Alternatives

If you aren’t completely convinced then i have two viral launch alternatives you could be looking at.

My two preferences are Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

I’ve written extensive reviews on both of these bits of software, i’ll leave the links below for anyone interested in reading…

Helium 10 Review – Read Here

Jungle Scout Review – Read Here

In my opinion Helium 10 is one of the best alternatives that you are going to find at the moment.

You can get started with a free account to take the dashboard for a test drive – and then decide to upgrade to a paid account if you feel like this is the right software for you.

Jungle scout is definitely worth looking at too, it’s another popular tool with Amazon sellers.

This is another suite of tools that helps you find the right products to invest in – and takes you through the entire process of finding and analyzing keywords, to listing the products that you want to sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout has been featured in many publications, including on Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and Forbes.


Viral Launch Free Trial

By using this link you can grab yourself a 14 day free trial, this should be plenty of time to get to grips with their different tools.

Whilst the availability of tools and features does seem to be limited during the trial period, you do get access to enough to help you decide if the software will be suitable.

Signing up for the free trial is quick and easy, if i’m not completely sure i always like to try before i buy!

Once the trial has expired, you can easily upgrade to one of the paid plans (If you decide to do this make sure you make a note of our exclusive discount coupon at the bottom of this article!)


How To Cancel Viral Launch

If you have signed up to Viral Launch and you’ve found that the platform doesn’t work for you, you might think about canceling your membership.

The great thing about the program is that you do not have to sign any contracts with the company to become a member.

If you choose a monthly fee it gives you much more flexibility.

You should note that Viral Launch does not offer refunds, which is why it is important to take advantage of our free trial offer.

They look to be a reputable company so if you have any serious issues you can contact their friendly support team and i’m sure they will put things right.

You can, however, cancel your membership on the platform at any time – but you will remain a member until the end of the current billing cycle.

If you are a monthly subscriber, this means you will still be able to access the platform until the next month – at which a subscription fee will not be deducted from your account.

Those with an annual membership plan will, however, have to continue being a member for the remaining of the period.


Viral Launch: Final Thoughts

Viral Launch is not only a popular software suite among Amazon sellers, but the platform also has a great reputation, check out their overall rating on Trust pilot.

viral launch reviews

The system is easy to use, and when compared to some of the alternative options that are available, a relatively affordable option that you can take advantage of.

You gain access to a wide range of tools when you subscribe to Viral Launch, giving you the ability to go from newbie to a successful seller on Amazon without the need for additional resources.

The free trial offer is another benefit that lets you take the platform for a test before you decide if you want to become a paid member.

I’m a fan of the software, for me they get a 4.2 out of 5.0

If you are thinking about signing up to Viral Launch make sure you make use of our discount code, i don’t want you paying full price!

Viral Launch Discount Code: EBOSSVIRAL – This will give you 20% off your monthly subscription or 40% off your annual subscription

Use the above code on this sign up page: Sign Up To Viral Launch

I hope you’ve found this article useful, if you have any questions please ask away below.

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