Zonblast vs Viral Launch: A Comparison for Amazon Sellers

The reality is, selling on Amazon is not as easy as it once was. Without the right tools, it can be difficult to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. There are several product launch tools to choose from, but I will look at Zonblast vs Viral Launch for this review.

Creating optimized listings is an important piece of the puzzle, but it’s one piece—your promotional campaigns and how you launch your products matters too. Without a launch, the right customers might never find out about your products.

The good news is that both Zonblast and Viral Launch can help you launch your products the right way. Which tool is right for you, however, is what you will discover in this review.

What is Zonblast?

While Zonblast officially launched as a product research tool in 2014, it was rebranded to Sixleaf two years later.

Zonblast was created to help Amazon sellers launch products more successfully. Getting the product to market is one part of what Zonblast can be used for; the other is to develop selling strategies that will help scale your online business.

Every Zonblast feature was created with specific Amazon seller-related issues in mind. Basically, Zonblast was built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers; it’s as simple as that.


Source: Sixleaf

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is a firm favorite amongst Amazon sellers and has been since 2014. The platform is packed with many useful features that help with listing creation and launch, and promotion.

I’ve talked about it quite a bit on the blog and YouTube channel; there are quite a few tools that I still use a lot today.

Overall, Viral launch offers more tools than Zonblast does, including PPC campaign management and market and competitor insights.

Viral Launch

Source: Viral Launch

Zonblast vs Viral Launch: How are They Different?

Even though Zonblast and Viral Launch share similar product launch tools, they have some additional features, which is where most of their differences lie.

Custom URLs

Useful for marketing and retargeting campaigns, Zonblast has a feature called Lynx, which shortens URLs. Shortened, customized URLs create a better user experience and can increase click-through rates. Lynx also helps fire retargeting pixels, ensuring your brand stays top of mind amongst potential customers.

Automated Reviews

The more positive reviews your listings have, the more sales you can potentially generate. The good news is that Zonblast’s Mass Review feature is completely compliant with Amazon’s terms of service. Every request that’s sent out uses Amazon’s pre-determined scripts, ensuring an honest review. Not only can this enhance your brand’s reputation, but the fact that it’s automated is a big positive for Amazon sellers who want to save time.

Automated Reviews

Source: Sixleaf

Inventory Protection

Discounts and coupons are an excellent way to generate more interest and sales, but there is also the risk of running out of inventory. Zonblast has included a tool called Guard that protects your listings from coupon overuse and spying competitors.

Market & Competitor Intelligence

Interested in a particular niche but not sure whether it’s profitable or not? Viral Launch has a market intelligence tool for that. It gives sellers a deeper understanding of the market they’re interested in using historical sales, price, and review trends data.

In the video below, I show you exactly how I use this tool to level up the product research process.

There is even a built-in calculator you can use to determine upfront costs and profits. Sellers can also research competitors. Using just an ASIN, you can perform a reverse search that will tell you exactly how a competitor performs.

zonblast vs viral launch

Source: Viral Launch

Keyword Research

No Amazon seller can be without a keyword research tool. It’s the only way to ensure your listings and marketing campaigns are thoroughly optimized. This is another feature that Viral Launch offers that Zonblast doesn’t.

Listing Analyzer and Builder

Discover how you can improve your product listing before launching your product or using Viral Launch to build an optimized listing from scratch. The listing builder works in conjunction with the keyword feature to ensure you’re using the keywords that match customer search requests.

viral launch vs zonblast

Source: Viral Launch

Kinetic PPC

This is another tool that I value because it helps save time. Viral Launch’s Kinetic tool is a PPC automation tool for Amazon sellers. Keep your ads profitable by easily creating and managing campaign rules. There is also the option to update the rules manually if need be. As a bonus, if you are new to PPC, you can set up a free call with a Viral Launch specialist to help you get set up with Kinetic.

Split Testing

This a tactic I swear by as an Amazon seller. Viral Launch’s Listing Dojo feature uses images, price points, descriptions, and titles to split test your listings. Once you set up the parameters, the tests will run in the background for a specified period. With the help of a detailed report, you will understand what your customers are looking for in a listing.

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Zonblast vs Viral Launch: How are They Similar?

Product Research & Discovery

Both Zonblast and Viral Launch make it easier to source profitable products. With either tool, you can find product opportunities using real-time and historical product data. I have to give credit to both platforms here because they both provide in-depth product data, including price, ratings, reviews, listing strength, and more.

Product Research and Discovery

Source: Sixleaf

viral launch product discovery

Source: Viral Launch

Product Launch

Lastly, but most importantly, both Zonblast and Viral Launch can help you launch your products on Amazon. You can create targeted promotions that use coupons and discounts to drive targeted traffic to your product listings.

You can also time the promotions in a way that works for your brand and your budget. Plus, both platforms will leave you with a detailed summary that you can use to drive any future launches and campaigns.

Who Should Get Zonblast (and Why)?

Over and above their product launch offering, which is their strongest offering, Zonblast offers a unique selection of additional tools that can be useful to sellers.

Amazon Sellers who want to focus more on boosting reviews and promoting their products would benefit from what Zonblast offers.

Their features are tried and tested, and I’ve found this to be a reliable tool. They regularly update their algorithms to match Amazon, which gives me confidence in their data.

There are no limits on how many products you can promote at once, and if you ever have pressing questions, their support team seems to be reliable.

Who Should Get Viral Launch (and Why)?

Viral Launch is the ideal choice for Amazon sellers who want to cover all bases; with their selection of tools, you can do a lot more, and it might save you have to go and sign up to other types of software further down the line,

As a private label seller, I am a big fan of their product discovery tool, and I’ll also mention that we’ve had some great results using their keyword analysis tool.

When I look at their prices versus their features, I can safely say that Viral Launch offers more value for money.

Zonblast vs Viral Launch – Which is Better?

While both Zonblast and Viral Launch are reliable, easy-to-use tools, which one is better comes down to your requirements as a seller.

If you already have a tool that helps with listing optimization and competitor analysis, Zonblast might be a better choice. Viral Launch is the superior choice if you want a more all-around tool that can assist with more than just product launches.

In this race, I am going to have to go with Viral Launch. If you want to save money and give Viral launch a try, you can use this link: Save money here!

If you do go onto sign up, we will make a commission! I’ll always mention that sort of thing.

As a side note, as someone interested in boosting their Amazon listings, I look into the Search Find Buy ranking strategy in this article.

More useful content is coming soon!

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